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 State Science Fair Domination: Socorro ISD Sending Largest Group of Students to Competitions

State Science Fair Domination: Socorro ISD Sending Largest Group of Students to Competitions

Seventy-five students in the Socorro Independent School District have advanced to the 2019 ExxonMobil Texas Science and Engineering Fair March 29-30 at Texas A&M and one student has advanced to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2019 May 12-17 in Phoenix.

The students qualified for the next contest after competing in the 2019 Sun Country Regional Science & Engineering Fair March 2 at Pebble Hills High School. More than 130 SISD students participated in the regional event.

“We are building a science culture in Team SISD,” said Frank McDonald, the district’s instructional officer for secondary science education. “Our students are improving and they are part of the best in the city in the science fair competitions.”

The middle and high school students represented SISD well at the regional fair. Out of the nine sweepstakes awards for middle schools, seven went to SISD. Twenty-six of the 31 SISD middle schoolers going to state are from John Drugan School.

At the high school level, four of nine sweepstakes winners were from Team SISD. Mission Early High School will send 12 of 28 SISD teams to state. Jelena Wright, from MECHS, not only qualified for state, but she will attend the international science and engineering fair.

“Doing a science project gives students the opportunity to learn a variety of important educational skills such as research, math, analysis, writing and oral presentation,” McDonald said. “All these things prepare them for college and for a career. They are practicing skills needed in the real world.”

El Dorado High School students, Alexa Hernandez and Annai Cuvelier, were excited to present their science project, Integration Hydrophobic technology, which involved creating a solution that would repel water on a windshield and eliminate the need for windshield wipers. The young women, along with teammate Jenny Cha, earned a first-place finish overall and second place in the physical science high school sweepstakes. They will attend the state contest.

“It’s exciting,” Cuvelier said. “We worked really hard on this project. We did a lot of research and chemistry. Our expectations were high.”

Hernandez is grateful for Team SISD providing a stellar education with endless opportunities.

“Every SISD student needs to take advantage of all the opportunities,” said Hernandez, who plans to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “I did. I started young doing science projects and I have been a part of the robotics team at El Dorado. It all prepares you for college.”

Eighth-grader Jazmin Rodriguez from Ernesto Serna School entered her guinea pig project at the regional science fair. To complete the work, she learned from other with scientists and did a lot of reading.

“I love taking risks,” said Rodriguez, who next year will be part of the Libertas program at Americas High School. “Doing this work really motivated me to continue doing more. It’s preparing me for the future.”

SISD winners from Sun Country Regional Science & Engineering Fair

SISD student attending the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2019 May 12-17 in Phoenix.
1          Jelena Wright   Cellular and Molecular Biology            Mission Early College HS

