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Wednesday , July 17 2019
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Home | News | Story+Audio+Docs: Families of Suicide Victims Allege T-Shirt Fraud

Story+Audio+Docs: Families of Suicide Victims Allege T-Shirt Fraud

There are times when, as a journalist, I see a side of humanity I wish didn’t exist. We all see it, it’s just I get a front row seat with a slightly different angle.

The perfect example is this story.

Imagine you had a family member or a close friend commit suicide. Then, you have that one friend that comes and gives you comfort. That friend is there for you, helping with meals, helping with transportation or whatever is needed.

Then, your friend tells you about a group they have, one that wants to go out to local high school, high traffic intersections, and other places to “take a stand” against suicide and to show that they are there for those in need.

This same person then tells you that they are going to start a support group to raise awareness. All they need is to raise the funds. While they are on street corners and intersections, they sell water. Then, they offer you a t-shirt…a shirt with the names of people who have taken their own lives.

Sounds like a great idea, so you order one or two of the shirts.

You wait. You wait, and wait, and wait. Maybe you were one of the lucky one who received the t-shirt you ordered.

Or, maybe you are part of the larger group that didn’t receive anything but broken promises. Excuses like, “I sent it, but the Postal Annex I use doesn’t give you tracking numbers.”

Maybe you were told that “I don’t know what happened, I’m seeing that it was left at your home.”

Maybe you are like Mary. Mary ordered a few of the t-shirts but never received anything.

“Amanda told me, she promised me them t-shirts were on the way,” said Mary. “When I was being told that she would send it out again, she gave me a tracking number that was for FedEx. But FedEx told me that it wasn’t a real tracking number. After I asked Amanda, she blocked me.”


For full disclosure, Amanda Bratten, who goes by the name of Amanda Nicole, and I were connected on Facebook.

When I first heard about the issue with t-shirts being ordered and not delivered, it was from Amanda.

However, it was shared with me in such a way that she alleged that she was being harassed by people who didn’t like what she was doing – the selling of t-shirts with the names of individuals who committed suicide.

I was also told that she had in fact shipped items, but the Postal Annex does not provide anyone with tracking numbers.

As I began to dive deeper and deeper into this story, I began to see the hurt, the betrayal, that many family members have suffered. Some are from El Paso, others from varied points around the world; however they all share similar stories.

To be clear:  an unknown number shirts have been delivered, but those stories are few and far between. Some who have received shirts said that they got the wrong order, partial order, or a shirt that wasn’t exactly what was promised.

Amanda has been given ample time to respond directly to the allegations – nearly two weeks – and those responses are included below.

Also, many of the people you’re going to hear from have asked us not to use their real names.

They all allege that Amanda, and others, have taken to harassing them, via phone calls to their places of employment, their homes, via emails and social media messages. (Editor’s note: Screenshots of some of the conversations are shared at the end of this article)


“The money and shirts are nothing compared to the sickness everyone feels over this,” said Mel, from New Zealand.

Mel shared a story that is all too common among those who purchased t-shirts. “She made me out to be a bully,” said Mel, “for asking if she had received my address.”

“I kept sending her message after message,” says April (not her real name). “She simply stopped responding. Then, she called my place of employment and told my boss that I am harassing her. All I wanted was the t-shirts I paid for or my money back.”

“I contacted Amanda about ordering shirts from her,” says Becky. “I asked her to add my son to the shirt.”

Becky wanted five shirts and one sweatshirt for a total cost of $88.00. Becky made two payments, which Amanda acknowledged. The t-shirts would be coming by December 1st , 2018.

“On November 27th I sent her [Amanda] a message via Messenger and asked if she mailed out my shirts, she said she had a procedure done on the 28th which is why she had not responded to me,” says Becky. “She managed to confirm my sizes and address.”

It was after that conversation that Becky says more excuses began to pour in. She couldn’t track Becky’s package because she was off to her husband’s Military Ball. That she had to look for a tracking number and couldn’t find it.

“Amanda has given me the runaround with my shirt order,” says Regina. “I placed an order for eleven shirts on September 22, 2018, and paid in full the amount of $120.00.”

Regina tells me she has yet to receive one t-shirt. When she would contact Amanda about when, and if they were shipped, she says she would receive a different answer each time.

“Amanda would say they are being mailed at the end of the week, going out tomorrow, or being mailed,” said Regina. “When I would ask for a tracking number she would ignore my messages.”

“I ordered several shirts for Christmas presents as well,” says Diane. “I’m very disappointed that I trusted someone who I feel has let so many people across the world down. She used our time; we are grieving the loss of our loved ones.”

Diane wanted the shirts or her money back. When she reached out to Amanda, asking if she has sent the shirts, or has even been receiving her messages, Amanda responded by saying that she was receiving so many messages, and must not be getting them all.

Amanda also allegedly said that her shirts would ship and asked if she had already received the correct sizes and shipping address.

In the end, all of them allege the same thing: no t-shirts.


“My story is this,” says Tanya [not her real name]. “I had a brother who committed suicide last year. I liked the idea of her Stands as she called them where she would stand around schools and tell people suicide [sic] is not the answer for anything in your life. I thought the t-shirts were a great way to share the messages we were trying to get out.”

Tanya contributed to the GoFundMe account after being told the t-shirts would be crowdfunded and then provided to family members for free.

In the end, Tanya had to pay for a hoodie and t-shirt which never arrived.


When Amanda first came to me, she presented Johnson M. [not his real name] as a bully, as someone who was harassing her. I reached out to him and his place of employment.

I didn’t know it was going to lead to this.

“When I started to ask her about the shirts, she ignored me,” says Johnson.

“When she would reply, she was always telling us she was getting harassed or bullied. After months of this, I had enough and told her just get peoples shirts out to them or have someone else send them out.”

As seems to be the trend, when Johnson asked the shirts just to be sent, he says Amanda went on the offensive.

“She told everyone I attacked her and bullied her. However, she attacked me on a personal level. She went after my job, my way of feeding my family.”


“Grief is a very difficult journey,” said Diane. “When Amanda offered to create these shirts and t-shirts, it was touching. I feel awareness is critical to prevent future suicides. As difficult as this has been since I lost my son July 10, 2017, I thought the design she put together with all our loved one’s names was very special.”

Ashley Anderson is the administrator of Suicide Survivors Loss and Support on Facebook.

“When it first came about it was probably around the beginning of September end of August of 2018,” Ashley said. “We had talked about it prior, and I had talked to her quite a bit actually.”

According to her, Amanda has posted a couple of shirt design ideas to the group saying that if you were to provide her the name of a lost loved one, it would be included on the shirt.

“I was okay with it at first because honestly, we’ve never sold anything in the group. So, the second this was mentioned,” says Ms Anderson, “it was amazing.”

So many people were ordering shirts. According to a screenshot, Amanda has sold about 700 of them. From what I’ve seen, the basic cost of a shirt was around $8. If everyone paid, then $5,600 went towards Amanda for the shirts.

“I had talked to her, in private messaging, saying ‘wow, this is a lot of names, are you sure you’ll be able to handle this?’” Ashley shares. “She was like ‘my husband is helping me with it, let’s get all these names.’”

That’s how it all started, and the names began coming in. After a couple of weeks, a the design was shared, and everyone waited.


I did want to present Amanda’s side of all of this; so I sent her the following e-mail several times, as well as via Facebook Messenger:

In working the story about the tee-shirts I’ve come across some issues, I would like you to respond to.

These seem to be a common thread among people I’ve spoken to that needs to be addressed.

1. How many tee-shirts were ordered?
2. How many tee-shirts were shipped?
3. How many refunds have been issued?

I am in possession of screenshots from several people. These screenshots show that they have repeatedly asked when their tee-shirts were going to be shipped.

My next question concerns the GoFundMe.

I am being told that the GoFundMe was to be used for funding the tee-shirts; thus the name “Stand Against Suicide Apparell [sic].” What was that money used for? I am showing that over $2,000 was raised in that campaign.

Amanda’s responses were very strange. First, in a Facebook message, Amanda said:

“And…we used the Santa Teresa Annex post office. They don’t keep track of tracking the same as the regular post office. It’s not at all electronic over there.”

The fact that she said that she visited the Santa Teresa Postal Annex gave me reason to call them up.  I also decided to reach out to the United States Post Office, as well as the closest Postal Annex, a private company.

According to Brian, an employee with the Postal Annex, they do in fact issue tracking numbers for mail send via the United States Postal Service.

“We mailout through the post office and UPS,” said Brian. “We can do it certified, priority mail. Those give you tracking number.”

I also spoke to Rod Spurgeon of the United States Post Office.

“Anybody who does business with the US Postal service, and uses a trackable means, it doesn’t matter where they do it, they can go online or at a post office, will have access to that tracking number on our website,” said Spurgeon.

