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Sunday , June 24 2018
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Story in Many Pics: Tutu’s Against Bullying

Earlier this week, we introduced you to Miss Redd and her ‘Tutus Against Bullying‘ Campaign, on Wednesday, May 23rd she hosted her event.

Ah, but you should have been there. It was an amazing event, Miss Redd’s TuTu’s Against Bullying Fashion Show at Craze Yogurt. The evening was more than just a fashion show. There were people from all walks of life speaking about bullying and its effects.

There was music, tall guys who were all lit up, and a spirit of hope. It was truly an amazing night.

Bullying is never alright. We are hearing stories of children, even of adults, who are being bullied at school, in the neighborhoods, even in Churches. It’s not right. Miss Redd has decided that a stand must be taken, that a line must be drawn in the sand.

With Miss Redd’s show, that line was drawn, that stand taken. Miss Redd wasn’t alone, either. Each person in attendance, every speaker, they all drew that line.

Even Craze took a standby giving 100% of all monies earned that night to the cause.  Here the photos from tonight’s events. Hope you’ll be there for the next one!

About Steven Cottingham

Steven Cottingham is an artist, poet (haiku, tanka, senryu) as well as a photographer. Growing up, he wanted to be a columnist, as well as photojournalist. Life, and poor decision, led him down a different path. Today, Steven is chasing those dreams. He is currently working on his next book, as well as starting a small poetry journal. You may visit Steven, online, at

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