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Annie’s Adventures: Guns and Roses

Howdy neighbors, it is another Sunday Funday. Let’s do a quick recap of the past 2 weeks adventures. Maybe something or some place will pique your interest for your next local adventure.

As you all know, this month is “National Baller on a Budget month”. Every Sunday I go on a different hike around our area. The past two hikes are near the Border Patrol Museum and Archaeological Museum off Transmountain and another spot that I had found right next to the El Maida Shrine Auditorium.

The first one off Transmountain was gorgeous. It was a nice cloudy day, but the poppies lit up the mountain. It’s $FREE.99 to go hiking, so I do it often. If you do decide to enjoy our gorgeous mountains please put safety first. Always take more than enough water and always let someone know where you are going. These mountains can be a beautiful disaster if you’re not prepared.

My 2 *Invites of the Week include The Nitro Box Frozen Treat Shop and Dry A Blow-Dry Bar. I also had one visit at a brand new cafe that just opened in Horizon,  Lemon РCoffee Smoothies & Deli

The Nitro Box was a treat – see what I did there ūüėČ – they make their ice cream and frozen treats with liquid nitrogen. ¬†It’s the 1st and only of its kind in El Paso.

Apparently these types of shops are very popular in Juarez and I can see why. They are located inside one of my favorite local restaurants, La Tierra Cafe, and open until 7pm.

If you’re interested in their best flavor it’s called the Annie’s Adventures flavor, he he he. It’s a chocolate peanut butter ice cream with waffle cone bits and whatever other topping your heart desires and topped with their fudge sauce. Mmmmhmmmmm, so good!

Anabel hooked it up when I went to get my hair did at Dry A Blow-Dry Bar. She made me look fancy and my hair stayed curly for 2 days and if I would have let it I’m sure it could have been 3. My hair does not hold a curl so Anabel had her work cut out for her and worked some magic. Keep them in mind when you’re looking to get dolled up.

Lemon – Coffee Smoothies & Deli is a new cafe that just opened in Horizon of Eastlake in the Pets Barn shopping center. They offer coffees, teas, smoothies, salads, & sandwiches. Their house special is Orange Coffee, you gotta try this. Everything is made fresh and is HEALTHY for you. I wish we had one in central closer to me. I’d be there all the time. A must try!

Not sure if yall know or not but I love a good range day and the fresh smell of led on a sunny day or rainy day or really any day I can open my eyes wide.

20160309_145425_resizedEvery so often I like to go on a gun shop tour and see what’s out there. I’ve been looking for a concealed sig for a minute. I’m kind of a gun and gear snob so I haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for but have no doubt that I will.

I didn’t get to hit all the shops but managed to check out Sportsman’s Elite, Gun Central, El Paso Gun Exchange, ¬†Collectors Gun Exchange, Academy, ¬†and Gander Mountain.

My favorite local shooting range is Sportsman’s Elite. That’s where I got my concealed handgun License. While we were at Gun central, we decided to hit up their range. I had not shot there yet so I was curious to check it out.

Their targets rotate and you can set up paterns for them to rotate. It’s a smaller range than Sportsman’s Elite but still pretty cool. After your first time, ladies shoot free for a year after they register.

This past Tuesday I had the Privilege of taking 2 guests, who flew in from NY, out on a quick tour to scope out El Paso and potentially bring a huge project here.

I only had a few hours with them so tried to take them to as many spots as possible in a short amount of time. We hit up L & J for brunch, Coffee Box for a coffee fix, TI:ME at Montecillo.

Before we went to TI:ME I took them down to 3rd and Cotton so they could look at our awesome graffiti murals.

Next we went to TI:ME, I wanted to show them our awesome box car shopping center and local shops. We had to stop at Chuco Relic while there so they could pick up some local swag. Chuco Relic was formally know as Manchot but recently changed their name when they moved to TI:ME a couple weeks ago.

We also hit up Mother of Pearl since this specific project involves awesome music and bands. We also had her coffee break at Hillside Coffee & Donut Co., you know how people from NY like their coffee.

After that we hit up The Red Door Vintage Shop, Proper Print Shop and The Fab Lab. I drove them around downtown a little and showed them a few of our new bars like Black Bird Cantina, Later Later, Gray Dog, and DeadBeach Brewery.

Like most tours I give, I love to take them over Scenic Drive to show people how awesome and grandiose we are. By the end of the tour they were head over heels with our city. It’s looking really good EP. Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned for more info as it comes through.

Later Tuesday night I went to the opening of Fuzion Casual Fine Dining off Edgemere in far east El Paso. ¬†I was looking forward to this opening ever since El Asador closed their doors. I’m so happy that Chef Val opened a new restaurant and is still serving her delicious food for all of us to enjoy.

This is top shelf food at awesome prices. I tried their chorizo, green chili, and bacon Queso Fundido, their Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Shrimp (my personal favorite), and samples of 3 delicious cheesecake samples they will be offering. This is truly a restaurant you want to taste for yourself.

On Thursday I was invited to take a tour behind the scenes of the construction of the new Alamo Drafthouse being built off N. Mesa. This is one of my favorite theaters I’ve been to. I used to go all the time when I lived in Austin and San Antonio.

It’s more than just a movie theater. ¬†Alamo Drafthouse caters to the experience. It’s unlike any theatre you’ve been too. You can go see a new film, enjoy a Napoleon Dynamite dance off Competition, an air guitar competition, or any number of fun events they come up with.

We’ll have 8 screens where you can order food, beer, and wine all throughout your movie. They will also have the Glass Half Full bar where you can sit and relax with over 45 beers on tap.

You don’t have to go see a movie to enjoy the bar. They will host game nights like Cards Against Humanity, ¬†Comedy Night, live music, etc. One thing I’ve always been a fan of other than their Porky’s Pepperoni pizza is their very strict no talking no texting policy. If they catch you they kick you out. As a frequent movie goer, I love that rule.

