• January 17, 2021

Tags : Argent the Consortium

TNTM: Top 5 Pretty Games

In this episode Trevor and Danny discuss their top 5 lists of pretty games. What they mean by pretty games is it must have beautiful artwork, aesthetic, and/or components. To qualify as a pretty game for them it must be visually appealing in some way. Did Trevor and Danny miss a game you think qualifies […]Read More

TNTM: Talkin’ Table Top – Euro Games

Top 5 Euro Games Trevor and Danny from ZiaComics.com are starting a new series called “Talkin’ Table Top”. This series will focus almost entirely on board and card games. Everything from demonstrations to their top picks. This week they discuss their top 5 Euro game picks. Euro games are a class of tabletop games that […]Read More

TNTM: Top 20 Board Games part 3

Trevor and Danny from ZiaComics.com have compiled a list of their Top 20 favorite board games. They have different tastes in games so their lists have very little in common. Danny prefers abstract strategy games while Trevor enjoys games with captivating artwork and ease of play. They both like ALL types of games, these are […]Read More