• December 2, 2021
 Super Power Beat Down review

Super Power Beat Down review

Jack and Troy review the awesome web site, Super Power Beat Down.

Machinima and Bat in the Sun’s web series “Super Power Beat Down” takes two super-powered legends and makes them battle! Experts Marisha Ray, Jennifer Wegner, Damian Beurer and Andy Liegl battle with their sci-fi/fantasy knowledge and comic wit to determine who they think the winner will be – but of course, the fans have the final say!

The concept of the web series is to take two super powered legends and make them battle. Each new episode viewers will be able to vote to determine the winner.

The show is hosted by Marisha Ray, with two debaters Damian Beurer and Andy Liegl. Together they battle with their sci-fi/fantasy knowledge and comic wit to see who they think the winner will be. In addition, experts from specific fields will guest star and contribute valuable information.

This is one of those fan films/series done right. Basically the web series is sort of like “MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch”. Except instead of celebs it’s Super Heroes and Villains.

Personally I think this is an awesome concept for a web series due to the fact the possibilities are just endless because you can practically pit anyone against anyone without any restrictions.

The fights are never one sided they actually do feel as thought it could be anyone’s game. When it comes to the opponents being superheroes and villains anything is possible.

Though on a side note most of the fights have an alternate ending so anyone betting on a favorite character to win won’t be disappointed. Their also pretty violent as we see some blood effects in places and how each fight ends in death.

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