• December 7, 2021
 A ‘Sunny’ Future: Sun Bowl Interns Gain Valuable Experience

A ‘Sunny’ Future: Sun Bowl Interns Gain Valuable Experience

Pre-employment experience is a must for those wishing to get hired in today’s business environment and the Sun Bowl Association allows college students the opportunity to gain experience through internships each semester.

Sun Bowl Media Relations Director Eddie Morelos accepts applications and interviews many students from UTEP and New Mexico State each semester to assist with all events the Sun Bowl Association puts on.

The SBA interns begin their morning with warm hellos and hot cups of coffee to get their day started.  Media Relations Assistant Ty Stevers, of Las Cruces, New Mexico begins his days bright and early.

“I try to get here by 8 a.m. to get a head start on the day,” Stevers said.

A morning for the interns consists of planning Social Media posts, as well as tasks for upcoming days and events. The interns plan and organize these posts by including trending content such as hashtags, challenges, fun facts, and honoring national holidays.

Media Relations Intern Angela Meyer, who travels to El Paso from Las Cruces three times a week, assists with Social Media planning and has learned how to execute the plans that are created.

“Every day we plan posts and create graphics that use a certain trend while coming up with ways to relate it back to the Sun bowl,” Meyer said.

The interns are expected help with the promotion of all Sun Bowl events in hopes of attracting more people to the Borderland.

Since August, interns have expanded their knowledge in graphic design, although most of them already have previous experience with this. Each intern practices the art of graphic design using different applications such as InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

“Using InDesign and Illustrator was a bit of a struggle at first, but coming in we all knew a few tricks,” Stevers said.  “We have been able to teach each other what we already knew and that has been helpful for all of us.”

Whether it’s graphic design, writing, or general office skills everything learned at the Sun Bowl is not only beneficial to the association, but is useful for any future opportunities that might come up for the interns.

UTEP student Elenie Gonzalez, who previously worked for the El Paso Chihuahuas, has grown immensely in many different areas of public relations.

“I have never done Social Media work like this before and it’s so much fun,” said Gonzalez. “Plus, I learn something new every day!”

Social Media posts show support and gratitude towards title sponsors, while simultaneously keeping fans up-to-date with news from the ACC and Pac-12. Weekly posts consist of ACC and Pac-12 football game schedules, Hyundai Sun Bowl game predictions, promotion of ticket sales and much more.

As time grows near for major Sun Bowl events, proofreading manuals and publications ignites a sense of reality for the interns. Tasks assigned to them vary; they take photographs, gather information, roll posters, create graphics and have even been involved in a door decorating contest.

“At the beginning of the internship I spent my days calling local businesses making sales for the association,” said Marketing Assistant Andres Torres. “Now, I bounce between marketing and graphic design. Every day is different.”

Every task given to the interns have one thing in mind; promoting the events.

“The interns that come on board with the Sun Bowl Association bring a new sense of excitement and fresh ideas,” said Morelos.  “It is challenging to get everything done without these interns.”

Due to varied schedules, interns are not able to meet with each other every day throughout the week but do manage to meet every Friday. The interns gather for a lunch break and discuss what is working and what is not.

Friday’s are the most productive days because there is a never-ending flow of new and interesting ideas for the organization to use.

“I enjoy the fact that we can see firsthand what goes behind a college bowl like the Sun Bowl,” said Meyer.

The Sun Bowl Association is currently carrying five interns on staff during the fall of 2017. The association employ’s only seven full-time staff members and depends on the use of dedicated volunteers to make every event a success in the El Paso community. Despite the fact that the most events are during the fall the Sun Bowl Association is in need of interns year-round.


If anyone is interested in becoming an intern for the Sun Bowl Association, they can contact Media Relations Director Eddie Morelos at emorelos@sunbowl.org

Author: Catherine Ramirez, for the Sun Bowl Association            

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