• June 24, 2022
 Statement: Bishop of El Paso on expansion of Remain in Mexico to include Brazilians

Bishop Mark Seitz | Clip courtesy Diocese of El Paso

Statement: Bishop of El Paso on expansion of Remain in Mexico to include Brazilians

A year of Remain in Mexico has damaged enough human lives, hurt enough families and chipped away far too much at our country’s commitment to life, dignity and the protections that should be afforded to asylum seekers and refugees.

It is unfortunate that on this sad anniversary the government should expand this indefensible program to Brazilians, who cannot speak Spanish and are thus made even more vulnerable to criminal predation and exploitation.

Remain in Mexico unnecessarily puts Border Patrol agents and Customs officers in the pews of our churches in the lamentable position of having to choose between following the laws of conscience or the morally bankrupt dictates of man when they encounter human beings in need, who represent for us Christ, hidden beneath the guise of misery, fear and desperation.

May our consciences not be dulled and may those with the power to end Remain in Mexico, and every inhumane action against the one human family, hear our voices shouting out in the desert for compassion and for justice.


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