• December 3, 2020
 Sun Bowl Association announces winners from Punt, Pass & Kick competition

Sun Bowl Association announces winners from Punt, Pass & Kick competition

The Sun Bowl Association has verified the results and winners for the Price’s Creameries Sun Bowl Punt, Pass & Kick presented by the City of El Paso Parks that was conducted on Tuesday, Oct. 20 at Sun Bowl Stadium.

The winner in each age division has a chance to participate in the “team competition” that will be held at halftime of the New York Jets versus Dallas Cowboys game on December 19 in AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

NFL PP&K, the oldest grassroots initiative at the NFL, continues to reach children ages 6-15 and allows them to experience the fun of learning football fundamentals in an engaging and supportive non-contact environment.

The winners are listed below and separated by age group.


Ages 6/7 – Isaiah Valle (punt: 30-11; pass: 36’; kick: 41’2; Total: 107’6)

Ages 8/9 – Damien Rodriguez (punt: 56’7, pass: 71’2; kick: 66’6; Total: 194’3)

Ages 10/11 – Diego Aguilera (punt: 78’9; pass: 66’10; kick: 100’4; Total: 242’11)

Ages 12/13 – Michael Nowell (punt: 79’8; pass: 122’10; kick: 49’11; Total: 252’5)

Ages 14/15 – Shaun Jones (punt: 38’3; pass: 113’7; kick: 78’5; Total: 230’3)



Ages 6/7 – Victoria Jones (punt: 13’2; pass: 19’; kick: 10’4; Total: 42’6)

Ages 8/9 – Ava Labrado (punt: 42’3; pass: 37’6; kick: 42’; Total: 121’11)

Ages 10/11 – Jewel Vielma (punt: 57’9; pass: 61’10; kick: 42’; Total: 160’5)

Ages 12/13 – Karina Ortega (punt: 104’; pass: 66’2; kick: 82’6; Total: 252’8)

Ages 14/15 – Beth Bauntler (punt: 79’8; pass: 78’; kick: 126’; Total: 283’)



