Story + Video: Pokemon-inspired ‘EPISD Go’ video sets tone for 2016-17

The El Paso Independent School District released “EPISD Go” —a 1-minute, Pokemon Go-inspired video that will help set the tone for the upcoming 2016-17 academic year.

“We expect to have a fun school year so we wanted to launch a video to match,” said Melissa Martinez, EPISD’s executive director of community engagement. “Pokemon Go is such a relatable thing to our students and even some of our adults right now. It worked out wonderfully.”

In the video, two EPISD students are seen EPISD Go hunting at several schools and landmarks throughout El Paso. Along the way they catch some of the skills and people they’ll need to be successful learners during the school year.

Some of those items include a PowerUp Laptop, NewTech, a backpack, a school bus, a school mascot and a teacher.