Streetcar Project Celebrates National Engineers Week, National Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

As part of National Engineers Week, the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority is celebrating the men and women who designed, engineered and are overseeing construction of the El Paso Streetcar Project.

“The engineers involved at all phases of this project have the immense responsibility of turning our community’s vision into a working streetcar system,” said Raymond Telles, Executive Director of the CRRMA which is managing the project’s construction. “Their technical expertise will allow us to construct an incredibly complex project which will positively impact our community for decades to come.”

At this time, at least 14 engineers are working on the El Paso Streetcar project.

Entering its 65th year, National Engineers Week is a nationwide initiative that celebrates the many ways engineers make a difference in our daily lives. It will be observed February 21-27, 2016. The weeklong event also encourages increased diversity in the workforce by bringing engineering to life for students, educators and parents.

The National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) is also seeking to grow the number of women in engineering fields.Thursday of National Engineers Week is set aside as National Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day.

“Engineering is about finding creative solutions to the important problems of our time, so we need as many thinkers from as many diverse backgrounds as possible to ensure we’re able to meet increasingly complex technical challenges,” said Stephanie Maltby, an engineer for AECOM, the firm which designed and is helping oversee construction of the El Paso Streetcar project. “Too often, girls and young women aren’t encouraged to pursue math and science, which ultimately means their voices aren’t part of the conversation. A career in engineering affords one the opportunity to see their ideas become reality and to see their projects helping people.”

Maltby, whose previous experience includes 30 years working in private consulting and government, said an engineering degree opens doors beyond technical expertise and project management.

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