“Every post office offers the same services, regardless of its location.”

I did follow through with several emails, over the span of several days, to Amanda, in which she made the following comments:

Her first response was, “I’ve tried to text you with copies of the receipts.  I’ve also tried to message you on Facebook, but now I’m blocked.  What’s going on?”

When I received that email, I did check both my phone and Facebook Messenger. I’ve not blocked her, nor had I received any receipts at that point.

The second email followed the tone of the first:

“What’s going on?  Why are you suddenly against me?  I don’t understand at all what’s going on.  I tried to let you know I was out of surgery.  And then I tried to message you.  Why did you block me?”

As to her surgery, I know of one time Amanda was in the hospital. However, people I spoke with said she uses alleged hospital stays to stall people who are looking for their tee-shirt orders to arrive.  Again, reviewing the screenshots below, you will see this theme time and again.

Her final response to me?

“Are you seriously no longer speaking to me?  I thought we were friends.  And here’s some of the receipts.  Do the math; I’ve had to pay for a large portion out of my pocket.  Shirts were sent out.   I seriously thought you were my friend, Steven.  I never stole or cheated anyone!!   Ever!  I made the error of not getting them out of my house fast enough.  But I also had pneumonia, recent MULTIPLE back surgeries, and a lot of other things going on.   I paid for the shirts.  I sent the shirts.  Wow.”

“This is your story now?  You’re going to make me out to be a bad guy?  When there were people NOT EVEN INVOLVED that have non stop [sic] been harassing me.  And it’s just like that.   You automatically believe them.  You didn’t even ask me for anything before I was blocked.”

Again, at no point was she ever blocked.

However, in that final email, I was sent two (2) screenshots from Quicken. These screenshots are to prove that t-shirts were paid for and sent.

I remained skeptical, so I reached out to an accountant I have used before in articles that involve finances.

“What you were sent is bupkis,” says accountant  Yitzhak Greenberg. “I have a child, you know, Adam, he’s nine, he can make you better proof than what this tries to be. These things [he says, referring to the two quicken screenshots] have nothing of value as for showing of proof. Who was it paid to? Who billed her? How was it paid?”

Yitzhak rambled off even other questions before he asked me this one final question:

“Why is she not sending to you the actual receipts of things?

Would this not prove her case?

The pictures of the receipt from printers, for posting these out?




As of the publication of this story, none of the people mentioned have received shirts.  Nor have I received any answers to my repeated questions about the quantity of shirts, the number delivered and refunds given.

In the end, it would seem that the simple act of getting a shirt has added to the grief these people have suffered. Many of them have had their wounds reopened because of this.

Trust has been destroyed and will be hard for some to rebuild. Yet they shared their story in hopes that somehow, in some way, they will see justice done.

To that end, many of them have begun filing theft reports with the El Paso Police Department.

Law enforcement officials I spoke with said anyone who ordered t-shirts, hoodies, or any items from Amanda and have not received them, are encouraged to reach out the El Paso Police Department.

If you live in the United States, you can file your report online. If you live outside of you the United States, you will need to call to file your report. The number to call is 915-832-4436.

Below are screenshots of communication between Amanda and various persons who ordered shirts and then did not receive them.

About Steve Zimmerman

Steve is a writer, photographer, poet and a freelance contributor to the Herald Post. He will be launching a weekly podcast based on his forthcoming book, “Leap of Fatih” which will be released in 2019 from HarperCollins. Through his company, Still Going Somewhere, he is producing a series of micro-documentaries with individuals who have survived the Holocaust.

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  1. Wow is all I can say. I can’t believe someone would prey on people who are so vulnerable and take advantage. I hope this chick gets what she deserves.

  2. How low does a person have to go for something like this? My sister was scammed by this woman. Hope somebody stops her!

  3. Thanks so much Steven for all your hard work and actually capturing every little detail to this mess. I still have no words other than how disgusted I am but please know I appreciate everything.

  4. I seem to recognize this name from somewhere.
    I hope people get the Justice they deserve. This is horrible to read and hurts me deeply that someone would do this. My thoughts and prayers to all affected.

  5. Absolute disgust ! People who pray on the shattered lives of others deserve nothing but justice to the full extent . Sickening

  6. I am a follower of yours and I am very shocked to read what I just read. This story blows my mind. I hear of these things happening but have never seen anything like this in my life before. I hope she gets what she deserves

  7. She needs to be put under a jail. So many people who are hurt because of Amanda. She needs to be ripped out of civil society!

  8. My wife wanted one of these. Our son’s name wasn’t on it but we thought it would be a way to show support when she would join Amanda on her stands here in El Paso. We never did see that $12 back or that t-shirt. Kept spinning yarns about how she was sick, her husband was sick. Never a t-shirt. They need to put both husband and wife away.

  9. This is horrible !!! I have only heard stories of this happening but to read this and finally see it being followed through on is amazing ! I hope it starts a trend and people like this are handled accordingly! My hats off to the hard work put into this and my Heart to all the victims affected .

  10. This sick, sadistic monster stole from us. From a group of individuals who came together after a tremendous loss of family/friends of suicide. She preyed on us, she was very calculated in her actions and went after us in our weakened time.
    How could a person prey on such a sensitive group of people? She is a liar!
    I would think she is sick, mentally, but she isn’t! She is just a con artist. She is very good at what she does, this cannot be her first time.
    I trusted her with my loved ones honor, to have a T-shirt representing his name was something I could wear with pride! To help end the stigma of suicide. No, instead I got broken promises. My money wasn’t just stolen, the ray of hope given to me by Amanda was shattered by her deceit.
    Shame on her. I hope everyone affected by this lying, pathetic excuse of a “friend” seek charges and let her sit in a cell all alone with the repercussions of what she’s done

  11. I don’t normally comment on things like this but I had to after reading this article. This makes me sick to my stomach. I have lost someone to Suicide and I can’t inagine someone doing this to me. This hits home for me. Thanks for getting this out there, this needs to stop. My thoughts go out to all the victims.

  12. I was one of the very few people that actually got their shirts and the package I received had a very large shipping label on it. She also forgot to mention that between her hospital visits, she took multiple trips out of state while complaining about how broke they were. I’m so glad that all of these lies and the theft is coming to light.

  13. As proof she sent screen shots from Quicken? What a fool!

    I’m sorry to all the people who list family and loved ones. I’m also sorry this *woman* took your money.


  15. I feel stupid. I fell for all her excuses!! Actually never even sent money until the beginning of December!! However she has received it, and I got nothing!! It’s heartbreaking!! I found my fiancé after he completed and thought this was a great idea since I had gotten one from Suicide Prevention only it cost way more and the last name was misspelled. I figured this was a way to get a new one with the correct spelling. Now thinking about it, I bet she only had a few shirts made and just shipped those. How terrible!!

  16. Hi.
    Why am I not surprised to read this. There’s always got to be someone out there who’s willing to prey on vulnerable people. I hope she’s being charged for this because this is a serious offence in the state I live in.
    One angry person

  17. She’s a sick individual. I’m glad this is getting out there. I lost $55 in this ordeal but to me it’s not about the money. It’s about the betrayal I feel and the hurt. She was offered help many times but refused. Rot in jail.

  18. Thank you. Thank you for all your help and finially listening and hearing us out! Amanda nicole is VERY good at playing the victim and getting people to believe her. I cannot tell you how many people took her side bashed us and ridiculed us saying we was bullying amanda when all along we was just trying to get our shirts with our loved ones name on it. She played it smart I do have to say she would not reply to me on Facebook and all she would say to me was stop commenting or you need to stop which made me look like I was non stop harrasing her. Every single message I sent her though came after a time I was either messaged from a friend of her, or another account of hers threaten my life or calling me all types of names, bashing me to other people AND the worse of the worse calling my job of employment not once, but several times, then getting Steven to write my job.

    Finally when I talked to Steven and showed him everything their was finially someone who took our side.

    In the beginning we just wanted a memory of our loved ones and a way to bring awareness to the tragic way they died, so other people would be aware of mental health issues. Now the group hurting even more because not only did she use us she used our loses loved ones to deceive a personal gain for whatever reason.

  19. For someone to do this to grieving people they have to be one sick individual. I hope this person gets punishment and this poor people get their money back.

  20. I’m really disappointed someone would treat a group of people, who have already lost so much, so poorly.
    If she was being honest it wouldn’t have gotten to this point. I hope she never has to go through the horrible things many of the people she has now victimized have gone through.

  21. Losing a loved one to suicide Is traumatic enough. I can’t believe this individual who was part of our support group took advantage of the situation/people. DISGUSTING!

  22. Wow the lengths people will go to just to get money in their pocket. I cannot believe this woman would lie and esp to people already going through enough.

