Story in Six Pics: Americas survives TBirds, Storms to win 21 to 20

After a 40 min delay due to rain and electrical problems with the stadium lights, the Americas Trailblazers topped the TBirds Friday night.  And while Coronado racked up an early 14-7 lead, Americas regrouped, scored 14 points in the second half to take the lead with less than 2 min remaining in the game.  Here’s Andres Acosta’s view of the exciting contest.

Blazers at Tbirds-24

Blazers at Tbirds-21


Blazers at Tbirds-18

Blazers at Tbirds-30

Blazers at Tbirds-23

Blazers at Tbirds-25 Blazers at Tbirds-15