Also, you are not allowed in if you are under 18 and not accompanied by an adult or guardian. Sign up for their rewards card. They are looking to open end of April early May. I’m doing the happy dance.

On Saturday,  I did the Insane Inflatable 5k. That was my first time and I won a medal and a shirt! Okay, okay, so everyone got those but I still had a blast. I run every morning but this race was a good reminder that I need to push myself more on my workouts lol.

I really did have a lot of fun though. I LOVED all the¬†obstacle ¬†courses. I wish there was a race with only inflatable obstacle courses… maybe one day.

20160318_135121_resizedThis time I’m writing my column from the El Paso Municipal Rose Garden, off Copia across from Memorial Park. The weather is perfect and I thought it was a nice quite spot to get some writing done.

The flowers are few and buds are just starting to come out. I’d say in about 2 weeks the garden is going to look GORGEOUS. ¬†This is the perfect spot to chill, take pics, or arrange for your special day.

Next month I’m taking you all on my great Colorado adventure. ¬†I’ve never been so I’m super excited to go. I’m planning to check skydiving off my bucket list while I’m there.

My friends and I decided to have shirts made up for our trip. They’re going to say Guts Over Fear in the front. I went to Proper Print Shop to have them made locally. ¬†Proper Print Shop makes awesome local shirts that you can buy at their shop, Chuco Relic and Dreadful Things. ¬†I can’t wait to see what the finished product looks like.

Local foods I’m addicted to- Coco Miel’s $5 salads, spicy avocado sauce at The Avocado, ¬†Papa Don Cuco from Tacos Don Cuco, Mexican Tortas from Rulis, pretzel from Block Table & Tap, Iced Coconut latte at Coffee Box, spicy salmon roll at Sunny’s, ¬†Korean Ramen at Kangnam Style, cheese burger from Chuco Burger, & steak pho from Saigon Taste.

Markets I checked out – Punk Rock Flea Market, ¬†Dreadful Things Market, DeadBeach Brewery St. Patrick’s Day Market. ¬†Find info about their next markets on their FB pages. Sidebar, I had to see Kikimora at DeadBeach’s St. Patrick’s day festivities. That market was so much fun and it’s always a good night when you get to hear Kikimora do what they do best. 5 star night, check them both out!

Local businesses I went to that I recommend you check out (Baller on a Budget ideas) РSaigon Taste (Best Vietnamese in town), Ice Creamed Myself,  Great American for $10.99 steak special, Coco Miel for a 2 am gourmet pizza, The Avocado- try the sandwich surprise and $5 lunch box, Tacos Don Cuco, Little Diner for $1 Taco Thursday,  Asylum Comics and Cards, Uptown Cheapskate  (Closest thing to Buffalo Exchange we have. BUY*SELL*TRADE)

Kangnam Style Sushi for their awesome lunch menu, Chuco Relic for local swag, Mother of Pearl for vinyl, ¬†All That Music, German Pub, Graffiti off 3rd and cotton, Antique Traders, The Tea Spout, Coffee Box, Joe Vinny & Bronsons for live music every Tuesday night, Rulis’ International Kitchen, ¬†Gelateria Gufo Di Milano, Mom’s Fresh Juice, Brunch Club, Clock Family Diner (don’t order the queso, everything else is fine), & Alameda Thrifty Pharmacy.

Go Local and tell them I sent ya ¬†ūüėČ

-Annie’s Adventures /AnniesAdventures (new site in process)

Annie’s Adventures: What Have You Done Lately?

Hi y’all! It’s been a whirlwind and I’ve been right in the middle of it all. So much to do and so little time.

In the past 2 weeks I’ve bar hopped, heard amazing local bands, galavanted all over Neptune (aka The City of Rocks) hiked to the ridge of the sunsets, ate my weight in local burgers, had a hardy helping of local art, did some treasure hunting, and basked in the glow of a yellow poppy filled mountain. What did you do?

Let’s start with a fun filled night of bar hopping. I don’t drink mind you and I still had a great time with my friends. We started off at the newest bar downtown called Later Later.

This place has such an awesome atmosphere with its ice house vibe. It has a very big city feel and the view alone is worth going for.

They open the doors all around it so it really opens the space up, ideal for our perfect El Paso nights.

Afterwards, we hit up The Speak Easy which is a new bar on E. Franklin next to The Pizza Joint. It’s a very simple, easy going underground bar.

From there we went to the Gray Dog. I really enjoyed this place. I liked the contemporary feel and the staff was really friendly. They have a20160220_214006_resized great bar menu as well. My friends were very happy with their drinks here. Their art is the best. I’ll definitely be back.

20160220_223249_resizedNext we went to DeadBech Brewery at the end of Durango St. This place has it going on! They are open Thursday through Sunday and have local music every Friday,  Saturday, and Sunday.

They also rotate local food trucks outside the brewery for the hungry.

This particular night we were lucky to walk in and check out local band, Kikimora. Wow, what an awesome band. I had never heard of them before so I was pleasantly surprised. If you get the chance you really should check them out.

We topped off the night at the one and only The Tap for some delicious, artery clogging, world famous nachos. If you haven’t been, ¬†you are missing out on El Paso history.

I love being an explorer and I’m huge into being outdoors. Luckily my friends were down for a day trip adventure so I picked them up and we hit the open road.

They had no idea where we were going. They are ride are die, that’s why I love them. We started our adventure at my favorite Las Cruces local brunch spot, Bite of Belgium.

20160223_085558_resizedIf you are a waffle fan then this place is for you. Let’s face it, if you’re a fan of food this place is for you. You literally can’t order a bad dish here.