  23. Is she a politician? Seems way to good at lying to not be one. Just sickens me.

  24. Just sicking…and i never got my either…sad world we live in…hope she gets what coming to her….

  25. Great job getting all sides of this story. The fact that there are people out there who take advantage of people going though unimaginable grief is sickening.

    • He didnt because there is nothing in this article about the bashing of members who really had faith in amanda. ASHLEY ANDERSON sought us out and ran her mouth to each and everyone of us until we blocked her. When I recieved my shirt I unblocked her and sent her a pic. Her response was, “It fits your ugly ass” and sent me a photo of a person off of I believe, Orange is the New black, compairing me to her. When I wouldnt play into her game she blocked me and had Junior Marsh messaging me with basically the same thing. I had my mother block Ashley Anderson, (the owner/creator of the original Suicide “support” group, where the shirts were sold), before ashley could get to her.

      700 shirts were ordered, 100 of those being extra for additional or missed orders. This story is one sided, just like all media stories.

      • Forum Administrator

        One-sided would seem to say that the person at the heart of the article (Amanda) was never contacted or consulted. This is a false statement on your part. Not only did Amanda seek out and ask Mr. Cottingham to do the story, she was given ample time over the last few weeks to respond and has only done so three times, none of which answered the core questions posed by scores of people who have not received their shirts. We continue to stand by the story as written, and the invitation for Amanda do directly answer Mr. Cottingham’s questions remains open.

      • Did we read the same article? Seems this guy tried to get Amanda to respond and she never did. If that Amanda chick had nothing to be hidding from us then why didn’t she reply? Wanna tell us that Alexis? Are you part of this scam also? Well?

      • Since we’re all here to get our stories straight… let’s all tell the truth here. Do you honestly think that multiple people would say they scammed out of an friggen $8 shirt if they hadn’t been? Look at the comments and the article.. the proof is all right here. The fact that you’re friends with Amanda, of course you’re going to stick up for her. I did attack you but it was in defence to everything you were saying to me. I have nothing to hide. I did call you ugly, I did tell you where to go, and I still think you’re ugly & I still think you can go where I told you to go. Your 1 comment vs the other 60+ comments kinda shows what you’re up to here but keep it up. You’re only making your ugly ass look even worse than it already does.

      • And for the record, I didn’t tell you all off until you blocked me. I deleted and blocked you all because you left my group and went to Amanda’s “bash Ashley & Junior”s secret group and ran your mouth in there about us all. You got removed from my group and that’s when you started running your mouth. TELL THE TRUTH

        • Ashley, o just have to say first of all, that I never received my order of three shirts either. I think what Amanda did is unbelievable. But I did not join her group to bash you. I actually didn’t ever bash anyone. I felt like maybe she was overwhelmed and would give her one more chance to mail my stuff to me. She added me to her group and I never once participated in any conversations there. I was biding my time trying to see what, if anything, was going on in her life that would prevent her from sending out my shirts. It seems she did in fact have a spinal surgery, but as stated above she was traveling here and there and doing this this and that. So after a message saying I never paid, sending her a GoFund Me receipt showing that I indeed did, and another message from her saying she would “look into” whether I paid or not I filed a complaint with GoFund Me who promptly repaid my money. Now I have no shirts and have been banned from a group (yours) that I liked being a part of. I have learned a couple of big lessons though. Be careful when purchasing anything from anyone, and you can’t please everyone, even if you bash no one. I hope the group as a whole will heal fully from this betrayal.

        • I can post screen shots of the messages that lead me to block you until I got my shirt, then I unblocked you just to show you I got it. Then you called me ugly and sent me pictures of “ugly” people until you realized you werent getting anywhere and then you said you’d be nice and block me so I didnt have to wait 48 hours to block you back. So why dont you TELL THE TRUTH ASHLEY.

      • 700 shirts were never ordered… tell amanda stop lying to you we have proof there was never 700 shirts ordered. I’m sorry she has you so fooled though keep bashing me and Ashley and sticking up for amanda all you want. The truth is all out in the open now rather you like it or not and you you got your shirt of course you would you are her friend she wanted to make it look good. Stealing from griefing people, lying about deaths, lying about hospital visits, ly oj ng about her drug problem attacking people way of feeding their family just so she looked like the victim is NOT okay but by all means keep sti king up for her and let her drag you down with her you can share a cell together.

        • I’m in complete shock that after everything that anyone would ever defend this woman.

        • Hey junior, u know how u said the shirts were never ordered?? Oh and how u said u have proof?? Well please I would absolutely love for u to send me that “proof” because I know for a fact ur lying . I have gone to visit my mother this past week for my birthday and I have actually seen the boxes myself there are freaking stacks in the garage. I’ve delivered some actually to help my mother out because she has had artlessly 4 spinal surgeries since thanksgiving. And her traveling out of state that everyone has been claiming yes she does travel but that is actually her job that she does. She delivers in home treatments for a company that is located right in front of the McDonald’s on Mesa st in El Paso . I’ve had the chance to deliver some myself to help her out. She don’t talk about u are not bullying my mother when she did overwhelm herself ordering those shirts. She spent a lot of time on them and yes some have not been sent but she has not had any time to send them and quite frankly she has been working on getting them out with my help. But I mean how could that be possible if they were never ordered ?? Hmmmm.

          • Way to go Amanda on making your knocked up daughter comment for you to protect you since you can’t get on and comment yourself.

            How do I know the shirts were never ordered ..I said the number of shirts that your mom said she had ordered was incorrect she didn’t order nearly as much ss she told everyone

            And they were cheap Walmart shirts that are already fallen apart

            I feel bad for you though .. I feel bad that your parents dragged you into this bs and you have jo clue what your mom is about.. see mommy is a felon already huh? She already done stuff li ke this before huh? Mommy already got a child endangerment charge and multiple thefts charges oh did mom not tell you that? Ooo my bad well I guess now you know… or wait maybe you knew already when you got taken away for awhile ? See your mom seems to be repeating the same old bs she starts shit then screams she getting bullied tonget away with it. This time its not working in her favor is it? No matter how many people she gets to comment saying how lovely of a person she is criminal records don’t lie sorry not sorry

            Simply fix all your mom had to do was give people their shirts or there money instead she chose to block them ignore them and keep there money. Your mom seems to be a real winner maybe she should go get a real job instead of scamming people online for money, but she be in jail soon so that won’t matter

  26. Hi,

    I lost my son 3/12/18 the age of 19, I have had other sites make up shirts wrist bands, and other articles, Hoping that they would not take my money and run. each site has always fa-filled each order. I joined the group because I live in down east Maine, and we have to drive hours to get to a support group ,I felt that I needed a group that understood my pain. When I saw the post for the shirts i did not hesitate to have my sons name put on it. or to order shirts. I still have not received my shirts either. I spent 46 dollars on t shirts for christmas that i still have not received. I was truly hoping that Amanda was an honest person, but to pray on grieving family members is Disgusting and in humane . than you for taking the time to write this Article, I hope she pays for what she has done.

  27. On November second I sent her 15.00 for a t-shirt with both my cousin and husbands name on it. I never received it. Talk about upset. I was really really looking forward to it.

  28. I am part of this support group. I lost my husband just about two weeks ago. I had wanted to order shirts for my kids and myself. Thankfully, I was never able to because I never seemed to have the money for it. What this woman has done to everyone is beyond despicable. I am so sorry we are all in this group that no one wants to be apart of. I’m also so very sorry to everyone who has been scammed by this evil person.

  29. This woman is truly evil. These people paid for shirts and trusted her during a very difficult time in their lives. It takes a special kind of sociopath to look at a group of devestated people then look to plan & execute an elaborate scam to make 5.5K. Not only that, but deliver the few shirts she did make of extremely low quality. It’s Walmart-grade fabric and a DIY design ironed into it. Many report the names peeling and the shirts not surviving the wash. This is criminal behavior.

    I’m just hoping that no other group of grieving people are scammed by this woman. She needs to give all the money back and then some for pain/suffering/emotional anguish of putting these people through an awful ordeal.

    I’m so glad that this reporter kept digging to expose the pattern of lies & deceit. Throw the book at this lady so she can’t keep hurting people and taking their hard-earned money!

    • I’ve personally helped her order these T-shirt from a website only. They were not “Walmart T-shirt’s with iron on letterings” stop lying to get ur little fame.

      • Okay there is close to if not more than 100 people with no shirts. If her daughter helped her like she is claiming she did where did she send shirts to? Why os there such a issue sending a shirt to a address? Is this really that complicated?

  30. When I heard about Amanda making these shirts I felt a small ray of sunshine. My daughter’s name is on the shirt. I paid for the shirts on Oct 1, 2018 and I finally received my 2 t-shirts in the mail on Monday(January 14, 2019). They were the wrong size and we can’t wear them but at least I received something. I had to beg her for the shirts. Unfortunately, Amanda has taken away the meaning I felt that was behind these shirts. Shame on her and whoever helped her scam already vulnerable people.

