Supreme and UTEP Career Closet team up to help students dress for success

Dressing for success plays a key role in landing your dream job or internship. First impressions start with professional attire and can add a boost of confidence for students entering the job market.

Supreme Laundry Cleaners and the UTEP Career Center have come together to support all students, no matter their background, to have access to nice, professional clothes for any career opportunity by using the UTEP Career Closet.

The UTEP Career Closet provides professional clothing to students for interviews, networking events and other occasions where it is important to make a positive first impression. The clothing is provided at no cost.

Clothing available to students includes suits, blazers, skirts, button-down shirts and more.

Students can check out the clothing items for up to seven days. There is no limit to the number of times you can check-out items per fall or spring semesters.

Before returning the items, the student must have the clothing dry cleaned.

Supreme Laundry Cleaners is offering students who take advantage of the UTEP Career Closet free dry-cleaning service at its Kern Place Supreme location, 2715 N Stanton St., near UTEP.

“We are extremely excited to partner with UTEP Career Closet to play a role in helping UTEP students reach their career goals and impact our community,” said Brett Goldberg, Vice President of Supreme Laundry and Cleaners. “Our partnership aims to make this important career step less stressful for the students and help them land their dream job or internship.”

Preparing for a job or internship interview can be nerve-wracking for students, so finding the right professional outfit should be made as easy as possible.

Supreme Laundry Cleaners is proud to join with UTEP Career Closet to help alleviate the worry of finding professional clothing for students on a budget.

“The collaboration with Supreme Laundry & Cleaners allows our students to utilize professional clothing items completely free of charge. They are able to borrow items from our Career Closet for free and now no longer have to pay for dry cleaning,” said Craig Thompson, UTEP Career Center’s Associate Director. “This partnership with Supreme will help our students immensely grow in their future careers by making a strong first impression.”

This key partnership between Supreme and UTEP Career Closet will help dozens of students, including those with low income, land that perfect job or internship.


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