My stable dish is their omelet with gouda cheese, mushrooms, and ham. It just melts in your mouth and takes you away to foodie heaven, seriously, I can’t make this up.

My omelet comes with 2 authentic mini Belgium waffles. You have not tasted a real waffle until you have one of their waffles. I’m pretty sure they are made of panda bear kisses.

After we got some grub in our bellies we road tripped it to The City of Rocks just outside of Silver City, NM. It’s about a 2 hour drive from El Paso.

20160223_171037_resizedMy friends had never been and were super excited when we drove up to the rock formations. It’s an impressive sight the first time you see it. Camping is available here. The terrain is supposed to be like Neptune’s, the more ya know… We ran all over that place for a good hour and a half two hours before we headed to our next destination.

Next we drove into Silver City and dove into treasure hunting. They have some really great local antique and vintage shops there.

In between rummaging¬†we took in the cities bright and eclectic art which is dazzling all around you. Silver City is such a cute city! It’s best to go any day but Sunday if you want to go antiquing. ¬†The city closes shop around¬†4 pm¬†on the week days and not everything is open on Sundays.

20160223_121542_resizedWe wanted to get one more quick hike in before the sunset so we drove about 10 minutes up the road to the Gomez Peak in the Gila National Forest. We got a good hour hike before the sun went down which was just long enough before our stomachs started growling for another feeding.

While we were in Silver City there was this one burger joint that filled the main street with a delicious aroma of yummy. We automatically knew where dinner was going to be.

The place was called Burgers, Brownies, and Beer. With a name like that, it had us at hello. They have gourmet Burgers, craft bear, and a good selection of homemade brownies. And this was the night that kicked off my burger week.

I have had many burgers this past week and still my favorite is ol’ faithful, Chuco Burger. I have been to the end of the burgerland and back this last week. I had Burgers from Burgers, Brownies, & Beer, Kahlo Kitchen, Borderland Burgers, Chuco Burger, Charcoaler, Blake’s Lottaburger & Bogart’s Steakhouse.

Outside of this week I’ve had the burgers at Papa Burger, Panda Burger, Roscos, Friscos, Crave, Independent Burger, Hot N Juicy, Big Bun, you name it, I’ve had it. Still after all that Chuco Burger is still hands down my favorite local burger joint.

Nothing beats a burger that has to be double bagged because it might just fall out of the 1st beautiful grease lined paper bag. It’s an OG burger and if you wanna do it right get the Double Double.

20160225_191743_resizedLast month was the 1st Last Thursday Downtown El Paso Art Walk of the year. This is a must do event and it happens every last Thursday of the month. All our downtown art galleries stay open late and you can take a whole art tour at night with your family.

Every month they release a map with all the participating galleries. You can also find it on my website under Events by Flyers. Also, Every Thursday night the El Paso Museum of Art stays open till 9 p.m.

20160226_235546_resizedAnother local business I got to check out the last two weeks was Puff Social Lounge.

My aunt had never smoked hookah so we had to take her to break her in. She loved it!

She even left with her own purple hookah. We had 3 different hookahs going but my favorite one was the grapefruit one.

They have Happy Hour every Monday through Wednesday 6 pm to 12 am for only $10 personal hookahs.

I also hit up the bar lounge area at Hotel Indigo. I love their view and I was able to get a lot of work done.

My stomach started growling so I hit up The Brown Bag Deli this week as well. It had been a minute since I had eaten there. They are an OG sandwich shop located on Fred Wilson. They open early, close late, and you can’t beat their prices.

I tried out the Kool aide blend at The Tea Spot. Its a blend of 2 teas, Cherries And Then some and Miner Fever. It’s sooooo good and I got to get 2 for 1 stamps on my loyalty card since I went on a Tuesday.

20160220_203939_resizedI finally tried this new place called The Avocado and they are off E. Missouri. It’s the cutest little Bistro/Antique store. They have a pretty big menu.

Too many options for¬†me personally so I ordered the Surprise Sandwich which also comes w kettle chips and their spicy avocado sauce. ¬†It’s all about that sauce man, so dang good and only $5! I know I’m gonna be eating here a lot.

Another great place I finally got to try is Kahlo Kitchen in far east El Paso. This place has it! The food is fantastic, the plating is beautiful, and the staff was so friendly. A perfect dining experience.

I also checked out The Antique Mall- El Paso, Proper Print Shop, local estate sales, Joe Vinny & Bronsons, Punk Rock Flea Market,  Hoppy Monk Pop
Up Market, Brass Monkey, Dream Chasers Club, The Rock House Gallery, Sunny’s Sushi on Viscount, ¬†Kangnam Style ¬†(Amazing lunch menu), Bogart’s Steakhouse (has a new $10 Lunch Menu), Luna Rossa Winery & Pizzeria in LC ($5 pizzas ALL day every Monday), The Country Inn, Coffee Box, Leo Marketing (Best advertising agency in El Paso ūüėČ ), and The Pizza Joint for Open Mic Night (every Wednesday)

It’s Poppy Time! That’s right the poppies are back and fuller then they have been in a couple years. Transmountain is absolutely gorgeous right now in a sea of yellow. It’s the perfect spot for all your spring photos. Free Family Fun.

I’d ¬†like to end by saying, HAPPY NATIONAL BALLER ON A BUDGET MONTH! Last year I created this national holiday when I found my pockets were a little light last March while I was saving for a house. It was such a success that I decided it’s a keeper and to bring it back for a 2nd year.

I tried to start National Bring Annie Chocolate Day about 3 years ago but for some reason it didn’t take o¬†ff as well as National Baller on a Budget Month. Anyhow, all March I will show you fun ways to¬†enjoy El Paso and the surrounding areas, all on a budget.

One last note, my site will be temporarily down for a much needed facelift. Bigger and better things are on the way for Annie’s Adventures. It will also be much easier to use on your smart phones and tablets.