  31. Stealing money from people that are hurting the loss of a loved on and on top of that attempting to make them lose their job like there not going through enough ? I hope this person gets what they deserve even if this people didn’t lose their job how dare her even try to get their way of funds taken away!

  32. Melissa Feldmeyer

    This has been such a long heartbreak. We all believed in Amanda and she completely scammed us. She threatened to go after my volunteer work to get me kicked out of the program and I didn’t even do anything! She is a sick, heartless person who has sank as low as she can. I hope justoce amd karma both find her.

  33. WOW! I have no words. she did finally send me a shirt that was dated January 12th. I ordered and paid for a xl long sleeve and received a large t shirt. I was one of the first ten people added to the shirt and was told I would have it by September 26th for a walk I did locally against suicide. Need i say no more. she is unreal. I hope she gets what she deserves stealing from all of us that are already hurting from losing our loved ones.

  34. Filed my police report.

    Texted her, she ignored me. Sent a message on Facebook, she blocked me. Then she called my work. Guess she didn’t count on me being the manager!

    This woman needs to rot in jail, hell, or both.

  35. I am one who believed her lies, one of hundreds that were scammed. Disgusting how she pretended to care for us…. I truly hope she is charged with theft and the sufferers are compensated.

  36. Melissa Feldmeyer

    This woman is the lowest person on the planet right now. She took something so dear to us and reopened ALL of our wounds. She deserves for karma and justice to get ahold of her…my heart is broken. But it’s not just broken for me. It’s broken for my mother and every member that has been scammed and lied to. I just can’t believe this happened.

  37. I feel completely duped. I fell for all her excuses and I sent her a total of 150$ and there was extra money in there for someone to order a shirt that couldn’t afford one as well. No it’s not about the money, but that my husbands name is on this shirt now and I don’t even have it! The way she went about this is horrible and to make money off people grieving the loss of their loved ones to suicide is despicable.

  38. Hi Steven. I did order only 1 t-shirt and I did receive it! However my neighbor who very close to my son who passed from suicide ordered and never got anything. I initially thought this woman got in way over her head but the truth is she preyed on people’s sadness which is horrible! How can someone do that!! My heart went out to the people who ordered many shirts and was going to give to loved ones for xmas but they never came! I am happy that this has been stopped and I pray that the folks get their money back. Thank you

  39. Am a member of this very supportive group. I didn’t order one thank fully, just disgusting she could rip off people. As if folks arent having enough heartbreak

  40. My brothers name is on that shirt. It was an amazing idea and could have done a lot of good. Instead she has poured buckets of salt in already gaping wounds. I didn’t order a shirt for my own reasons but I am heart broken and disgusted on behalf of those that did. I hope that Amanda is made accountable!

  41. When she asked for names I gave her my husband name because I lost my husband to suicide two years ago so of course I want a shirt because my husband name was on the back of it and also to spread the word about sucide I order three shirts and never received them

  42. I ordered 3 shirts from Amanda costing me $68.00. She made herself seem as though she was all about the people in the group is the reason why I ordered. I am normally very skeptical about placing orders online, but she seemed trustworthy. Not only has this brought things back to the surface I’m also a single struggling mother that if I would have known I would have used that money on my children. This woman needs to be stopped she needs to refund all the money back to those of ya who trusted our loved ones names in her hands. She is a disgrace for doing this to those of us who are grieving.

  43. I ordered 5 shirts for Christmas presents for my family. I was told over several times I would receive these in time. I asked her two weeks before xmas if I was for sure getting them in time or I needed to buy something else . “For sure she replied” to this day never got them. I wanted these for gifts and was heartbroken when I learned that I was scammed and my family would not receive the surprise of these shirts. Shame on her for prying on people who are allready hurting and missing loved ones. She needs to pay for what she has done!!!

  44. What a turn of events ! Something and someone so disgusting being served karma on a silver platter . Thoughts to all affected .

  45. Regina (Davidson) Alexander

    I am one that also fell for Amanda’s scam! I have filed a police report and a complaint with Go Fund Me. I just can’t understand how a person could do this! Haven’t we ALL already dealt with enough HeartAche of losing a Loved One? I Hope and Pray Amanda gets what’s coming to her and then some! Let’s not forget her husband (Daniel Bratten) also should be held accountable for this scam as he was apart of it too! Amanda is a Worthless Cold Hearted sorry excuse for a Human! Hopefully ALL of the victims of this scam will receive a full refund and Amanda and her husband get jail time! I wanna say THANK YOU to Ashley, Steven and others that have and are helping in getting Justice for the scam victims!

  46. I also fell victim to this but never once thought it would actually turn out to be a scam. I’m still waiting for my shirts but I guess it seems they’re not coming. I kinda want my money back…… it was only $36 but still. I don’t have much money to begin with. I’m sick to my stomach. Sorry to everyone else who fell for this

  47. I was also scammed by this person for shirts. $48 worth to be exact. Never received refund or shirts. She stopped all communication. I am truly heartbroken over this and that my dad’s name is attached to a scam. Thank you for bringing light to this and I can send you more screen shots if you would like. I filed through El Paso.

  48. Rip off Don t order

  49. It is absolutely sickening what Amanda has done to those who are struggling with the loss of their loved ones due to suicide. I am a part of the Suicide Loss and Survivors Facebook group since I lost my Dad to suicide in 2010. The group has been extremely helpful in every aspect and everyone on there is encouraged to share their story. The support I have received has been amazing from all of the members and I’ll be forever grateful for all the effort Ashley has put into it. I have watched this all unravel and I have stuck with the group despite all the drama Amanda has caused. I have spoke with Amanda, myself. And I did not purchase a shirt due to the fact that my dad’s name wouldn’t have been on it. But she did suggest I purchase a shirt anyway, and then add his name on myself later on. I chose not to. And I am glad I didn’t purchase a shirt, epecially now witnessing so many people be scammed by her.
    Those who have been scammed by Amanda deserve justice.

  50. I also was caught up in this scam…I ordered $83 worth of shirts the first week of October and never received them. I was looking forward to getting the shirts. How can someone do this to another person, family that has just lost their loved ones.. I just down understand.

  51. Guess I’m 1 of the lucky ones who got my shirt I ordered. Too bad it wasn’t what I ordered. I refuse to wear it for 2 reasons. 1 is cuz it doesn’t fit and 2 I can’t wear this shirt knowing so many people were ripped off I will be throwing this in the garbage Sorry to everyone who got scammed.

  52. I am a member of the group that Amanda scammed. Thankfully I did not order any t-shirts from her as it didn’t feel right to me at the time. I feel horrible for everyone who trusted her, and it disgusts me that she took advantage of their vulnerability and sorrow. I hope she gets what she deserves from the justice system and karma!!

  53. I sent $40 for two shirts and never received them. I messaged her and received the “I’’ in the hospital” story. As if losing someone is not enough someone uses your grief against you 😞. I filed a report and I hope justice is served!

  54. This whole thing disgusts me. I’m glad that I found her annoying in the group and watched a video she posted in group and realized she didn’t have a clue therefore I never ordered. But BEWARE she is in other groups and has offered the same… to have tshirts made. IF she had the shirts I would help her ship them as it was once said that was the problem… shipping cost was not factored in hence $8 or $10 for a custom shirt.
    I hope this girl feels the wraith of many…alive and passed!

  55. Praying that everyone who purchased shirts receives the shirts they paid for or a refund. We all have experienced loss and no one should take advantage of that.

  56. I too am part of this wonderful support group . While all this was going on , seeing and hearing what Ashley was being labeled for sticking up for herself and all of us in the group actually were the victims all along ! Shame on you and shame on all the others that backed up the lies and mistrust .

  57. I lost $22, I never received the 2 shirts I ordered. I reached out about my shipment and got no response back. I paid her October 2, 2018.

  58. I was going to order a few of these for family members but luckily I forgot to get my order in on time. I think she started out with good intentions but got overwhelmed and to me it appears she under charged for the shirts considering they all needed to be shipped all over the world. The money was gone so she couldn’t return it and everything else has been in retaliation to people wanting their money back or the shirts. I wonder if enough shirts were made and what she plans to do with all the shirts that were made that are just sitting there in her home. Could someone get those shirts and at least get them to some of the people who ordered and have not got there money back from PayPal or their credit card companies

  59. I had a bad feeling about this chick from the jump. Its disgusting to Prey on the broken hearted.

  60. It’s so sad and sickening that someone would do something like this to some people in our situation. It’s bad enough that we lost a loved one. To use our loss to gain is just wrong.

