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Wednesday , August 21 2019
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Americas Librarian Experiences Unique Training at Yellowstone National Park

Americas High School lead librarian Neysa Hardin experienced a different kind of professional development this summer. It was surrounded by lush forests and gushing geysers at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

Hardin was one of 12 teachers selected nationwide from 250 applicants for the national park’s annual weeklong STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) Teacher Workshop.

“I feel so renewed and refreshed,” Hardin said. “It’s as if I am a first-year teacher again. You know that energized feeling you had in the beginning? After 20 years in this profession, it is a good feeling to have.”

The Trailblazer educator spent nearly five days learning how to integrate science into art and humanities and vice versa.

“I’ve always been interested in and loved life sciences, but I didn’t study it,” Hardin said. “The workshop gave me a chance to delve in to it.”

Marcy Sparks, Socorro ISD’s coordinator of library services, was excited Hardin had a chance to experience this type of training, she said. It opens the door for other SISD educators. In addition, Hardin plans to share what she learned with her colleagues.

“When Team SISD educators seek opportunities to grow as lifelong learners, especially with unique opportunities like the Yellowstone National Park workshop, they model the very best of our expectations for our students,” Sparks said. “It’s great that she got a chance to attend. I believe Ms. Hardin has a real passion for the importance of preserving our state and national parks as places where learners of all ages can discover the past and appreciate our natural landscape.”

Hardin’s week was intense with little time for sightseeing, she said. The educators woke up early, sometimes at 5 a.m., and went to bed after 10 p.m. They participated in wild life observation, took samplings of the hot springs to uncover the microbes that live there and learned about the Native American culture and its impact on Yellowstone. The group attended nightly lectures from recognized university professors that discussed issues related to the national park.

“For each activity, we learned how art and humanities can intertwine with biology, botany and anthropology,” Hardin said. “During our studio time, they would teach us different art and how to incorporate it into science classes. Now, I hope to teach what I learned to our students at Americas.”

She has several ideas planned for students. She wants to take them to visit the various parks along the southern part of Rio Grande. The hope is to stop at La Llorona and Leasburg Dam parks and the border near Anthony and Canutillo. Students will study the agricultural impact on the river. She also will have her students sharing their own personal Llorona stories, read poems from well-known area poets and write their own poems about what they see around the Rio Grande.

“It’s going to be fun,” Hardin said. “We will return again in April to see if there are any difference in the tests we are taking of the soil and we will look closely any visible changes surrounding the river.”

Sparks applauds Hardin’s innovative thinking. It’s what makes SISD educators, like Hardin, so special, she said.

“When Team SISD librarians take their passions and integrate it into their learning spaces, all their students are better served with opportunities to see the world in new ways,” Sparks said.

Despite the rigorous training, Hardin sees her week at Yellowstone as one of the most satisfying. It’s made this school year an exciting one.

“When I applied, I didn’t really think I would be selected,” Hardin said. “I just turned in the application and hoped for the best. It was like throwing an egg at a wall and hoping it would stick. Now I am so grateful for the opportunity. It was so intense, but I learned so much. It was such a great week.”

To view more photos, courtesy SISD, click here.

Story in Many Pics: Coronado Crushes Americas 36-15

In a battle of 6a powerhouses, the Coronado Thunderbirds traveled east to take on the Americas TrailBlazers in the 2nd half of the doubleheader at Socorro ISD’s Student Activities Center (SAC)

Andres Acosta was there as the Thunderbirds blasted the ‘Blazers 36-15, and he brings you his view of the game in this Story in Many Pics.

Coronado Thunderbirds vs Americas Trailblazers, SISD S.A.C., September 29, 2017

Video+Story: Americas High Student Wins National Student of the Year

DES MOINES, IA – From more than 150-thousand student members of the National Speech & Debate Association (NSDA), recognized the 2017 National Student of the Year―Ricardo Flores from Americas High School.

This prestigious annual award recognizes one student from the National Speech & Debate Association who best embodies the code of honor: integrity, humility, respect, leadership, and are service.

Nominees must also demonstrate strong academic credentials and a commitment to the speech and debate community.

“Ricardo is a shining example of the talented young leaders who participate in this activity,” said J. Scott Wunn, Executive Director of the National Speech & Debate Association. “We are proud to recognize Ricardo for his outstanding accomplishments and have him serve as a student ambassador for our organization.”

Following a rigorous application process, six student finalists interviewed with an esteemed panel of educators during the National Speech & Debate Tournament in Birmingham, Alabama, June 18 – 23, 2017. Ricardo gave an emotional thank you when he received the award.