If you have any EVENT FLYERS you would like me to share please FB message them to me.

There is no excuse to sit around with nothing to do. As always Go Local and tell them I sent ya ūüėČ

-Annie’s Adventures

Local Adventuring with Annie’s Adventures

Howdy y’all! It has been another two fun filled weeks of local adventures since my last write up. Where oh where shall I begin?

Shall I start with the new coffee shop that’s calling out all local baristas in El Paso’s 1st Barista Throwdown, or maybe tickle your taste buds with cusines such as spicy Thai, more fresh sushi (y’all know I like my sushi), or perhaps soften you up with El Paso’s best pretzel? No… No I think I’ll save y’all a butt load of money 1st.20160213_205208_resized

So I recently had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Catherine from Taxes 4 Tips, aka “The Tax Whisperer.” Never have I ever seen someone get so excited over crunching numbers and trying to find ways to save you some cash on your taxes. She literally lit up when she saw my organizer full of receipts. Catherine helped me go from paying over $11,000 to “The Man” to $4,000.

Mrs. Catherine helped me keep more of my hard earned money and she can do the same for you. She also specializes in local business taxes. They have only been in business a few years but are growing at a rapid pace. They also provide Skype service to help do your taxes no matter where you are. They have customers all over the world.

One thing I also really appreciated was how she took the time to explain everything she was doing to me and asked all kinds of questions to help with my deductions.

There is no set price for them to do your taxes. You pay via Tip! How great is that?! I’m telling you, she’s amazing and I’m totally going back to her next year!

20160218_135410_resizedKopi Coffee just opened not too long ago on Cincinnati off N. Mesa, and they are starting off with a bang. They offer coffee for all the coffee gurus out there and they don’t mess around. They even have a coffee press that runs from a tablet.

Apparently, other than Dallas we have the only other one of those in Texas. They are also the only SCAA Certified coffee shop in EP, coffee scientists of El Paso if you will. Kopi Coffee is calling out all baristas in El Paso to have a Barista Throwdown.

There will be 3 categories – *Espresso *Pour Over & *Latte Art. Enter if you think you have what it takes to win the challenge.20160210_132839_resized

I’ve also ¬†had a couple of *Invites of the Week. The 1st one was at Kern Place Florist which offers fresh, beautiful¬†flowers and chocolate arrangements. That’s right, they have been around for over 60 years and they are now offering fresh handmade local chocolates.

The 2nd *Invite of the Week was at local dance shop, Minuet Couture. They have been serving El Paso for over four years now and offer a20160218_150021_resized place for adult and child dancers to get costumes and accessories.

They also offer dance shoes, gifts, and bags. You can also do custom orders for dance outfits. If you are interested, you can find out more about these businesses on my FB posts of them.

Earlier this week I had the chance to check out this awesome place called The Meditation Studio located off Montana near Bassett Place.  It is a rare occasion when I can sit for longer than 30 minutes and turn off my mind but I welcomed it with open arms.

It was some much needed down time and it really helped to relax and center me. I absolutely recommend that everyone gives this place a shot. You never know, it just might be what you’re looking for to help you unwind from all the craziness in your day to day.

This past Saturday I had a local adventure that started in El Paso and took us to a foodie adventure off in Las Cruces. My day started at the El Paso Downtown Artist and Farmers Market which goes on every Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm.

After the market I headed a couple blocks over to the Rock House Gallery which is home to many local artist’s work and some fantastic murals outside their building. Then I headed to pick up my new favorite local drink, iced coconut latte, from Coffee Box also located downtown.

20160206_160646_resizedWhile I was waiting for my friends to finish working the market, so we could go eat in Las Cruces, I headed up the street to my favorite local comic shop, Asylum¬†Comics, for my nerd fix. Heads up, I usually like to go on Wednesday’s since that’s New Comic Book Day. (FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is May 7th and Asylum Comics always throws down on that day, so mark your calendars).

Once my friends from Ice Creamed Myself got out of the market (they only sell El Paso’s best local ice cream) we met and took a little road trip up to Las Cruces for a foodie adventure.

Our 1st stop was at Renoos Thai Restaurant. The owners wife is from Thailand so you know their food is gonna be great. My favorite is their20160213_170040-1_resized Pad Thai and their spicy coconut mushroom soup when it’s on the soup of the day.

After this we swung by Caliche’s Frozen Custard which was just ok in my opinion. Our 3rd stop was at my favorite LC coffee shop and boutique, Spiritwinds Gift Source & Coffee Bar. Their Mexican hot coaco was perfect.

Finally we headed back to EP to end our foodie tour at Block Table and Tap where I threw down their lobster mac & cheese and my personal favorite pretzel in El Paso. ¬†It comes with their house cheese dip and mustard and to make it even better it’s only $4!
This week’s steak write up is from the one and only, Cattlemen’s Steakhouse in Fabens. There is little I can say that steak lovers near and far don’t already know about this desert gem.

I went to town on their “Man’s Rib Eye” which is 14 ounces of pure goodness.

Although, they do not have my favorite steak (found at Ruth’s Chris which we will soon Finally have in EP) theirs definitely follows close20160209_173756_resized. This is without a doubt ¬†a “good ‘ol boy steak” and it’s basically the only meal I had been thinking about eating all of last week.

Cattlemen’s is a place you look forward to going to and you definitely want to make plans to not eat anything the whole day leading up to the big moment. What moment, as if you had to ask. That moment that beautiful, hot, medium plus, juicy piece of steak lands at the table in front of your starving face.

Its aroma that makes you feel that everything in life has been leading up to this one specific meal and you are exactly where you need to be. Annnnnnd, im pretty sure their coleslaw is made from unicorn kisses.