  61. This is so sad. I’m glad I never purchased a shirt from her. I feel bad for everyone who was scammed this way. It’s disguting that she used people’s pain for a profit

  62. I paid $26 for my hoodie and recieved it.

    • Glad you guys got your shirts, but for the 100s of people that didn’t get anything it doesn’t make them feel any better just because her friends got their shirts.

    • What gets me is this, zero response from Amanda. She was afforded several opportunities to provide proof of shipping or proof that requested refunds were issued. She had every opportunity to repudiate all accusations. She has yet to respond.

      I am glad that you, and a small group of others have received this tee-shirts. However, those who have not, and that seems to be a far larger number, are left wanting answers.

      As I told Amanda, I do not write stories that live in echo chambers, I go after all sides.

      I extend that invitation once more to Amanda: if you would like to sit down with us, provide proof of shipping going back to October, I would be more than willing to correct any factual inaccuracies I may have written. I have reached out to you, on Facebook, by email, and even by phone.

      If you would like to share your side of the story, please, contact us.

  63. I got my shirts they came quick to

  64. I’m a member of the group she was selling the shirts in. I was originally going to order 5 shirts for myself and each one of my kids. But at the last minute I just ordered 2 of them. I was one of the lucky ones who did receive my shirts within a couple months of paying for them. But, there were so many who paid and never received anything!! It’s just plain wrong to do this to all these grieving people. So many are widows now and sure don’t have a lot of money to just give away for nothing in return!! There was plenty of chances for Amanda to make this right, but she chose not to.

  65. i also was so scammed by Amanda. I ordered two t shirts and a sweatshirt for my mother,, sister n law as well as myself . I have saved every message that transpired and where the merchandise was paid for. She was always saying they were mailed even showed me a envelope with my name and address where it was going to be shipped. I don’t understand how people can prey on such a large amount of people who have already been through such a horrific time

  66. WTH?! I’m up here in Denver and paid through GoFundMe. Never got my shirt. When I started asking her where my shirt was all she did was tell me to go to hell and that I was suddenly being a bully to her. Screw Amanda. I will be filing my police report right now.

    And Alexis who make a comment here, you need to watch out for her. She is a snake just like her buddy Amanda. It’s sad. Oh, and Alexis, you NEVER paid for your shirt. Ever.

    I am in a secret Facebook under a different name and profile. Maybe I should just out you and all your little hellens and post those? Want me to?

    You are a scammer Amanda! Plane and simple!

    • Thank you for this!!!
      She is a snake just like Amanda. They’re in this together. Alexis sent me a photo of herself wearing the shirt with her middle finger up basically saying **** you, I got my shirt you didn’t. She never paid for a shirt.. Amanda sent her a shirt so that she could sent me that message. It’s disgutsing but I’m the bad guy because I called her ugly. Enough is enough… honestly. Let’s tell the truth here & thanks for yours. Please file your police report!!

  67. I’m also a member of the Facebook group in which Amanda was selling the shirts. While I received the shirt I ordered, so many people did not. My daughter-in-law was one of many who paid for a shirt and never received it. Amanda told me the shirts were all shipped out. This gave my daughter-in-law some hope of getting the shirt she paid for. It’s so very upsetting that someone would play on the feelings and emotions of people who lost loved ones to suicide. Amanda is a despicable person for preying on those who need love and support. She not only stole money from people, but also any tiny bit of happiness these shirts might have brought to survivors. Amanda has no compassion or respect for others. I hope she is charged and dealt with according to Texas laws!! Amanda needs to pay for the theft, grief, and anger she has caused. Right is right – wrong is wrong! Hopefully Amanda will have time to think about the pain she’s caused in a jail cell!!!

  68. I was so excited when the shirt idea first came out because it was a way to honor my brothers memory and get awareness out. I paid for mine on Oct 2, 2018 and have not received it and never got an update from Amanda. I finally messaged her the beginning of January and she told me she was in the hospital and would not provide a tracking number and stopped answering my messages. 11 dollars doesn’t seem like much to some but for a family who lives pay check to paycheck, that could be a meal on the table. I was promised a product, paid and never received it. I don’t know how she lives with herself. We all are dealing with the loss of a loved one and now we have to deal with this

  69. I wanted to belive that I was going to get something from Amanda. I never did get what I ordered.

    I did try calling and spoke once to Daniel Bratten who is in the Army. He told me he received the money my sister sent and that he personally mailed us our shirts. Even sent up a picture of him in a post office holding a long receipt.

    We didn’t get anything. We asked for the tracking numbers as Daniel said it was sent with one. Amanda cussed us and then blocked us.

    She’s from the lowest places in hell. Her and her husband!

  70. It’s sad. I lost my son, my husband tried to revive him & the tshirts were to be Christmas gifts. I didn’t receive them, a refund, an answer, not a thing. I then gave additional money to help others who couldn’t afford a shirt, but wanted one. How dare she do this to all of these people?

  71. I am a member of this group. I joined about the time it was all blowing up. I don’t know anything about Amanda or Alexis except what I’ve read. But, I can tell you the Ashley Anderson and Junior are only in this to help all of us effected by suicide. This group is amazing. I just hate that a skeezball would steal from all those people in so much pain. We are all so vulnerable and looking for anything positive to grab on to. Shame on you Amanda. But, it’s ok. Karma and Texas justice will get you.

  72. How could someone be so cruel??!! I have lost 3 people in my immediate family to suicide and found solace in this Facebook support group where this woman came to prey on those who are grieving. What a despicable person! I hope she suffers the consequence of her deplorable actions!

  73. Taking advantage of us during all our grief of our loved ones is so awful. We just wanted to support suicide prevention and she played on our emotions. She is a despicable inhuman person. She took $85 of my hard earned money. Two sweatshirts were Christmas presents for my sister-in-laws, one for my sister and my shirts. She lied to me several times stating in private messages that mine were mailed, and or going out. It’s difficult to digest, and to realize that someone could do this to all of us. Amanda received money from people across the world. I also believe some survivors could not afford to purchase shirts, so others were generous to donate extra to allow loved ones to receive a shirt. She needs to pay severe consequences for her actions. Jail time.

  74. I am one of the lucky ones who received my shirts. I did ask over and over for her to ship them so we would have for my sisters Birthday (November 14th) but I didn’t, we received them a couple weeks before Christmas. They are horrible quality, but I’m still thankful to have them and my sisters name on it. But the fact that so many were scammed breaks my heart. I sent extra money to help her send shirts to those grieving but couldn’t afford to buy their own. So I was also duped. I can’t imagine doing such a mean, low down thing to people who can barely understand why they have lost a loved one, but now wondering why someone would take advantage of the vulnerability.

  75. It is so sad that someone would take advantage of so many people that were already hurting so much. I hope she gets the punishment she deserves. So sorry to everyone affected.

  76. I am part of the group that has been involved in this scam and find it very disturbing, that someone would take advantage of people who are obviously in a vulnerable state. We are a group suppsoed to support and help eachother grow. When someone goes and does stuff like this, makes you truly wonder, what kind of person they are.
    I wasn’t one who was scammed by her but am mad along with other’s whom were.

  77. My story is very familiar I ordered and paid for a T-shirt and. Sweatshirt! First paying $30 and then $50 for the sweatshirt! This was actually also a $20 Donation as well to help “pay for others a shirt who couldn’t afford it!” I messaged Amanda several times and each time was I have yours right here I’ll get it out in the mail tomorrow! I’d wait a week week and a half and ask again! Again I was told “just gettin yours ready now!” I have screenshots of my conversation with Amanda! I had added my brothers name to the image Mike Wakefield as well as my adopted sons name Jason Hopkins both whom we lost to suicide!! This ordeal is very upsetting and of course trusting again with this kind of thing will be quite an issue!!

  78. I was not scammed by her but feel u have to be a pretty low person to prey off others.we are all part of a group that is there for each others to lean on and count on not to scam and take advantage of others.she needs to be held accountable.

  79. I’m so glad she has been called out for the vindictive person she is. Ashley is a good friend of mine and she was literally fit to be tied over this and devastated when it came out Amanda scammed everyone. Now hopefully everyone can get the justice they deserve. Amanda deserves to be charged with fraud as far as I’m conceerned

  80. This woman is vile

  81. This Amanda b**** has a lot of nerve doing this to us. May she rot in hell! I’d like to get a hold of her in a room for 5 minutes!

  82. I was not scammed by her and was not even in the group this took place in. My brother was though and he was helping trying to get this situation resolved and get people money back to them or get them their items they purchased. I watched this lady make excuses after excuse why the shirts wasn’t shipped out. My brother was civil for as long as he could be until he lost his cool and told her enough is enough return people money or get them their shirts. She played the victim said she was getting bullied, but all alone she had friends and multiple fake accounts she was using to threaten my brothers life. She also contacted his place of employment MULTIPLE times to attempt to get him fire from his job. Shady right? Even shady after finding out this is not her first time contacting someone’s job only this time it didn’t work in her favor she didn’t get anyone fired this time other times she did. Ahe very good at getting people to believe her lies and playing victim, but someone who is as sick as she is claiming to be how do they have time to contact jobs almost daily? I hope she rots in a jail cell with all her little butt buddies that color her.

