State Rep Mary González files bill to Replace ‘A-F accountability Rating System’

Texas State Representative Mary González has filed House Bill 843 to replace the A-F accountability rating system for schools in Texas.

González’s proposal replaces the grade-like scale with the labels exemplary, recognized, acceptable, and needs improvement.

“The simplicity of A-F ignores the complexity and diversity of our schools, such as differences in funding or concentration of poverty. Unfortunately, it will target low-income and communities of color as ‘failures’. It is unjust and hardly transparent.” Rep. González said.

The A-F rating system was added as an amendment to House Bill 2804 after it was left pending in the House Public Education committee as Senate Bill 6 during the 84th Legislative Session.

“There is a dangerous domino effect here- the failing label causes stigmatization and punitive action to schools and their community, which does nothing to promote improvement.” Rep. González said. “This harmful effect makes repealing A-F urgent and necessary.”

The original H.B. 2804 included many improvements to the public school accountability system, and the A-F system was able to slide through the House on the bill and become law.