• June 24, 2022

Tags : Amy’s Everyday Astronomy

Podcast – Amy’s Everyday Science: This Week in Science Episode

Hello and welcome to our post-Thanksgiving episode of This Week in Science. If you’re still feeling stuffed, or are getting ready to devour some delicious leftovers, you’ll definitely want to tune in while you relax. Today, I’ll be talking turkey and sharing some important scientific research and history. So, sit back and spend the next […]Read More

Amy’s Everyday Astronomy: Area 51 Will Be Expecting You

I know you’ve all seen it. An event created on Facebook where 539,000 people have showed their intent to storm the “secret” government facility known as Area 51 on September 20th of this year. The hosts of this large scale infiltration claim “They can’t stop us all,” stating, “We will all meet up at the […]Read More