Story in MANY Pics: Greater El Paso Football Showcase All-Star Game Media Day

Only one week to go before the annual Greater El Paso Football Showcase All-Star Game and both teams were at the Sun Bowl Saturday for questions and pictures.

Our very own Andres Acosta was there and has these quotes and pictures.

What’s it mean to be named to the city all-star team?

Cam Covington , El Dorado High. – “it’s a big honor its El Paso we are full of talent here and to have my name selected it was very honoring.”

Eric Foster, Americas High- “it’s a big honor especially coming from out of town my freshman year I knew nothing about an All-Star game or any of that and I got lucky enough to play pretty well this season ”

Mark Torrez – Eastwood High “it was like a dream come true I came a couple years ago and started watching these games and I saw these guys were almost treated like gods, and I kind a wanted to be like that and to finally be here it’s a blessing.”








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