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Monday , December 17 2018
Bordertown Undergroun Show 728
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TNTM: Zia Comics Free Comic Book Day 2017

Free Comic Book Day has outgrown the confines of Zia Comics. We had to find a bigger location to accommodate all the folks wanting to get free comics and see the entertainment we have for that day.

The Mesilla Valley Mall graciously agreed to host Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) 2017. They gave us a lot of room to work with and we plan on filling it all with nerdy goodness.

We are bringing in 2 current DC Comics artists. Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund are working on the Titans Rebirth title. Titans has been the focal point for most of the big happenings so far in the Rebirth initiative.

Local artists Jaime Carrillo, Ben Jones, Juan Muro, Dan Klimut, and Andy Perez will be set up to meet and greet all comic book fans.

Local cosplayers Ginny Di and Christina Dark will be there decked out in one of their amazing costumes.

Military Gamer Supply will be demoing the Virtual Reality machines, Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulators, and general board/card games.

Dave & Buster’s of El Paso will be handing out all kinds of cool swag.

The Vhe’rang Clan of Mandalorian Mercs Star Wars costuming group will be patrolling the area to keep everyone safe. A working R2-D2 will be wheeling around also.

Oh yeah, and there will be lots of FREE COMICS!

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TNTM Artist Ben Jones interview

Jack and Troy from talk with artist Ben Jones about his history in comics and about his upcoming independent comic “Asgard”.

Ben Jones is working on his first independently owned comic book titled “Asgard”. The comic is described as such:

Under Loki’s orders we have searched the nine realms for the Architect’s seals of creation in hopes of creating a weapon to break the invasion at Asgard’s steps. My sister, Muninn and I have ventured to the Pantheons of the Gods but no power, no ally, and no hopes have been found. I have calculated every possible strategy, each ending in the same results. Asgard will fall.

“Asgard” is a mash-up of mythology and theology. What would happen if the gods were forced to take sides and fight?

Ben expects the first issue of this multi-part epic story to be available by the end of 2016.

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Bordertown Undergroun Show 728