This week I also watched Zoolander 2 which was probably best left to the Redbox or the dollar theaters and Deadpool which I totally recommend.  Stay till the very end of the Deadpool movie.

Local businesses and restaurant shout outs –

Some local venues I visited and I ate at the past couple weeks were- 150 Sunset Bistro, Koze Teppan Grill, Sunny’s Sushi on Viscount, Kangnam Style Sushi for sushi and karaoke,¬†Nour Mediterranean Cafe, Tacoholics for $1 Taco Tuesday, Paper Rock Fork, Gussie’s Bakery, Ice Creamed Myself ¬†(New Apple Pie flavor), A.J.’s Diner, Mario’s Ribs, Sweet De Luxe homemade marshmallows, The Pizza Joint, Joe Vinny & Bronsons, The Red Door Vintage, Dreadful Things, Elegant Consignments, The Desert Gypsy & The Psychic Diana Shop (recently moved locations). Bassett Place for early voting.

*Next Thursday is 2015 1st Downtown Last Thursdays Art Walk

*Other mentionings on Annie’s Adventures was the soon approaching opening of Dave and Busters located in Bassett Place (April 2016), Ruth’s Chris which will open in the Fountains, Outlet Shoppers El Paso Drive-in Theater, and Top Golf’s interest in El Paso.

*Airline International on N. Mesa is having a 40% liquidation sale off everything. They are moving everything to their Montana location so clearing as much out out of the N. Mesa shop as possible.

Every place I mentioned can be found on Facebook and is totally Annie’s Adventures Approved! Tell them I sent ya ¬†ūüėČ

Go Local!

-Annie’s Adventures

Annie’s Adventures: My Language of Love…Food

Happy Sunday Funday y’all!¬†Today¬†I want to talk about the language of Love, at least for me, which is Food.

Food, can have me at hello if it’s done correctly. Valentine’s Day is next weekend and I am already getting a lot of requests to help plan that special day, but before we get to that, I want to do a quick recap of my Adventures the past 2 weeks. They were much too delicious not to mention.

Let us start from the beginning shall we? Within the last 2 weeks I’ve been to a lot of different restaurants and I have had an array of dishes, all local of course. I went to Zinos, which has the world’s best lamb burger. You might think I’m kidding but seriously, CNN voted Zino’s lamb burger best burger in the nation a couple of years back.

I checked out the new kitchen at Funkmeyers Rec Room and they are killing it over there. I loved everything I tried. From all of their wing flavors, to their sloppy Joe slidders, and their mac and cheese. Many of you know that Tacoholics has moved and they have their own stand alone restaurant.  A huge congrats to Jessi and his crew over there. The hard work they have put in has definitely paid off.

Make sure to swing by their new place on Zaragosa and Vista Del Sol. Pssst… Tacoholics has the best elotes in town!

If you’re a fan of chicken then I have the spot for you. I’m usually a steak and potatoes kind of girl but every now and again I crave some chicken and let me tell you, Don Carbon is the spot!

They don’t play when it comes to their chicken. Whole chicken, pieces of chicken, or fajitas, let us just say there is no shortage of chicken. There is no fried chicken, only delicious roasted goodness. Mmmmmm, thinking about it makes my mouth water.

20160202_125448_resizedI went to the Punk Rock Flea Market this past weekend at 5 Points and I got my Pita hook up from a local vendor, Little Bit of Paradise. ¬†She makes her own Pita from scratch using local herbs. I highly recommend you check out her page and place your orders. She also makes fresh pasta, just sayin…, very hard to top.

While I was at the market I also had to have my ice cream fix from my local ice cream vendors, Ice Creamed Myself. This month’s special flavor is Dunkaroos! So freaking, amazingly good. Their ice cream is like nothing you have ever had.

I love the texture and their flavors are always so much fun and they taste fantastic. I know they are coming out with an apple pie ice cream that sounds too good to be true. They also have a special ice cream sandwich coming out, but you’re gonna have to just taste them for yourselves.

They deliver and you can find them at local markets.  Check out both of their businesses and Facebook pages for all their details.

I also hit up Joe Vinny and Bronsons this past Tuesday to catch the very talented Daniel Villasenor on piano.

While we were there I had humus and a lentil dish with rice. I’m not usually a lentil fan, I think that’s a food reserved for people over their 60’s lol, but I must admit it is very good. It has this spice that leaves everything nice. It makes the dish.

My friend ordered the bacon cheese burger with bacon, cheese, and avocado. I of course had to snag a bite of it to see if it tasted as good as it looked, Annnnd it did… better in fact. It’s the bread, I tell you!

My friends and I ordered their Golden Milk, Vanilla Chai, and hot cocoa. The Golden Milk is one of my favorites. It’s made with soy, only thing I will drink with that in it (yuk), and turmeric. It’s pretty good for you, at least that’s what I’m told, lol.

Last week I had to run a quick errand in Las Cruces, so I hit up a Mediterranean spot called Santorini.  Their chicken shawarma sandwich was on point. The hummus was a little bland but all in all the food was great.

The best part of my eating Adventures the past 2 weeks was all the sushi I ate. I would seriously eat sushi for every meal if I could. I hit up Sunny’s Sushi on Viscount of course, it’s like my home away from home plus the staff is so wonderful there.

I also threw down at kangnam Style Sushi which is this new sushi spot with karaoke on Hawkins and Montana.

After that¬†I also tried Sushi Garden. I had been hearing good things, so I wanted to see for myself.¬†The food was very good and I was a fan of their miso. I’m happy we finally have a good sushi spot off the N. Mesa and Festival area.

20160128_125155_resizedHands down Sunny’s will forever win my heart but Kangnam Style has QUICKLY turned into my #2 favorite local sushi place in town. Their food is¬†so flavorful and so fresh. They even make their own soy sauce.