  83. How can someone be this cruel ???

  84. Wow.. and their are actually people standing up for this lady? Makes you wonder I’d their splitting the funds for the GoFundMe me they scammed people for huh?

  85. People are pure evil! Why would you take from so many survivors? Be aware when you’re buying online purchases from people in groups!

  86. I too ordered 5 shirts and a sweatshirt. I trusted that this girl Amanda was being a truthful and honest person and gave her the benefit of a doubt when she kept feeding me her lies…when she couldn’t give me a tracking number and stopped responding to me then I knew for she was a scam..shame on me for trusting a stranger. I dont want the shirt anymore it means nothing to me. I just want my money back and Amanda punished for stealing from a bunch if broken hearts.

  87. She sent her Facebook followers after me because I called her out on her lies. She’s ruthless and only wants to cause others pain and suffering. She attempted to harass me on Facebook but I quickly blocked her to keep from being baited into an argument. She pretended to be a good person but she’s a predator and only seeks information so she can hurt you later. I hope she sees jail time for the pain and suffering she’s caused people. I’m so glad I didn’t buy a shirt nor did I volunteer any of my loved ones names. She’s a con and a fraud thank you for telling the story of a horrible woman that used people’s grief to provide a supplemental income for herself. Those that follwered her and criticized others for standing up against her should be ashamed of themselves.

  88. Sara-Lynn Pelegrin

    How could someone take from those who are hurting? I hope when she is in a time of need that she recognizes how terrible it is to do that to others.

  89. this is horrible and ridiculous…to scam so many people who are already hurting….I joined the group shortly after they realized they had been scammed…these people just want the shirt they were promised or their money back….I hope they are able to get charges filed against her, but regardless, she has a date with karma and I wouldn’t want to be her. It hurts my heart that these people have to endure even more pain, on top of the pain of losing their loved one because of this!

  90. I did not order a shirt and glad I didn’t! That someone can take advantage of a group of people like this is terrible! Every one here is grieving and we try to support and encourage each other along this unimaginable journey. That do not deserve this.

    • I thought this woman was so nice guess I was wrong.In message she sent my sons name was on shirt.when I received it Kenneths name wasn’t so I ordered one from teespring and hoodie.this woman is so wrong.

  91. I thought joining the group I was in enough pain and nothing could make it worse. I was wrong! Someone scamming people out of there money for a shirt that has my loved ones name on it ! I’m hurt, but more importantly I’m ashamed I trusted this ruthless person.

  92. I was not able to buy any shirts. Amanda was quick to tell my son who was deployed overseas how he could send her money for shirts. Luckily it never happened. When I seen the other survivors who bought shirts go through this scam my heart broke for them. I wish I had mever gave her my husband’s name to put on this scam

  93. Thank you to the reporter for doing this article… This lady is the low of low… She took advantage of a group of people dealing with the loss of a loved one due to their own choices… I fortunately did not order a shirt from her however I did watch as many scraped pennies together to order these shirts n I did give her my son and his father’s full name and dates… Knowing people like her pray on the venerable and have been using our missing members identity, I will no longer be sharing that info… She broke a trust that was hard to give…

  94. Steven Cottingham you are a fraud. You never called Amanda, you never sent her an email, you never tried to text her. She is an honorable woman and you would have been able to talk to her. And just the fact that she came to you because she was being taken advantage of by people who never even ordered a damn shirt, much less sent any money at all and then flip the whole script on her and make her out as the buy one, you are really the lowest form of life.

    Then to prove your stupid fake news point you put up stupid redicolus screen shots of some fake crap from Quick Books to try to help push your fake point. Even the screen shots of conversations you know you need permission for that and you never got permission from anyone on those. No one would talk to you. I know!

    And then all your fake comments on this. Come one, everyone knows all these comments are from Ashley and Junior. We all know that. Amanda is a good God fearing woman who has never broken a law a day in her life!

    • Forum Administrator

      Every portion of this article was vetted, recorded and cross-referenced, or it would not have been published.

      All permissions were granted by each of the interview subjects.

      And I point out once again: this entire story was requested by Amanda, as she presented herself as the alleged victim.

      As for the ‘fake comments’ all the comments are quite real; as are the people submitting over 40+ police reports – which if falsified, would mean jail time for those who filled them out.

      The Herald Post stands by this story and the invitation for Amanda to refute all the allegations remains open. Thank you for your comments.

    • Holy shit… are you actually serious?
      First of all, learn how to spell. Second of all, google Amanda’s name.. since you know her sooooo well, you will be able to find a few of her previous charges and also her previous scam she did in another group. Steven has full permission from ALL OF US to post every single thing he did. You need to learn the facts before you open your useless mouth. You’re obviously one of the few friends Amanda has but I hope you realize how stupid you look for sticking up for her. How in the hell would you know if Steven called Amanda or not. Give your head a damn shake.

    • You kind of fell close to that stupid tree, huh?

      Take a moment, use a dictionary, and sound out all the words, and reread that article there, Bubba. Then, and only then, you just might be able to come and play with the adults.

      • I got money this is amanda on one of her million fake accounts lol. It’s okay you can still fraud people from a jail cell. Maybe you would be able to have a lunch tray scam going.

    • Hahahahaha..that’s pretty funny for you to think Amanda is so innocent. Amanda happily took my money and never fulfilled my order as a matter of fact she couldn’t even provide tracking numbers and stopped responding to my msges. I hope she gets what she deserves.

    • Ha! You have no idea what you are talking about, or are lying yourself. I recognize a few names of commenters here because I used to belong to the group. I chose to give Amanda the benefit of doubt though and got banned from the group. I sent Amanda my receipt from GoFund Me after she informed me that I never paid her and she still gave me excuses as to why she couldn’t send me my shirts. Thankfully GoFund Me refunded me my money.

      • Please know you got banned from the group for one reason & one reason only. You were in my group but also in Amanda’s secret “bash Ashley & Junior” group and I was tired of the back and forth so I removed all the members who decided to go into that group because I was tired of info being passed onto Amanda regarding business from my group. Don’t get me wrong, all my members are allowed to be in whatever group they want but not that group. That group was made specifically to bash me and as soon as I found out you were in it, I had to remove you because I didn’t want the back and forth drama. And we have since talked about this and you fully understood. I’m glad you got your money back but please don’t go around telling people they have no clue what they’re talking about when you’re the one who has no clue.

    • Never broke a law a day in her life David? Thays why she has a felony of child endangerment right ?

    • You don’t know her check her mug shots. She has a record.

  95. I ordered a shirt too – never received it just empty promises. She could have issued a refund or just delivered the t-shirts. I know some of the people that ordered wanted them for Christmas gifts and spent quite a bit. I thought it’s was strange to pay for them on a go fund me page. It’s sad to think people take advantage of our grief. I would have loved the t- shirt with my son’s name on it.

  96. Lowest of low. Just terrible.

  97. I had ordered 2 shirts. I did not pay for then in the beginning because I thought she was going to be overwhelmed with all the orders. Then I noticed so many people making comments about paying and not recieving. When I contacted her she told me “shes not a thief”.
    I can not believe that someone would take advantage of others that are at their most vulnerable time, loosing someone to suicide. Taking all that money and only a few recieving their shirts. I wonder if she has a problem sleeping at night??
    I hope that she is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  98. I was scammed! She’s a pathetic POS! She will get hers! I have proof should anyone need to see it!

  99. I paid for two shirts on dec 8, 2018. 45.00. Have received nothing but excuses from Amanda Nicole . Still have not received them. I really thought this was special.

  100. I ordered 2 shirts I live in Michigan never received them. Many reasons why out of town over thanksgiving, talked about her brothers suicide then back surgeries…always an excuse. Sad I wanted the shirt my son took his life in April 2018.

  101. I received my shirt she charged me 12 dollars for it plus tax it came the first week of December but it was mailed from a New Mexico address but why I’m writing is she never put my sons name on it and I asked her why she said the only ones that were being put on there was 2017 I told her my son did die from suicide in 2017 she told me oh and asked me his name I told her and she said she was gonna check then I didn’t hear from her until 3-4 days later about it she that she checked with the other person and they said if it’s not on there take it to a shop and have them print his name on there I never wrote her back but if that was the case she should of told me ahead of time I’m just mad cause my sons name was never put on there

  102. I didn’t order the shirt. Although the idea was nice, my bullsh*tometer went off right away. I wondered how someone working out of their kitchen could have the time and resources to keep up with the demand of personalizing a shirt for members of a group this size (especially the ones with our loved ones lost names on it. I mean, how?) It’s awful that someone would capitalize on our grief. Four years ago when my husband died, I might have fallen for it too. I’m so sorry this happened to you guys and I hope she gets what’s coming to her.

