• December 2, 2021
 State Senator Rodriguez: Texas’ Opportunity to Lead; Muslims, Immigrants Welcome

Texas State Senator Jose Rodriguez

State Senator Rodriguez: Texas’ Opportunity to Lead; Muslims, Immigrants Welcome

Austin – On Tuesday, Sen. José Rodríguez, Chairman of the Senate Democratic Caucus,  issued the following statement:

Today is Texas Muslim Capitol Day, and I for one welcome the visits. In my office, we don’t see Muslims or immigrants as threats. Religious freedom is a core American principle, and to target those of a particular faith with a broad brush is antithetical to our values.

Immigrants come seeking an opportunity to better their lives in a country whose founding document holds “all men are created equal” and promises “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” for all. With the exception of a few, all Americans were once immigrants. As in the past, today’s immigrants enrich our culture and are vital to our economy; in that, we are all in this together.

We saw that this weekend when, from Texas’ DFW to airports around the country, thousands of Americans rallied in reaction to the chaos of an ill-planned, un-American, and most likely illegal executive order that many experts say will make us less safe at home and endanger Americans stationed or traveling abroad.

No person in America has been killed by a terror attack by people from those countries, and the order did not address travelers from other countries that are known sponsors of terror, such as Saudi Arabia, where most of the 9-11 terrorists came from. Nor did the order address people from countries where the President has known business interests.

With this order, the President doesn’t build on our American values of inclusion, tolerance, and diversity but rather he stokes fear and sows division. Ironically, the order was signed on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Thankfully, after a day of turmoil that dimmed the light of freedom we project to the world, federal judges in New York, Virginia, Massachusetts, and Washington issued temporary stays on the order, Media reports indicate lack of clarity and communication between the administration and the agencies charged with carrying out the order. What happened is not clear, and neither is what’s next.

This order was just the latest in a week of reckless actions taken by the new administration. The President put American taxpayers on the hook for billions of dollars to build an unnecessary “wall” on the border, targeted immigrants for mass deportations, and then may have started a trade war with Mexico, Texas’ closest international business partner, which would be catastrophic for businesses and consumers.

Texas depends on immigrants for its economic vitality, from those who pick crops to those who create technology. The President’s first week in office was an attack on the people and policies that have helped Texas diversify its economy, on the soul of our nation of immigrants, and on our heart for those searching for a beacon of welcome. We reject these policies of fear.

On Thursday, Texans will get their first look at the trickle down effects of such attitudes on the Texas Legislature, as we debate a so-called “sanctuary cities” bill. This is an unnecessary proposal that does nothing to make us safer, will hurt business, and place communities under a cloud of suspicion.

We have defeated similar proposals in the past, but this is the first time that we will consider the proposal under a backdrop of a President recklessly targeting immigrants and minorities. The Texas Legislature cannot follow in his footsteps.

Last session, Muslim visitors were greeted by some legislators with demands that they sign loyalty oaths. Today, and every day, we must stand up against fear and bigotry with a Texas-size welcome.

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  • Legal immigrants, of course! Illegal aliens and “refugees” unable to be properly vetted, NO!

  • The only real legals in the United States are Native Americans and those brown skin people that reside in all the lands that were taken away from Mexico. But leave it to White Nationalist Mad Mike.
    He’s just like Richard Spencer another white nationalist white power sieg heil 1939 German type.

    • Albert. Anyone born in America is a Native American. Those “brown skin people” you’re talking about were immigrants and had a long history of killing off their neighbors to claim THEIR land. And the lands “taken away from Mexico” were the results of a war between the two countries. The Treaty of Guadelupe-Hidalgo ceded the land to the U.S. in return for 15 million dollars or about 21 dollars a square mile, cheap price but they lost. We didn’t even have to give them that. The Gadsden Purchase, which was needed to complete the southern rail route, was a peaceful treaty and the U.S. paid 10 million for a little less than 30,000 square miles, for a price of 337 dollars a square mile. A pretty good price in the 1850s. Your, and everyone else’s mistake is thinking that the United States has a duty to take in every person who comes, legal or illegal. Are you protesting the treatment by Mexico of the people trying to cross their southern border? You’re a hypocrite if you think the United States should open its borders wide. You’re also pretty naive if you think everyone crossing over has good intentions.

      • Don’t attempt to use logic on Albert, he is a socialist bigot. You see the profane-laced rants on the KVIA website under one of his many monikers like High420Lonesome and others.

        • Look who’s talking! you have been on the KVIA forum for the longest time Mad Mike, you and all the rest of your right wing fanatic cyber bullies. You were already posting comments on that website long before I just happened be exploring websites of interest.
          And it was you and some of your cyber bullies that started attacking my post and YOU ALSO MADE THREATS! and went as far as to think that you know where I reside and posted it on for all to see.
          The good thing is that you have exposed yourself and if anything ever happens all I have to do is hand over my computer to the right people.Because they will find you and bring to to justice along with all of your cyber bullies.My PC hold’s some key information about you, about DEPLORABLESWON, about geedubb,about RFN about Rick Talamantes and many more of your rebuplican low lifes. So bring it on mad mike even if we have to go to court,bring your check book and give it to the bailiff you’ll be needing it FOR SURE!
          And don’t act as if you just happen to be an innocent commenter on KVIA Forum. You are Guilty As Sin!

          • What color is the sky in your little world?

      • You were not here in those days during American Expansionist and Imperialism Thomaspain,sure American History was written and distorted and don’t really tell the real truth about history in general. There are always two sides of the story and Mexico has their side story to tell as well.
        Beside the United States being the aggressor having more guns and a better organized military and then president Polk. Know exactly that expanding the United States from coast to coast would give the country an overall advantage.
        You don’t have to give me your lectures on history or what is currently going on Thoma, I can do that on my own.
        So tell me then how many ISIS or Al Qaeda have manage to sneak into the US. from Mexico and how many countries that donald trump has banned from entering the United States from the Middle east also had terrorist in the September 11 2001 attacks?
        If your former president George W. Bush wasn’t on vacation over 60% of his first eight months in office and would have listen to the advice of his security advisors. I assure you that the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers would still be standing in New York City Today.
        All those other local terrorist attacks during president Obama’s watch, where did those terrorist come from? Name a few of the countries they came from Thomas? DON’T BE SO NAIVE!

  • The sky in my world is the same color that our Lord created it to be day or night 24/7 and it changes colors! I already know what color the sky is in your world mad mike it’s white out with swastikas in place of stars at night.

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