Kangnam Style is a very cool place with great food, a full bar & happy hour specials. The entertainment rocks with their karaoke. They even offer private karaoke rooms. Kangnam Style has main courses, sushi, & ramen so it’s not just sushi. They have something for everyone.

If you haven’t tried them I highly recommend you make it a point to go by soon. They will also be open Valentines day (usually closed Sunday’s ). Make sure to reserve your spots soon if you’re interested.

Last night I ended my week on a high note at Anson 11. It was a crazy week at work so I definitely earned myself a ribeye. It was probably the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a minute and it was cooked perfectly. I also had my favorite dish there as an appetizer, mussels and fries. It comes in this buttery goodness that literally melts in your mouth.

Back to the really good part… my steak. Along side my steak was a baked potato and a green bean & kale salad. The baked potato was okay but I’m so happy I¬†also went all in and ordered their gouda mac and cheese.

Hot diggity, game over! One of my new favorite places to get mac and cheese in EP now. I’d also like to recommend asking to sit in Nicole’s section. She’ll treat you like VIp. This place is perfect for V-Day but eat in the Bistro not the fine dining, that’s just my opinion though.

Some other places I got to check out the past couple weeks for some fun Adventures was Fab Lab El Paso.  They are a local non profit that offers the community a space to do 3d printing.

You can take your designs and help you make them come to reality. It’s a very cool space with awesome people running the shop. This is20160204_184424_resized definitely something you’ll want to check out for yourself.

I was also able to make it out to TradeCraft this past Thursday night for their FREE coloring event. It was a packed house and I’m so happy I¬†went to check it out. I’m really surprised more places don’t do events like this. My friends and I had had a blast and it was a great way to unwind from that crazy day at work.

20160127_170531_resizedLast week, I also checked out the beautiful new hotel that just opened downtown, Hotel Indigo. GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to stay there.

Their rooftop pool is enough to make you want to move in. They also have a beautiful rooftop lounge that I know I will soon become a regular staple of downtown.

Perfect for a staycation. They will be offering Valentine’s specials as well.

As I write this I am sitting in Coffee Box located downtown. It’s one of my favorite places to chill downtown. Anyhow, I HAVE to mention this fabulous drink I’m¬†falling madly in love with. It’s their Iced Coconut Latte. It’s absofreaking delicious and I want another and another and then probably another. Come get one!

Valentine’s Day suggestions- Brunch club, Kangnam Style Sushi, Bogart’s, Bite of Belgium, Savoy De Mesilla, ¬†St. Clairs Winery and Bistro, Trattoria Bella Sera, Belle Sucre, The Chocolate Lady, Fudge-n-More, Glamour Sweets, Anson 11 Bistro (not fine dining), Billy Crews, Pelican’s, Sunny’s Sushi on Viscount, ¬†or El Asador. I¬†Painted That! Social Art Studio, The Fountain Theatre, hot water springs in T or C, Hiking, or Paint & Create Pottery. There are some Valentines events listed on my website under the Event by Flyer page.

If you have a certain direction you are looking for on Valentine’s Day, then message me and I will help create the perfect day for you and your love.

Whenever possible, ¬†Go Local! All these places I’ve listed above are totally Annie’s Adventures Approved! Tell them I sent ya ūüėČ

(All the sushi pictures were from Kangnam Style Sushi )

-Annie’s Adventures
20160128_143329_resized20160128_141152_resized    20160202_195141_resized


Annie’s Adventures: Enjoy life, it tastes so good!

The past two weeks have blown by. They’ve been intense, enchanting, ¬†and oh “so yummy!”

What did you do the last couple weeks? Let me give you some new adventure ideas for the next time you want something new to do.

Last Friday I got out of work early and I’ve been craving some outdoor exploring. ¬†I took off to Deming to see what that place was all about. It’s a quiet, little town with a few cool rock shops and book store, but all-in-all pretty low key. But, ¬†they have Rockhound State Park and you can even go rock hunting out there.

The views are gorgeous and the weather was perfect for a hike. I got there a little later in the afternoon so I went exploring to just see what all was around but didn’t have time to get out and hike before the sun went down.

20160115_160300_resized ¬†¬†I fell in love with the area so much I went back again on Sunday morning to catch the sunrise and get a hike in. It’s a short hour and 40 min drive away and $25 in gas. There’s no excuse not to go check it out.

This time of year is perfect because that state parks usually gets packed in spring and summer. Winter is their slow season.

On top of a few outdoors adventures I also had some “foodie” adventures that I want to share with y’all.

There is a brand new restaurant called Brunch Club that just opened. ¬†It’s a cute corner open window restaurant located a few doors down from Bogart’s Steakhouse ¬†(another great spot). I had a business meeting there and everyone was more than pleased with everything they ordered.

I got the Ant Benny w/ a chorizo hollandaise sauce and pulled pork that will rock your world. It came with a side so I got their quiche trio which is 3 different mini quiches. Absolutely fantastic.  I loved it so much I went back with my friend 2 days later.

I know, I¬†know but yes; it’s really that good.

This time I had their torta and fries. I can’t wait to go back to try something else. They have a very eclectic20160122_115556_resized delicious sounding brunch menu as well.

Heads up, they also have a brunch buffet on sundays. On top of a fabulous menu they have a great selection of coffee drinks and juices from their juice bar.

It’s probably my new favorite brunch spot in El Paso.

I also wanted to tell you about a catering company that I featured on my Facebook blog this week, Around the World Catering Service. If you are in the market for caterers or maybe a personal Chef for a romantic night look no more.

20160121_174741_resizedThey have my stamp of approval to the moon. I have been visiting them for the past 3 years and they never disappoint. They can work a kitchen like a champ. I got to test drive 3 of their new menu items.