  103. I just want to be real here for a second. Im hearing a lot of people defending Amanda not just on this article but just social media in general and to be honest, if I was her friend, I would defend her too. But read the article. Amanda went to the media… we didn’t. Amanda literally threw herself under the bus because of how dumb she is. Normally with a case like this, the person accused would defend themselves but for some reason Amanda isn’t defending herself. That makes no sense to me. If I was Amanda & I was innocent, I would be doing whatever I could possibly do to prove that this is all a big mistake but it’s not. She can’t prove anything because she doesn’t have the proof. Yes she sent out some shirts to make it look legit.. cool. But where’s the rest of the shirts? And the money? There’s an easy fix to this. Either prove that this is wrong by providing the information necessary or refunding people’s money but that hasn’t happened either. So before anyone else wants to defend Amanda, remember she set this trap herself. I would be proving my innocence if I was her. I would be defending my name period. Steven wrote this article for a reason & he wouldn’t of written it unless he had every single duck in a row. Amanda, I know you’ll read this & I wish you would have accepted the help I offered you months ago but now, karma will do its thing and it’s not going to be pretty. Sincerely, someone who once trusted you.

  104. Just to add to my last comment, Amanda.. if you didn’t want this to go to media.. YOU shouldn’t of contacted media in the first place. All we did was answer the questions we were asked. YOU shouldn’t of went after people’s jobs, you shouldn’t of contacted Steven.. all you had to do was fulfill what you said you would. I’m sorry but to everyone who is saying this story is one sided… of course you’d think that by reading the article but please don’t forget to read the part about Steven trying to contact Amanda NUMEROUS times with no success. The only person Amanda can be mad at is herself not only for screwing many of my members/friends out of money… but also for contacting the media herself. Great job 👍🏻 Remember, FACTS are what matters here & we ALL have all the proof we need to prove you’re a fraud.

  105. Amanda went to the reporter before anyone of us did. We did not contact Steven first amanda did and bragged how she was going to ruin us and Steven was making a report about us. Steven contacted us to get our side of the story and that’s when he noticed the real truth. I get it the ones that protecting amanda it is your friend and you still believe her lies she quite the mentupulater she had me believing her for awhile. She is the one that refused all help when it was offered to her. She is the one that contacted my job several times trying to get me fired … hey amanda I know your reading this it didn’t work! It actually back fired on you. She has contacted multiple people jobs made multiple people lose there jobs all while she comfortably sets at home. She attempted to ruin multiple people lifes and even stated multiple times they don’t know who I am or who there messing with. Well we do know who you are and all your criminal record, but now you know who your messing with because this scam you pulled your not getting away with. I hope when you read this you know how many people life you destroyed by making them regret giving you loved ones names for a shirt. I hope you know how stupid youmade yourself look by calling the wrong place over 10 times to report their employee. I hope you know I still have a job and the others that you we t after there job and succeeded with will make sure to have your job if you have one. Also the other Facebook group you scammed you know the army wives one ? That will all come to play soon also soon we find out the real truth. Have a good day enjoy tour freedom before your in cuffs.

  106. We all belong to this beautiful group because we have ‘this one tragic thing in common. This one person (Amanda) has to come along and take advantage of that? NO. ITS WRONG !! So many peoples hard earned money, thinking they are buying someting very sentimental …. ugh. The nerve of her!!!!!!

  107. I feel sick to my stomach! In a group like ours where we are truly grieving such a terrible loss, you have the audacity to scam the members? That is just the lowest of lows a person could reach. Shame on you. Karma is a bitch!

  108. I am in group that Amanda took advantage of people at there lowest from, as if losing a loved one to suicide isn’t hard enough they have had to deal with some well there’s no words for what Amanda is.
    She appears so nice offering to support people emotionally then she’s doing this to other people. Ashley runs an amazing group and I hope the people affected get some juctice

  109. I don’t get how people can be so cruel. How can someone do this to another person who is in the grieving process?? It’s disgusting!! I am a fortunate one who didn’t fall into her lying deceitful hands. I just feel so bad for the ones who did 🙁 I hope she gets what she deserves

  110. Just glad I never sent the money to her for a shirt.

  111. This is sickening! Reading through this whole article seeing how many people was effected by this ladies scam and then to see people still sticking up for her is complete non sense! You have to be in this scam with her or your really dumb to still believe her after all the prove that is in front of your face. I’m not even on this group that this took place in, however I came across this post off Facebook from a friend. I have looked through all the screenshots of the conversations and man did they get ugly, but now reading through all the comments I understand why this people were so upset. This are grieving people how dare you take advantage of them? I am sure there is a printing company out there that will help get this people their shirts they order from this heartless witch.

  112. How sad is this bull scamming already hurt people how much lower can you get ?

  113. This is so wrong of her to say she’d do the shirts. I gave her my husband’s name. And was promised a shirt by donation. All the drama that it has caused in our group is ridiculous!
    We have already been through enough!
    Taking advantage of people when they are down, makes me sick. We are already going through enough and don’t need help to be going through more. Ya don’t hit people when there grieving! Not like this. People work hard for there money. And for her to take advantage of people makes me sick.
    What comes around goes around 10 times fold! All I can say is Amanda Will get what she deserves! Karma is not nice! Looks like its getting her. She started this mess and now……. it’s backfiring!
    Do unto others as you want done to you!
    Im sorry for all in our group who went through this.
    Heartless…. what a piece of work!

  114. This whole situation was stupid sad and sickening. Thank God for Ashley and J for fighting and assuring everyone get Justice in one way or another

  115. I had 2 sons listed for the shirt…kinda shi**y for someone to do something like this…she will suffer one day for everyone one of us that had names listed!😪💔

  116. I initially ordered a few shirts, short and long, as well as a hoodie. I sent amanda $90 through Facebook messenger. I told amanda I didn’t know all the correct sizes , but that I wanted to put money in so I would recieve shirts for myself, as well as my late spouses children. I totaled up what i ordered and sent her $90. I received only a partial order from amanda. She currently still owes me $49. I have requested the partial refund, however when I asked for it, I was called many HORRIFIC NAMES & WAS CALLED ALOT OF BAD THINGS! (This is not meant to be about that situation so no need to go further)
    Alot of drama ensued. However, Amanda ended up with “egg on her face”, as I have kept proof of everything ! In my case, I have proof of sending amanda payment, and I am simply asking for a partial refund because I’m honest. Amanda HANDED ME MY SHIRTS IN PERSON, which I could have denied as she had no proof to say otherwise. But I truly admit I did recieve 3 items I ordered. I DID NOT recieve $90 worth or even a total of my order. The remaining is for the shirts and items for my spouses children.
    I wish amanda would have simply done what she promised the members of this group and the people that paid for shirts should have been given them, or if this ended up too much, she should simply refund everyone that did not recieve a shirt.
    Her husband has stated the shirts will be sent. COME ON DANIEL! QUIT COVERING FOR AMANDA!
    SO, since this post has been published, and we all know amanda is aware of this post, this report of FACTS!,….
    My ONLY question is this,
    If amanda is such an “Honest , God fearing woman” , than tell me, WHERE ARE THE SHIRTS THAT PEOPLE GAVE (SOME PEOPLE GAVE WHAT THEY COULDNT AFFORD) , OR
    Amanda, you LIVE on your phone, so tell us that one?

  117. How can someone, anyone do this type of thing? To pray on the people of this group ( and possibly other groups) is horrific!
    It takes a true sociopath to do this!
    Amanda needs to refund people there money.
    And, what about me amanda? I also got scammed in your “Stand for suicide idea” ONLY in that I purchased you a plane ticket to help me hold a stand in florida for my late husband! I have texts where you asked me to, because you were having difficulty, and you started multiple times you would repay me for the plane ticket and you NEVER DID TO DATE! So Amanda, you got me for the shirts I did NOT receive, and you also got me for a plane ticket! I have proof of all these payments, as well as all the texts. I also have pictures! So Amanda, things can become very bad for you legally if you dont just do the right thing .
    Sadly, the fact is Amanda will do neither! If she had not been honest, or done the right thing yet… why would she now? Maybe when the clerk of courts forces you to, you may… but the question is, will it be to late? Will you be behind bars?
    Someone like you deserves time behind bars, and much more!
    May God have mercy on your soul for this!!!

  118. I was 10 years old. My father had just lost his unexpected two months long fight with what would have been a curable cancer, if caught sooner.. It had been two weeks to the day since I’d said goodbye to him in their bed across the hall.