Boys 6/7PuntPassKickTotal
Emiliaro Murga8′18’62′28’6
Javier Hernandez6’828′11′45’8
Alan Rivera27’821’67’757’1
Carlos Rojas III044’227’271’4
Gael Soto18′39’326’883’11
Isaiah Valle30’1136′41’2107’6
Boys 8/9
Andres S. Rios2’929’311’1043’10
Nathan C. Barrientos038’719’1158’6
Alan Lara8’723′28’259’9
Jedrick Alferez14’749’7064’2
Nathan A. Trevino36’413’325’575’0
Caleb Lendley39’730’810’280’5
Russel D. Pope17’955’1013’787’2
Adriel Cruz38’535’115’588’11
Tenron McGrew16’146′54’5116’6
Pablo Chavez31’531’655′117’11
Noah A. Vitela15’1040’963’3119’`0
Nathaniel Delgado30’432’661’6124’4
Donte Reedy60’1032’541’8134’11
Bradan Ferrar61’554’825’4141’5
Angelo Vega42’449’1151’2143’5
Jayden Nunez42’1052’552’2147’5
Daniel Morales37’1056’364’6158’7
Aydan Rodriguez63′45’255’3163’5
Antonio Rentana60′53’1150’6164’5
Victor Valle65’860′65’11191’7
Damien Rodriguez56’771’266’6194’3
Boys 10/11
DaShaun Ferguson25′57’810′92’8
Jiovanni Arriola43’949’102’995’9
Jayden Jimerson46’1048’421’10117′
Matthew B. Pope51′68’924’5144’2
Isaiah Ochoa56′43’348’1147’4
Bryan Delgado70′56’422’1148’5
Dominic Ozaeta48’858′45’8152’4
Caleb G. Herrera44’647’660’4152’4
Damian Diaz53’977’821’8152’8
Hugo Rivera48’1054’851’5154’11
Xavier Leon37′70’552’6159’11
Gabriel Carlos55’274’252’11182’3
Kevin Martinez47’162’774’2183’10
Isaac Ortega74’366’050’4190’7
Isaiah Coronado69’866’1056’10193’4
Carlos Sanchez78’557’458’7194’4
Brayden Goeldner87’347’859’7194’6
Sam Lopez Jr.63’172’965’5201’3
Sebastian Ortega56’1079’796’9233’2
Diego Aguilera78’966’10100’4242’11
Boys 12/13
Christopher Villalobos27’463’631′121’10
Marc Johnson43’564′47’11155’4
Luis Favela42’668′49’3159’9
Ruben Martinez36’594’151’3181’9
Rene Almager64’766’664’4195’5
Daniel George Munez87’183’647’11218’6
Adrian Sanchez53’395’380’11226’5
Michael Nowell79’8122’1049’11252’5
Boys 14/15
Shaun Jones38’3113’778’5230’3
Girls 6/7
Aubrey Rodarte012’75’317’10
Vianney Rodriguez5′4’87’1117’7
Leilani Cabral10′12’65′27’6
Estrella Reta011’817’629’2
Brianna Rodriguez22’111’24’537’8
Victoria Jones13’219′10’442’6
Girls 8/9
Madelin Ozaeta7’516’33’627’2
Viviana Murga018’616′34’6
Damara Guilford041’52’844’1
Makayla Nonell17’423’114’445’7
Hanna Delgado022’825’648’2
Charlyene Mina Rojas5’540’88’254’3
Kimberly Rodriguez024’942’667’3
Anais Ferris034′40’374’3
Alejandra Salazar19′32’723’174’8
Isabella Rosales14′32’135’381’4
Kayden Anderson31’426’936’294’3
Sophia Guitierrez35’536’529’10101’8
Ava Labrado42’337’642′121’9
Girls 10/11
Ashley White9’718’79′37’2
Andrea Murga13’1036’535’285’5
Alyssa McBain30’441’615’1186’9
Aries Mendez053’635’789’1
Alyssa M. Pena29’441’629’7100’5
Victoria Perez49’549’1136’10136’2
Aryanna Malfavan59’442’257’8159’2
Jewels Vielma57’961’1042′161’7
Girls 12/13
Madison Spencer57′63′20’10140’10
Kiana Melendrez34’863′64’10162’6
Karina Ortega104′66’282’6252’8
Girls 14/15
Beth Bauntler79’878′126′283’0



  • All participants must begin competition at the school level or officially sanctioned local community competition.
  • The top finisher in each of the boys’ and girls’ divisions from the five age brackets of each Local Competition will advance to the Sectional Round. The top finisher is the participant who has the highest final score for that round. Contestants who qualify for the Sectionals must compete at the location to which they are assigned. Each school or Local is notified of the location of the Sectional prior to the competition.
  • At the Sectionals, each competitor will begin anew with a score of zero. Only the top four first-place finishers in each age bracket from the boys’ and girls’ divisions from the pool of Sectional Competition champions will advance to the Team Championship. At all levels of competition, only first-place winners will be considered for advancement to the next level.
  • At the Team Championships, each of the 40 competitors begins a new with a score of zero. The top finisher within each age bracket at this level is declared that NFL team’s NFL PUNT, PASS & KICK Team Champion. The top finisher is the participant who has achieved the highest final score for that round.
  • Only the four first-place Team Champions from each of the boys’ and girls’ divisions of all NFL Team Champions are eligible for advancement to the National Finals. Their scores must be in the top four nationally in their respective age groups to qualify.
  • National Finalists are notified at the conclusion of all Team Championships at the end of December.
  • At the National Finals, each competitor begins anew with a score of zero. The top finisher within each age bracket at this level is named the NFL PUNT, PASS & KICK National Champion. The top finisher is the participant who has achieved the highest final score.


For questions or concerns on results and advancement call the El Paso Parks and Recreation Department at 915-351-1320.

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