Students awarded scholarships from EPCC’s Association of Women in Community Colleges

Tuesday morning, the Association of Women in the Community College (AWCC) announced the recipients of their annual scholarship awards for 2020. 

“AWCC provides scholarships to outstanding students who demonstrate a commitment to their academics, professional goals, and community,” Margie Nelson Rodriguez, EPCC English Professor and AWCC Board Chair of Scholarships, said. “We work hard to fundraise and support these deserving students, and our work is well worth it.”

The AWCC is made up of women and men who come together to network, to share their talents with others in our community, and to help El Paso Community College (EPCC) students pursue their education.

The association offers book club discussions, fundraisers, and community service projects. Membership dues, along with fundraising, are used to provide scholarships to female EPCC students every year.

Since 2002, the Association of Women in the Community College (AWCC) has awarded more than $50,000 in scholarships.

Each of the EPCC students listed below will receive and the City’s Star on the Mountain will be lit in honor of these students on July 1, 2020.

2020 AWCC Scholarship Recipients:

Iris Anguiano

Iris is committed to sharing her personal tragedy, a miscarriage, and converting that tragedy to empowerment as a medical assistant. She wants to dismantle the stigma and silence associated with this common experience, instead comfort, and counsel patients.

Many women feel diminished after a miscarriage, and Iris wants to help them rebuild their confidence and courage.

Salma Duarte

As a music major and drummer, Salma is dedicated to music, academics, and helping her community. She sees the connection between her passions and always strives for excellence.

Salma works very hard and does not let anything stand in getting things done, such as studying late and working on essays on her phone when she does not have access to a computer. She is committed to breaking down stereotypes about female musicians and serving as a role model to her younger sister and other young girls.

Berenice Flores

As a civil engineering major, Berenice is highly motivated to use her education and talents to change the world for the better, especially to help improve environmental sustainability.

With resources getting scarcer and natural disasters more common, she is inspired to literally rebuild the world, through science, research, and human solidarity. She firmly believes that women should unite to tackle these large issues and improve the world together.

Brenda Herrera

Brenda attended the EPCC Massage Therapy program and is now a licensed massage therapist. She loves her work as a massage therapist and how it helps people physically and emotionally.

Through this work, she has also become a passionate advocate against human trafficking. She has empowered herself to speak up for these vulnerable populations. Brenda even donates a percentage of her tips to the Polaris Stop Human Trafficking Foundation. She knows that education is power, and the more educated she becomes, the more she can assist others; therefore, she is now pursuing a bachelor’s degree in public relations.

Gloria Sepulveda

Gloria, a talented and multifaceted student, volunteers at several local organizations, including Teen Survivors, which is dedicated to helping youth. She wants to break down barriers and stereotypes of women in male-dominated careers, including her future profession: chemical engineering.

She is passionate about women being as prepared as men in mathematics and technology to reduce gender disparities and empower women to be successful and independent.