Photo courtesy City of El Paso/Sun Metro

Sun Metro to Host Community Meetings on Streetcar Safety

Starting next week, Sun Metro has scheduled three community meetings to raise awareness about Streetcar Safety.

The El Paso Streetcar project is in its testing and training phase. To ensure the system can operate safely for the public, Sun Metro encourages the public to obey traffic laws and cross safely at designated locations when driving, cycling or walking near the 4.8 mile streetcar route.

The route runs in two loops known as Downtown and Uptown. The Downtown Loop includes Santa Fe Street, Franklin Avenue, Kansas Street and Father Rahm Avenue. The Uptown Loop includes Franklin Avenue, Stanton Street, Glory Road, Baltimore Drive and Oregon Street.

Sun Metro officials share the following tips to remember when approaching a Streetcar:


  • Look both ways and listen for the streetcar before you step into the crosswalk. Streetcars run on electricity and are extremely quiet when approaching a station.
  • Remove headphones or reduce volume so you can hear streetcar warning bells and horns. Streetcars will provide warning sounds before coming to a stop.
  • There are new signals all along the streetcar route. Cross only at a crosswalk when the walk signal is on.
  • Never try to beat a moving streetcar by walking or running in front of it while it’s in motion. Streetcars cannot make sudden stops. Never try to beat a moving streetcar by walking or running in front of it while it’s in motion. Streetcars cannot make sudden stops.


  • Pass the streetcar with caution. Never block the tracks while parking or changing lanes.
  • Never cut in front of a moving streetcar. Do not attempt a right-hand turn in front of a streetcar. Get behind the streetcar to make any right-hand turns.
  • Park only at designated spaces along the streetcar route. Never block the tracks. Cars will be towed.
  • Pay attention to new signs, striping & signals all along the streetcar route.


  • Avoid riding near streetcar tracks when possible. Track grooves are slightly wider than the typical bike tire, so it’s easy for tires to become caught between the rails. Always cross rails at a 90 degree angle.
  • Tracks can be slippery, especially when wet. Try to avoid any wet areas along the route when crossing the tracks.
  • Stanton Street (btwn Baltimore & Rio Grande) is now a 2-way bikeway. All cyclist can ride north and south on the same side of the street.
  • Never grab the back of a streetcar to be pulled along on your bike.

The meetings will take place:

Tuesday, August 21 6:00 p.m. La Fe Culture and Technology Center – rear building
(721 S Ochoa Street)
Wednesday, August 22 5:30 p.m. El Paso Main Library
(501 N Oregon Street)
Thursday, August 23 6:00 p.m. Cathedral High School Auditorium
(1309 N Stanton Street)

For more information and videos about El Paso Streetcar safety, visit the website, call (915) 212-3333, like the Facebook page or follow Sun Metro on Twitter @SunMetro.