• May 25, 2022
 Sun Bowl Reseating Soon to be Underway for 2019 UTEP Football Season

Sun Bowl Reseating Soon to be Underway for 2019 UTEP Football Season

With construction slated to commence on the Sun Bowl Stadium project, the reseating process has begun for the 2019 UTEP Football season.

The Sun Bowl Stadium project is scheduled for completion in 2020 and will feature the addition of the GECU Terrace as well as a new Sky Lounge and various premium seating options.

The renovation of the Sun Bowl and subsequent removal of approximately 5,000 seats made a reseating of the stadium imperative.

The Miner Priority Points system was developed to provide a fair and equitable process to assist in the selection of seats.  The Miner Priority Points system tracks history of season ticket purchases, financial support to UTEP Athletics and other UTEP affinity metrics.

For complete details on Miner Priority Points, please visit www.minerathleticclub.com.

Current UTEP Football Season Ticket Holders received notification of their preliminary Miner Priority Points total late last year.

The same fans will receive an updated Miner Priority Points total (as of March 1) by the end of April.  They will also receive notification of their assigned appointment date and time during which they may select their seats for the 2019 football season.

These appointment times will begin on Friday, May 3.  Fans will be able to select their seats online through their Ticketmaster account, in-person at the Season Ticket Office (Brumbelow Building, 201 Glory Road) or over the phone by calling (915) 747-6150.

Parking will be assigned for 2019 as normal.

Season Ticket Holders who have questions about the reseating process can contact the Season Ticket Office at (915) 747-6150, or via email (seasontickets@utep.edu).

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  • It’s still the same looking Sun Bowl stadium but with less seating,and special seating for the elite and the super drunks. Press Box is still the same Elbo room only.
    I’m sure glad we no longer attend any UTEP games. UTEP’S glory days are over and are never coming back!
    So what did Diana Natalicio do with the over $200 million collected during her fund raising for UTEP?

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