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Friday , November 22 2019
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El Paso Locomotive FC unveils fourth Special Edition Jersey: “Noche de Locos”

El Paso Locomotive FC unveils their fourth jersey which they will wear on Noche de Locos, September 4th and on September 21st.

The jersey pays homage to the colorful culture of our border city, taking design inspiration from Mexican folk art and capturing the Borderland’s essence.

“The inspiration for designing this jersey came from combining the traditional Mexican sugar skulls and the vibrant colors found in all corners of Mexico. Calaveritas, or sugar skulls, represent the Mexican folk art and symbolize honor for the spirits of our ancestors – which for Mexicans is a very unique and rich tradition,” commented Locomotive’s graphic designer and native of Juarez, Itzel Zambrano, who designed the jersey.

The colors of the Mexican flag adorn the collar and the “Locos” alternate logo sits inside the neckline. As your eyes move down the jersey, contrasting bright lines against a dark blue field makes the imagery pop off the fabric. This is truly a one of a kind design found nowhere else in the league.

El Paso Locomotive and BLK have never been ones to shy away from being bold when it comes to design, and this jersey is a testament to that. “The process was digging into my culture to accurately represent to the members of BLK how we celebrate the Mexican culture in our border city,” continued Zambrano. “Together, we were able to make this jersey a success. Design is about connection. The input I was able to provide translated to a more authentic design that helps our fans connect and feel the Mexican culture.”

Noche de Locos will run in tandem with Hispanic Heritage month which begins September 15th and Día de la Independencia on September 16th. The September 4th match will feature Folklorico dancers and the first 1,000 fans through the door will get a “Noche de Locos” scarf.

A special limited run of these jerseys will be available for purchase in the Locomotive Team Shop starting at 10 a.m.

Fans will also be able to get their hands on the actual game jersey’s worn by Loco players by way of an auction whose funds will benefit the El Paso Locomotive FC Foundation. More details on the auction to come.

El Paso Locomotive FC plays their next match at home on Wednesday, September 4th against Tulsa Roughnecks. Season Ticket Memberships, Group Tickets, and Individual Match Tickets can be purchased online or by calling 915-235-GOAL.

Video+Audio+Gallery: 8th Notch fueling fun, energy at Locomotive FC matches

I’m an odd duck; my favorite sports are football – well, soccer in this case – and cricket. Ever since I was a kid, I was stuck on Pele and (find a cricket player from the early 80s). In junior high, during PE and major sports, my favorite thing was soccer.

So, when I was tasked to shot my first Locomotive game, I was excited. I also must admit, I watched more of the game than I should have. Should have been shooting more photos.

Before the game started, I heard these drums and saw these people marching between the field and the Scottish Rite Temple. They were waving flags, cheering, and having a blast. At first, I thought it was a promotional thing the Locomotive was doing, something to get the fans riled up and excited for the game.

It turns out; it was more than that.

This group of people marched right into Southwest University Stadium and even had their place set aside for them. I had to know just who these people were, what they were doing, and why they reminded me of soccer fans at every MLS game I’ve ever attended or shot.

Who are they? They call themselves the 8th Notch.

Before yesterdays game against LA Galaxy, I met with Louis Cepeda, the president of the 8th Notch, the official fan club of the El Paso Locomotive FC.

I had to ask him not just who they are, beyond their name, and why they are.

“We’re just a group of soccer fans that got together and wanted to support the team. We do whatever we can to push them on and let them know where we’re behind him,” says Luis Cepeda.

The 8th Notch began as two separate groups, before merging into one super group.

“When the team was announced way back last March, there were two groups that popped up,” says Luis. “One was Six Shooters; the other was Bridgetown Brigade. Bridgetown Brigade, they’ve known each other for a long time. Six shooters were the group that I was involved with, right. We were just trying to do our own thing. As time went on, we discuss things and we just kind of just figured it was better for us to all come together and have one voice.”

But the name, how did they get the name. It seems a non sequitur. Even after Googling the name, I still had no idea.

“Well,” began Louis “it’s the highest setting in a locomotive. So, it means full throttle, the highest acceleration in a locomotive. Pretty much full throttle on a locomotive.”

All they did was switch it from Notch 8 to 8th Notch.  

I was invited to watch the game with them, march with them, experience the game with them. Let me tell you; it took the Locomotives game to a whole new level!

Marching from Whiskey Blonde to the stadium was electric. Each member of the 8th Notch was alive with excitement. As we drew closer to the Santa Fe gate, they grew more intense.

The crowds that were queued up to get into the stadium were feeding off their energy. Everyone grew more excited as the 8th Notch continued their chant. It was intense. It was also a precursor to what sitting with them and watching the game was going to be like.

As the members of the 8th notch found their seats, they were ready for the game to begin. They were excited and wanted to share that excitement with everyone there.

Their cheers, their power was not only palpable, but contagious.

It took me back to the Penn-Jersey Spirit game in Ewing, New Jersey, one of the first games I ever shot from both the field and the stadium.

Even before the game began, 8th Notch was powered up! The drums, the chants, the non-stop cheering and beer showers when the team scored.

It was amazing, and I wish I had a 1/10th of the energy these guys had. If you’ve never experienced a game with a group of fans that are running full throttle, then you need to get on out there and join them!

They meet at Whiskey Blond, located at Speaker 1: (508 West San Antonio Avenue) open Wednesday through Sunday 2:00 PM to 2:00 AM.

Jacob Perez is one of the owners, and he and his team are great, I felt at home, and I don’t visit bars at all. This one, I’ll hit up again.

Throughout the game the 8th Notch cheered the Locomotives on and worked their best to take away any game spirit the LA Galaxy may have had. It was great!

In the end, the Locomotive took the game 3 to 0 (With for me was bittersweet. I’m an El Paso boy by I was rooting for the Galaxy).

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