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Sun Metro Staff, Local Agencies to Conduct Emergency Response Exercise on Streetcar

Early Sunday morning, Sun Metro Streetcar Staff, along with City of El Paso first responders, will conduct an El Paso Streetcar Emergency Drill on Franklin Avenue between Oregon Street and Mesa Street to prepare for real-world streetcar operations.

“These drills are important as the streetcar is completely new to the Police and Fire Department, as well as the City of El Paso, and present unique challenges,” says Sun Metro Assistant Director of Streetcar Operations Carl Jackson.

Officials add that the purpose of the exercise is to test operational coordination and preparedness of El Paso Streetcar and first responder personnel in the event of an incident involving a streetcar.

“The exercise will simulate a streetcar accident caused by a collision between an El Paso Streetcar vehicle with passengers and an automobile. Sun Metro Streetcar personnel along with the El Paso Police Department and El Paso Fire Department and EMS will coordinate and practice their evacuation and emergency protocols for dealing with such incident.”

During the drill, there will be significant emergency personnel on-site on Franklin Avenue and residents are advised that this is only a drill and to use caution when traveling along the area of the drill.

This is the first full-scale field exercise for El Paso Streetcar. A minimum of two drills are required annually by the Federal Transit Administration.

The exercise will take place between 6:30 a.m. and 8:45 a.m.