Red wine pasta w/ seared ribeye with pesto and asparagus, sage and tarragon mustard butter cream sauce grilled chicken breast paired with garlic parmesan chunky mashed potatoes and fresh green beans and¬†¬†mushrooms sauteed in ancho chile, and cilantro jalapeno pesto pasta with blackened chicken. “Jiminy crickets,” they did it again!

That red wine pasta dishes was probably my personal favorite of the¬†3 amazing dishes I got to sample. Their presentation is always on point too. I’m telling you, if you hire them you will NOT BE disappointed.

20160123_104821-1_resized**Honorable mention- Bite of Belgium in Las Cruces is hands down my favorite local brunch spot. They are deliciously consistent and their food simply melts in your mouth.

My personal favorite dish is their ham, mushroom,  and gouda cheese omelette paired with 2 of their AUTHENTIC BELGIAN WAFFLES.

Yes… I said it… they are legit Belgian waffles and that’s their specialty. Swing by next time your hungry and in LC.

Brunch Club, Around the World Catering Service, and Bite of Belgium are Totally Annie’s Adventures Approved! Tell them I sent ya ¬†ūüėČ

Some other local businesses I hit up this week that I recommend you check out are- Jerusalem International Food and Grill, Nour Mediterranean, Gussie’s Bakery, Ice Creamed Myself, Tacos Don Cuco, ¬†Sunny’s Sushi on Viscount, Tasty Donut Cafe, Little Diner for $1 Taco Thursday & $1 Gordita Monday

-Annie’s Adventures


Annie’s Adventures: Quick Adventures for the Hungry Artist in you

Recently my friend Mandy was in town and we had a quick 5 hours to hang out and have some fun. She is from El Paso originally, but now lives in Florida. She comes back home a few times a year. Every time we hang out I try to take her to places she had no idea existed in El Paso or Las Cruces on our day trips.

So if the opportunity arises where you need to entertain some guests or plan a date, I have some ideas for you. Even if you are flying solo and have some time to yourself and want to enjoy a random evening this is perfect for you.

We started our Thursday evening adventure at a local tea shop, Tippi Teas. On this particular day, and it must be because it’s the new year, I tried my first shot of grass, lemongrass. Yes, it’s definitely not my usual sugar infested or cheesy goodness I typically go for. 20160107_163450_resized

I’m trying to give this healthy thing the benefit of the doubt. Had it not been for my friend Mandy being here, chances are that I never would have tried it either lol. But to be honest I’m glad I did.

Although it tastes like mother nature, aka dirt, I would do it again. I always tell my God daughter that she needs to try everything at least once so I took my own advice. It really does give you a bolt of energy after you drink it. I paired it up with a delicious detox tea.

Tippi Teas has a huge selection of loose leaf tea, smoothies, and other healthy man shots. My two favorite places to get my tea fixes are at The Tea Spout and Tippi Teas. If you haven’t tried them I recommend you do and soon.

After tea time we went to “Paint & Create Pottery” where we got our creative juices f20160107_191859_resizedlowing. I 20160107_174132_resizedlove this place! It’s on its third name now.

It used to be “At The Clayground” and “Stone Painters”, some of you may be familiar with it.¬†Anyhow, I don’t care how many names it goes through as long as it never goes away.

I’ve been coming here for over 6 years. It all started as a great way to entertain my God daughter and young cousin and quickly turned into an addiction for me and my family.

It’s for everyone! Take the kids, husband, girlfriends, or just go solo. It’s a very relaxing and rewarding way to spend some time. I am hooked on painting cereal bowls but they have a wall with a great pottery selection to choose from for both kids and adults.

Once you choose your item you go to the painting bar and pick your colors, paint brushes, and whate20160107_184243_resizedver other crafting tools you need.

Sidebar, you can take beverages and snacks and they also book parties. Now, after you get your paint you go sit down and start working on your masterpiece.

Once you have it just the way you want it, you turn it in and pick it up in a few days after they have put it in the pottery kiln.

And just like that I will have a new bowl to eat from.

All of That painting worked up quite an appetite. On our way to get dinner we stumbled upon an art class and studio I’ve never been to or seen before. This is how all the good stuff is found. Mandy and I are ALL about the arts so I promptly busted a u-turn and we parked to go see what we were missin20160107_200751_resizedg.

It happened to be the Art Avenue Studio on Texas street. I’ve heard of them but I have never been. Once a month they do art work shops and they are all taught by different local artists that the studio is featuring during the month.

These work shops are open to the public. This was a sweet find. I would like to recommend everyone check out their FB page for their schedule. I’ll definitely be back fo sho.

20160107_193355-1_resizedWe needed to focus, our mission was still to get food in our bellies. After we took a quick tour of the studio we got back in the car and continued to our destination point, Tacos Don Cuco.

That’s right, you heard correctly, Tacos Don Cuco is a staple in my life that I love to share with everybody I know. This inevitably turns into everyone’s favorite spot due to their Papa Don Cuco.

The tacos are awesome but the potato is where it’s at. It’s a mashed up buttery baked potato smothered in queso and then topped with ground beef and saut√©ed onions. I’m drooling just think about it.

Once you take your first bite, you remember you’re alive and that all is right in the world and that anything is possible. They also have a fantastic salsa bar. This place is the most legit Juarez style taco stand in EP and they have several locations all over town.

The potato ALWAYS turns into EVERYONE’S favorite dish in EP. Hidden secrets like this, is why you need to follow my Facebook page ūüėČ

After we got to about a 75% full ratio, we went on to our next stop to continue feeding our soul with art. Not sure if you knew or not but every Thursday the El Paso Museum of Art stays open 20160107_211915_resizedtill 9 p.m. and its FREE. Thursday night after 6 is my favorite time to go.

I used to go every week a couple years back. I was hooked, definitely one of my favorite places in El Paso.

