• January 24, 2022

Staff Report

Staff Reports are just that, Staff Reporting the news. No skew, no opinion just the news. We pride ourselves on making sure that we bring you the news as soon as it is published, submitted or sent to us. No need to have a reporter rewrite or give their opinion. The facts or information, nothing more.

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  • These pictures are great. I want to thank you for covering us!

    I also want to mention, again, that I was on the field at the game – my children were participating in parts of the game because they go to a feeder school. I did ask Mr. Cottingham to take a couple of photos for me, and he did. I do hope that did not garner the attitudes aimed at him by members of the SAC staff.

    Mr. Cottingham kept a very professional demeanor, right to the point where someone physically blocked him from moving to one end of the filed to the other. Had someone placed their hands on me, it would have been different.

    We are in shock at the continued treatment your photographer received. It was not professional at all.

    I will mention this, in closing. Each time we attend an event at the SAC we find staff rude to the point of being unbearable. This is something SISD needs to look at and address. I will be contacting them with my complaint as well.

  • Graet shots! Thanks for covering us and not making us pay to see the photos of the game.

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