• June 27, 2022
 El Paso’s Spray Park Projects Continue to Move Forward

El Paso’s Spray Park Projects Continue to Move Forward

During Tuesday’s City Council Meeting,  Council members awarded the Guaranteed Maximum Price of $1,812,163.66 for the Pavo Real Spray Park located in District 6.

The City of El Paso has new spray parks in each of the eight City Representative Districts; four are currently under construction and the other four will start construction later this year.

The parks will include features that spray users with water, creating interactive zones that encourage kids of all ages to participate in group play and fun.

Currently, the following Spray Park projects are under construction:

  • District 2: Grandview Spray Park, 3100 Jefferson. To be completed in late 2016.
  • District 3: Hidden Valley Spray Park, 200 Coconut Tree. To be completed in late 2016.
  • District 4: Sue Young Spray Park, 9730 Diana. To be completed in the summer of 2016.
  • District 6: Pavo Real Enhanced Spray Park, 9301 Alameda. To be completed in late 2016.

The four spray parks under construction were awarded earlier this year under “Design Build Services”, which allows the City to coordinate the design and the construction of the project more effectively.

With today’s action, the design build team will now be able to finalize the construction of the amenities for the Pavo Real Spray Park.

Each spray park includes approximately 20-30 water features as well as decorative anti-slip coating for the safety of its users. The spray parks include separate zones for toddlers, teens, and adults.

In addition, Pavo Real Spray Park will include a separate dog spray park in order to allow pets to also enjoy in the fun.

Additional amenities at all parks include park benches, shaded picnic units, new trash receptacles, security lighting, ADA accessible sidewalks, and landscaping and trees with their own irrigation system.

Spray parks do not require any swimming skills or special clothing in order to be utilized, and will be ADA accessible, and best of all, they will be free to the public. Spray parks operate by recycling their own water, and they also utilize less water and electricity to operate than traditional pools.

A traditional outdoor pool costs approximately $72,000 to operate per year, while a spray park only costs approximately $16,000 per year to operate.

Construction of spray parks in the following districts will commence later this year: District 1 at Westside Community Park, District 7 at Marty Robbins, District 8 at Braden Aboud Park and District 5 at Salvador Rivas Park.

The total approximate budget for the four spray parks which are currently under construction is $5,000,000, and all eight spray park projects are part of the City of El Paso’s commitment to enhance El Paso’s quality of life through recreational, cultural and educational environments.

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