    I was still sleeping in my brother’s room then. My mom had just gone back to sleeping in her bedroom where my father, her husband, had died.

    It was odd, waking up for no good reason that night. Oh, well. Back to sleep. Mom wouldn’t like me getting out of bed in the middle of the night, after all.

    What time was it now? Why have I woken up again? Hmmm. It’s still dark. No reason to venture out of the cozy, warm blankets.

    Now again?! Oh, wait! There’s sunlight streaming through the hall! Oh, no! It’s past sunrise! We must be late for school!!! Mom won’t be happy. I better go see what’s happening.

    Creeping quietly so as to not startle the light sleeper that my
    Mom is, I check the clock on her bathroom counter. It’s 0734! We should have left for school four minutes ago! Oh God! She’s going to be SO angry!

    “Mom?”, I whisper… silence. “Mom?” A little louder… silence. “MOM?!” Panic. Why is she not even stirring?!

    “Mom isn’t breathing!” I call and tell this to her closest friend, who tells me to call 911. I oblige, knowing it’s hopeless. How can this be happening?! This CAN’T be happening. No. No. No!!!

    She was gone, long before the sunlight bitterly kissed my cheeks and heaved me into a day I would rather forget but can’t.

    She took the cowards way out, according to the cliche. The truth? She had suffered too much for any one soul to bear. She couldn’t go on anymore. Not alone. And she was alone, as far as she could see. Didn’t she know? If she’d have asked, if she’d have said, if she’d have tried… it didn’t have to end this way!

    But we were orphaned. Alone. Her cold skin I still feel in my fingertips. The pain in her frozen face I still see in my nightmares. I still see it all, feel it all, hear all the silence every time the clock reads, “7:34.”

    It’s been over 23 years. I’ve suffered ten times over. But her choice haunts me. It’s shaped me. It’s changed me.

    What seems to be lost here is that there’s a word that encompasses what all started this: suicide. But the stories, the grief, the confusion, the agony, they’re all lost in this. It wasn’t about a t-shirt. I never ordered one. I never heard of the group or Amanda. But I’ve lived life after suicide. It’s its own unique hell. And she poured kerosine on that fire & warmed herself in the blaze of a raging inferno in which everyone else was left to burn inside.

    The shame of it. The horror. The inhumanity.

    May God have mercy on her and her victims, now twice over, at least.

    • Wow, I’m very sorry for your loss and appreciate the courage it took to share your story. And you’re exactly right.. it’s not about the shirts at all. It’s not even about the money. It’s about everything you explained in your last paragraph. I’m a firm believer in karma. Lots of hugs being sent your way!

      • That’s exactly why I posted it. Mine is a particularly ugly story to those unfamiliar with how ugly suicide is, because I was a child orphaned by it. Ironically, it happened to me twice, ten years apart. Two sets of parents- cancer took my dads & giving up took my moms. But I don’t blame them. I don’t seek to understand because I can’t know their private hell; the pain the suffered in silence before it became too much; the agony over the decision or if it even felt like a choice by then. I don’t know. But it’s really hideous for the ones left behind. I shared because I see that Amanda took all of the good in you all, all the work you especially do, everything positive you were trying to bring out of pure filthy shameful sad burdens, & she disgraced you & all of your loved ones.

        I, too, am quite sick & have been. That is no excuse for what she’s done. And my hope in my comment is that it validates you all in the struggle you’ve had personally made worse by her. You all deserve to be heard, have a right to grieve, to heal, without caustic influence like this. What she did is truly unspeakable. It was of course not about the money & that’s all I was hoping to remind readers to remember. It’s like people embezzling from hurricane victims charities. It’s unfathomable & unacceptable. She needs to publicly apologize, make some form of restitution volunteering to do some work within the healing community & paying back the money. I hope she reads this, feels shame & guilt but also feels compelled to stand up & be accountable & make amends. You need to heal now from this betrayal so you can continue your good & needed work in healing within a unique community of people that no one ever wanted to pledge like a sorority. It’s critical she doesn’t get to take this from any of you. My prayers, thoughts & heart go out to you all.

  119. I had to take some time for my heart to settle down and for my head to think clearly before submitting a comment on this thread. Like so many others I’ve been absolutely enraged by this story and my initial comments were….well, let’s just say I’m not sure they could be posted!

    I became a member of this Suicide Survivors group in March 2017, after my husband took his life, leaving my heart in pieces. For the last couple of years I’ve seen people come and people go. I’ve been part of heated debates, cried on people’s “shoulders”, gave advice and followed advice. As an active member I’ve seen my share of “things”. But I’ve never seen anything like this…..

    When I first saw Amanda’s post about the shirts I too thought it was a great idea, but as I followed the post I began to feel that the project was getting ginormous. I questioned whether the 1 or 2 people involved would be able to manage the volume of requests to include people’s loved ones on shirts, I wondered to myself whether there’d be enough space on the clothing ordered, and I concluded in my own mind that some people might end up being disappointed if their loved one’s name didn’t end up on these shirts. But I never imagined something like this….

    I submitted my loved one’s name to Amanda in the first few days of her post, but after thinking about it, I never ended up ordering a shirt. I don’t know what stopped me, but I am now thankful I didn’t. It’s bad enough that my late husband’s name is out there somewhere floating in limbo. It makes me sick that I even submitted it and now it’s become part of this scam.

    Many people think that the affected members should’ve known better than to order merchandise from someone they didn’t know. They may think that sending a stranger money over the internet is a big no-no, and that perhaps what’s happening is what happens when you blindly trust someone you’ve never met.. Those people have obviously never lost a loved one to suicide and they have never been part of a Suicide Survivors support group.

    The trust that develops between members in a group like this is instantaneous. As a survivor you believe (or assume) that the other members of the group are there for the same reason you are: to try and make sense of what happened, to share stories, to cry together, to ask questions, and to be “there” for others. The heartbreak that survivors experience is innately understood by others who’ve lost a loved one to suicide on a level that is difficult to describe. You become family in 5 minutes, “soul sisters”, best friends. So in that, all who ordered shirts did not even imagine the possibility that this was a scam. For all intents and purposes Amanda was our family. We had zero reason not to trust.

    That’s what makes this story so heartbreaking. It’s not about the money, or even the shirts. It’s about making a fake promise, it’s about giving people hope and taking it away again, it’s about gaining people’s trust and throwing it in the trash without even blinking an eye. It’s about hurting people in your own back yard. Stealing people’s hopes and dreams of an amazing tribute to their loved one. Unthinkable and despicable.

    Amanda – How dare you? How do you look at yourself in the mirror? How do you live every day with yourself knowing you’ve hurt so many people? For taking away people’s hope? Many of these shirts were intended as Christmas presents to mothers, fathers, children, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, babies, families of lost loved ones. You were one of us. One of the many who’s heart was broken by the suicide of a loved one. Or where you? Was your heartbreak even real, or were you laying the foundation to hurt us with your lies? Shame on you! I hope you are made to pay for all of this. I hope you’ll get to experience the full extent of whatever punishment fits your crime. Most of all, I hope you are made to apologize to all the people who trusted you and whose hearts you have made to bleed by your actions.

    Ashley – I know how much this hurt you. I know how angry you are and I know how close you’ve come to completely losing your faith in people. I know that on some deep level you feel responsible for this craziness, for allowing people like her in the group. For welcoming her, supporting her, crying with her, and for opening up your heart. DON’T! None of what’s happening is your fault. How could you have known? Please shake it off and keep going. Please keep trusting. Please don’t give up on the rest of us. The group you created saved not only my sanity but ultimately my life. When Roger first passed I was a mess. I could not even fathom how to continue existing in a world where he no longer did. It was you and the group members that helped me out of my despair. Helped me move on past that first year and to find joy in this life again. You’ve given me the strength to honour his memory, to pay tribute to his life and to continue his work. I know what’s happening is disgusting, but please don’t ever lose sight of all the goodness you give this world each and every day.

    • Olivia….you said pretty much what I wanted to say. My daughter’s name is on that shirt but I got bad vibes and did not order. Having worked as a Parole officer and Police officer for over 25 years, I have seen compulsive liars and there is no getting thru to them. The lies stack up one after another after another…..Ashley, you have a heart of gold and trusted in the wrong person…Dig in and trust the system here in Texas to do the right thing……For the rest of us, we will get thru this, hold our heads up high and continue to support each other.

  120. Why is this person not protecting themselves if they are as innocent as people are saying? I am not involved with the shirts I’m a friend of a friend that is involved in this story and was asked to read and give my full opinion. My full opinion on this case is without the other party defending herself she looks guilty of stealing all of this people money. It is pretty hard to believe so many people would lie about not getting a shirt just to make someone looks bad, so i do believe there is truth in it.



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