• May 14, 2021

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Annie’s Adventures: Nothing Like A Good Hike

Happy Sunday Funday! Let’s talk hiking.  I love that we have a free playground right in our backyard. I’ve been all over this great area hiking and there are so many different places to go. One of my favorite hikes I’ve done is with local documentarian, Jackson Polk. We dropped one car off at Scenic […]Read More

Annie’s Adventures – My Top 2’s

Good morning my fellow adventurers!!! I always get requests to do a top 10 list or my Best of The Best list. Take your screenshots of today’s story or bookmark it in your phones. I’m gonna list my top 2’s. As always, Go Local!! *Annie’s Favorites- Rulis’ International Kitchen and Sunny’s Sushi (Viscount) *Burgers- Chuco […]Read More

Nothing to do in El Paso…Shut Yo Mouth!

“There’s nothing to do here.” “El Paso is so boring.” “El Paso is a dark pit of nothingness.” Trust me, I’ve heard it all. To all you naysayers I say “Shut yo mouth! El Paso is not boring there are only boring people.” Get your booty off the sofa, don’t go to the bar one […]Read More