Surfer Boy Pizza
Surfer Boy Pizza

Stranger Things Surfer Boy Pizza bake and review

Stranger Things season 4 introduced some new characters. One of the more memorable is the stoner pizza delivery guy, Argyle. He works at Surfer Boy Pizza and recommends the jalapeno and pineapple pizza. His mantra is “Try before you deny”. Netflix teamed up with Walmart to create these frozen pizzas inspired by the Surfer Boy Pizza place in the series. Stranger Things fans and adventurous foodies have four options to choose from: Pepperoni, Supreme, Meat Lovers, or Pineapple Jalapeño. Each pie comes in a red-and-white branded box that looks identical to the delivery boxes you see on screen.

Product details

Surfer Boy Pizza by Palermo Villa Company

Enjoy your very own Surfer Boy Pizza pie from the new season of Netflix’s Stranger Things!

Go on a totally rad flavor adventure that will make it feel like your slices were delivered hot to your door!

Each mouth-watering variety contains rich tomato sauce, delicious mozzarella cheese, and a gnarly range of toppings. The thick crust is crispy on the outside and airy on the inside – you’ll think it was hand-tossed by the Surfer Boy Pizza dudes themselves.

Throw a pie in the oven and buckle up your taste buds, brochachos!

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