“Thanks to my coach [Irene Gardea] for always believing me. Thank you for always being there even when I was just a shy Mexican kid,” said Ricardo.  “Thanks for always hearing me and believing that I had a voice. Us Hispanics deserve to be heard in this country, especially now. There are no borders. We overcame this border today. Thank you.”

Ricardo recently graduated from Americas High School in Texas. After witnessing the violence and increasing political tension in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Ricardo and his family came to the U.S. in 2007, when he was in second grade. Ricardo joined theater and voluntarily took speech classes to improve his English.

When he entered Americas High School as a freshman he was almost entirely fluent in English, and was accepted to the law and government magnet program. As a senior, he was ranked 4th in his class of 689, and qualified in five events for the TFA State Tournament.

He was the Head Captain of the Forensics Team, President of the National Technical Honor Society, Parliamentarian of National Honor Society, and member of the district superintendent’s student advisory committee. In addition, Ricardo shares his time in numerous volunteer activities including several projects that send school supplies and toiletries to elementary schools in Ciudad Juarez.

The finalists for the William Woods Tate, Jr., Memorial National Student of the Year award include:

  • Nicholas Aranda – Holy Cross Catholic Academy, TX
  • Derek Collins – Hattiesburg High School, MS 
  • Chloe Dennison – Asheville High School, NC
  • Michael Franklin – Sumner Academy, KS
  • Olivia Shoemaker – Lakeville North High School, MN

The National Student of the Year is awarded to a graduating high school student who will be asked to fulfill certain duties during the 2017-18 school year, which may include acting as a regional or national ambassador to promote Association activities; assisting with educational opportunities at the National Tournament; and facilitating alumni association efforts.

Americas High’s Libertas Students to Educate Community on Citizens’ Rights

The Americas High School Libertas Academy unveiled its plans to launch its Communities in Action and Anti-Bullying Youth Court initiatives.
The Libertas Academy will host a public meeting for all community members regarding civil rights, voter education, and the school’s anti-bullying efforts at 6 p.m. Dec. 15 at the school.

“Voting rights are important,” said Jonathan Perez, senior student in the Libertas program. “A lot of people don’t understand the importance of their voice in the voting spectrum and how it can affect our leaders.”

Libertas students educate community2The Communities in Action initiative will include Texas House Representative Mary Gonzalez, the Law Office of Danny Razo and Law Office of Monique Velarde Reyes, who will give presentations to help citizens be aware of their legal rights. The students also will assist in educating the public about how to become a U.S. citizen

“It’s important the we have events like these to announce the plans of the Libertas program,” said Kyle Donnelly, senior student and vice president of the program. “Libertas focuses on student success but it also focuses and student involvement in the campus and in the community. We want to have great students, and we also want great citizens!”

The event on Dec. 15 also will allow students to explain more about their new Anti-Bullying Youth Court program. The mock trial program will be an avenue for students to discuss bullying prevention and awareness and give students experience in developing and discussing solutions to serious issues involved with bullying.

“The Libertas student body is all about being united,” Perez said. “We feel like it is our responsibility as future models and vehicles of social and political change to take affirmative action on making a difference in our community.”

The Libertas Academy is one of six advanced academic academies offered at SISD high schools and is geared toward students who wish to pursue a career in government and public administration or law.

Story in Six Pics: Americas sweeps Socorro in 1-6A Volleyball

It was an intra-ISD matchup as Americas took on Socorro in a Tuesday night 1-6a battle. Our Andres Acosta was there, check out the game in this Story in Six Pics (plus a couple more)

Game One –     Game Two       Game Three
AHS- 25              AHS- 25             AHS- 25
SHS- 13               SHS- 16               SHS- 7

Dogs at Blazers VB-44
Americas Julissa Mitchell #1 serve attempt vs Socorro
Dogs at Blazers VB-29
Socorro’s Ivanna Garcia #2 directing her team vs Americas
Dogs at Blazers VB-20
Americas during the timeout
Dogs at Blazers VB-13
Americas #2 Charlene Rodriguez jumps for the attack on the ball
Dogs at Blazers VB-12
Socorro defenders drive for the ball
Dogs at Blazers VB-8 (1)
Socorro’s Keke Hawthorne goes for the Block
Dogs at Blazers VB-59
Trailblazers Stephanie Monarrez with the spike attemp
Dogs at Blazers VB-55
Americas Savannah Gonzalez #14 attempts to block the Bulldogs hit
Dogs at Blazers VB-60
Tuesday night volleyball
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