Since we walked off our Papa Don Cuco we felt in the mood for elotes. We drove up the road to Malolam. One of El Paso’s hippest new spots is located in the TI:ME shopping center on N. Mesa. Not only are they awesome but their kitchen serves food late.

By this time it’s¬†9pm¬†already so this is exactly what we’re looking for. I have been before and had their elotes. It’s probably the second best in20160107_212711_resized town (*1st is at Tacoholics). I also had a coupon from my Sun City Coupon Book which gave me a FREE appetizer, score! Anyhow, since we were there we also ordered their chicken quesadilla and fideo.

The chicken was on point! At this point I’m at 110% full ratio so we wrap it up and call it a night. We top it all off with a drive over Scenic Drive. Boom!

Thursday night adventure was a success.

If you’re ever looking for something to do, message me on Facebook and I’ll help plan a fun adventure for you.

Go Local and tell them I sent ya ¬†ūüėȬ†-Annie’s Adventures

Annie’s Adventures: Day Trippin’

HAPPY¬†SUNDAY¬†FUNDAY! Don’t know what to do today but want a change of scenery?¬† Never fear, I’ve got you covered. Whatever you are looking for it’s only a hop, skip, and jump away. I’m about to give you some of my favorite day trips/ quick weekend getaways, depending on how much time you have.

ruidosoIt’s fall and the leaves are changing and the weather is perfect! Take a trip to Ruidoso, Cloudcroft, or McKittrick Canyon to get your tree fix. You could take a trip to Ruidoso and try out the two new zip lines they have.

If that is not enough of an adrenaline fix for you then you might enjoy some snowboarding or skiing. There is also some great fishing in Ruidoso and Cloudcroft, if that tickles your fancy. Ruidoso also has some really good antiquing and horse racing.

There may be more things to do in the small town of Ruidoso, but I’ve got to say Cloudcroft is a much prettier area. Ruidoso is pretty – don’t get me wrong – but Cloudcroft has a more luscious looking forest in my opinion.

Take note, Ruidoso does have the most drop-dead gorgeous camping spot I have found so far. It’s called Monju Lookout and it’s a bit of a hike up the mountain in a truck but oh so worth it. So perfect in fact that I woke up early to voices outside our tent.

cloudcroftWhen I got up to see what all the commotion was about, I found out that people were waiting for us to wake up and leave so they could have their wedding ceremony where our tent was. Can’t make that up…lol.

Looking for a more quiet area to get in your fall photos and maybe a great hike? Check out McKittrick Canyon, it’s about a an hour and a half or 2 hour drive up Montana. If you go there but don’t plan on camping, please do me a favor and at least get out of the car and enjoy the gorgeous view of the Guadalupe Canyon, my favorite canyon around.

Again, you can camp there if you have the time and wake up the next day and head a mile up the road to McKittrick Canyon. It has a beautiful winding road that leads to the park entrance. This is one of my favorite places to come for trees and an amazing hike. There is a house about half way up the trail which makes for a great place to stop and have a bite or press on to the gorge where they also have some picnic tables for you to stop and enjoy your lunch or just take a break.

Along this trail you will also come across a running stream and some perfect photo opportunities.

Maybe you’re looking for a romantic getaway. Maybe it’s a birthday, anniversary, or your loved one is about to go on deployment and want to have one more romantic time together before they ship out. This is one of my favorite trips to recommend and you can do it as an overnight trip or day trip depending on how much time you have.

Head into Las Cruces and stay at Hotel Encanto, splurge and get the jacuzzi room, you can thank me later. Then plan on having dinner at¬†Savoy De Mesilla and¬†finish the meal with the nitrogen ice cream. After you are fully stuffed it’s back to the room to “watch tv.”

The next day wake up and enjoy one more soak before check out and then have brunch at Bite of Belgium. They have authentic mini Belgium waffles that are to die for. My recommended dish is the gouda, mushroom, and ham omelet with two of their small waffles. It will melt in your mouth. After that, swing by The Chocolate Lady in Old Mesilla and get some snacks for your next destination, (get the pb Ritz dipped in chocolate and chocolate dipped graham crackers, so good!).

After this stop head to T or C to Riverbend Hotsprings for a dip. Make reservations prior and ask for the Cielo Room, it’s not too hot and not too cool so you can sit longer in the water. We usually only go for about an hour dip and then we’re ready to go eat again lol. If you have a monster appetite like me then head to Hatch, NM. and stop at Sparky’s for the cherry to your sundae.

¬†Are you the adventurous type? Head to Santa Fe and make your reservations with Kokopelli Rafting and they will pick you up in Santa Fe, take you on a guided rafting tour with lunch provided in Taos and then bring you back to your hotel in Santa Fe. You can’t beat that!

Courtsy: NPS
Courtsy: NPS

If you are just looking for a cool hike then check out Dripping Springs right up the road in Las Cruces, or head to Sitting Bull Falls between McKittrick Canyon and Carlsbad. No joke, it’s an actual waterfall right up the road from us. You can’t camp there but you can hike in or drive in and the park closes at sun down.

Maybe you want something different and a little unusual. Head to Rock City just outside of Silver City. It is so neat to see all the rock formations and you can also camp there if you’d like. Psssst – ¬†Silver City has some awesome antiquing too but go on a¬†Saturday¬†when more stores are open.

You could also head to the Gila to camp, hike, and check out the Indian cave dwellings.  This is a very cool experience and it has that taste of adventure while you walk inches from the edge of the mountain while looking at the dwellings. You can also get some great hunting and fishing done in the Gila.

 I only gave you a few ideas so if you want more locations to check out make sure to follow me on Facebook. You can also message me and tell me what you are looking for and I will help you design a trip to your liking.

As always, safety 1st! Have fun and be safe!

-Annie’s Adventures

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