SISD students going to the 2019 ExxonMobil Texas Science and Engineering Fair March 29-30 at Texas A&M in College Station.
Place    Students                                           Category                                                    School
1          Alejandra Rodriguez, Michiel Noe        Biomedical And Health Sciences                    MECHS
1          Jelena Wright                                    Cellular And Molecular Biology                      MECHS
1          Gustavo Ramirez                               Computational Biology And Bioinformatics     Americas HS
1          Abdullah Hussien                               Biochemistry                                               John Drugan School
1          Arely Frias                                        Biomedical Engineering                                John Drugan School
1          Margaret Muller                                 Computational Biology And Bioinformatics     John Drugan School
1          Sophia Gomez                                   Embedded Systems                                     John Drugan School
1          Lizeth Castro                                     Energy: Physical                                         John Drugan School
1          Edgar Hernandez                               Mathematics                                               John Drugan School
1          Lauren Martinez                                Microbiology                                                John Drugan School
1          Alan Martinez                                    Systems Software                                        John Drugan School
1          Rachel Munoz                                    Earth And Environmental Sciences                MECHS
1          Steven Ramirez, Graciela Gutierrez, Jorge Alvidrez        Energy: Chemical               Pebble Hills HS
1          Matthew Hassoun                              Energy: Physical                                          Americas
1          Christian Rodriguez Porzio, Hiram Lopez, Alejandro Solano    Engineering Mechanics       Eastlake HS
1          Andrea Soto, Maya Woods, Denise Dominguez  Environmental Engineering              Pebble Hills
1          Annai Cuvelier, Jenny Cha, Alexa Hernandez     Materials Science                            El Dorado HS
1          Jacklyn Estrada                                  Plant Sciences                                             Socorro HS
2          Carisa Gonzalez, Vanessa Martinez, Nicholas Lopez       Biomedical And Health Sciences           Pebble Hills HS
2          Wendy Sandoval                                 Biomedical Engineering                                Montwood HS
2          Alyssa Ibave, Eduardo Soto                 Chemistry                                                    Pebble Hills HS
2          Aimee Cuvelier, Emma Carrillo Computational Biology And Bioinformatics                  MECHS
2          Chante Maree                                     Biomedical Engineering                                 John Drugan School
2          Riddhi Patel                                        Cellular And Molecular Biology                       John Drugan School
2          Arella Orozco                                      Computational Biology And Bioinformatics      John Drugan School
2          Diego Avila                                         Earth And Environmental Sciences                 John Drugan School
2          Cosette Ruiz                                       Embedded Systems                                      John Drugan School
2          Caroline Garcia                                   Environmental Engineering                            John Drugan School
2          Natalia Diaz                                        Microbiology                                                John Drugan School
2          Sophia Arellano                                   Robotics And Intelligent Machines                 John Drugan School
2          Fatima Franco                                     Systems Software                                        John Drugan School
2          Bryan Liston, Samantha Debe              Earth And Environmental Sciences                 Pebble Hills HS
2          Crystelle Martinez                               Embedded Systems                                      MECHS
2          Martin Resendiz, Brandon Smithson      Energy: Chemical                                         El Dorado
2          Hector Mcdonald, Dominick Martinez     Energy: Physical                                          MECHS
2          Brian De Leon                                     Engineering Mechanics                                  Eastlake HS
2          Alejandro Blasquez                              Systems Software                                        Eastlake HS
3          Erick Chico                                         Cellular And Molecular Biology                       Desert Wind School
3          Cryssanti Nwihim                                Cellular And Molecular Biology                       MECHS
3          Sofia Lopez                                        Animal Sciences                                            John Drugan School
3          Matthew Enriquez                               Biomedical Engineering                                  John Drugan School
3          Jennifer Ramirez                                 Computational Biology And Bioinformatics       John Drugan School
3          Nathan Briggs                                     Earth And Environmental Sciences                 John Drugan School
3          Andrea Arellano                                  Engineering Mechanics                                  John Drugan School
3          Kristina Pan                                        Microbiology                                                 John Drugan School
3          Nicolas Aldana                                     Physics And Astronomy                                 John Drugan School
3          Joaquin Hernandez                              Robotics And Intelligent Machines                  John Drugan School
3          Maya Cohen                                        Translational Medical Science                        John Drugan School
3          Anahise Garcia, Daniela Arevalo           Embedded Systems                                      MECHS
3          Mia Sifuentes                                      Materials Science                                         MECHS
3          Gabriel Gallegos, Nevaeh Torres           Mathematics                                                MECHS
3          Christian Rivera                                   Microbiology                                                MECHS
3          Carlos Gauna, Itzel Garcia-Gama           Physics And Astronomy                                Americas HS
3          Andrew Hernandez                               Robotics And Intelligent Machines                 MECHS HS
3          Mercedes Lopez                                   Systems Software                                        Socorro Middle School

Middle School Sweepstakes – Engineering Sciences
1          Ryan Miner                                                                Robotics           Col. John O. Ensor Middle School
2          Alan Martinez                                                            Systems Software                    John Drugan School
3          Arely Frias                                                                 Biomedical Engineering            John Drugan School

Middle School Sweepstakes – Life Sciences
2          Margaret Muller                                   Computational Biology And Bioinformatics       Col. John O. Ensor Middle School

Middle School Sweepstakes – Physical Sciences
1          Lizeth Castro                                                              Energy: Physical                     John Drugan School
2          Abdullah Hussien                                                        Biochemistry                          John Drugan School
3          Samuel Fierro                                                             Materials Science                    Col. John O. Ensor Middle School

High School Sweepstakes – Engineering Sciences
3          Andrea Soto, Maya Woods, Denise Dominguez              Environmental Engineering       Pebble Hills HS

High School Sweepstakes – Life Sciences
1          Jelena Wright    Cellular And Molecular                         Biology                                   MECHS

High School Sweepstakes – Physical Sciences
2          Annai Cuvelier, Jenny Cha, Alexa Hernandez                 Materials Science                    El Dorado HS
3          Steven Ramirez, Graciela Gutierrez, Jorge Alvidrez        Energy: Chemical                    Pebble Hills HS

Sun Country Science Fair photos

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