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Thursday , November 14 2019
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Veterans, Volunteers Set to Help Improve Bowie Jardin this Saturday

An army of volunteers — including more than 50 U.S. military veterans from throughout the United States — will help bring new life to the thriving Jardín Bowie plan to bring new life to the Bowie Jardin this Saturday.

Mission Continues, a national organization that recruits veterans to volunteer in communities in an effort to help them readjust to civilian live, is organizing a clean up and other upgrades to the growing garden at Bowie.

The event will help ensure that the 5-year-old garden continues to flourish. The garden is an outdoor learning space where students plant, grow, nurture, harvest and sell produce.

“The El Paso 1st Platoon will be joining forces with the Bowie Jardin Community Garden to focus on food security in the bi-national Chamizal neighborhood,” said Simon Chandler, EPISD Community Schools Coordinator. “What better way to celebrate than with veteran volunteers serving alongside local partners and the community.”

Representatives from the organization visited El Paso in April to identify what neighborhood could benefit the most from the help of a service platoon.

“We find neighborhoods with challenging issues, and we deploy service platoons to help make a difference in the community,” said Kay Glaze, Mission Continues city impact manager. “This provides veterans an opportunity to make a big impact in El Paso.”

More than 50 veterans will fly into El Paso this weekend to plant and harvest produce, upgrade the irrigation system and improve the outdoor learning spaces.

The students receive class credit to cultivate the crops that sit along the southside of the campus. The learning experience also introduces them to the tastes and growing needs required to propagate herbs and veggies such as Swiss chard, basil, oregano, figs, eggplant, chile, nopales and pomegranates.

“More tasks will be added as the project develops,” Chandler said. “We are seeking volunteers to complete this project so please invite your friends, family and any large groups to enjoy this day of service in El Paso.”

The service day will take place this Saturday, starting at 9 a.m.

For more information on how to join the El Paso 1st Service Platoon, click here.

Video+Story: Bowie Students Officially Welcome Principal Ordaz

Bowie High School celebrated the official naming of its new principal in grand Bear fashion with the famous Mariachi Orgullo, the cheerleaders, dance team and marching band.

Frank Ordaz, interim principal for the past 10 months, appeared through the smoke inside Bowie’s inflatable tunnel to a line of cheerleaders before greeting about 400 cheering students in the gym.

“I’m proud to be at Bowie,” Ordaz told the students during the early-morning pep rally. “I’ve seen the success and have seen the struggles here at Bowie and I want you to know I am committed. We are all committed to being here with you. We’re here because of you and we’re here to be with you.”

Ordaz has been part of the Bowie community for many years. He became an assistant principal at Bowie in 2013 and prior to that served as an assistant principal at Guillen Middle School, a feeder school to Bowie. He considers the promotion “one of the greatest opportunities” of his life.

“I have the responsibility to make sure students who graduate from Bowie have the same opportunities that I did and that they are able to attend a university, join the military or go to a technical school,” he said. “I want our students to walk with their head held high. They are ready to take on the world and to succeed.”

Student council co-President Kimberly Martinez thought Ordaz was a great choice to lead Bowie.

“He knows our traditions and he knows us and we know him,” she said. “He’s going to be really good as principal because he was already good as an interim and assistant principal.”

Ordaz told the students his first call after being named was to his parents.

“Like many students here, I’m the son of two immigrant parents who came to the United States and that pushed education on their children to make sure they are able to achieve the dream. Being here at Bowie is very close to my heart. I’ve been through what some of our students have been through. I’ve seen it.”

Ordaz, who has spent his entire 17-year educational career in EPISD, taught special education teacher at Hornedo Middle School and later became a home hospital teacher for students at the El Paso Psychiatric Center. He also has served as an assistant principal at Canyon Hills Middle School. He graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with a bachelor’s degree in political science and a minor in rhetoric. His received a master’s degree in educational administration also from UTEP.

He looks to the future of Bowie with excitement and pride.

“The best is yet to come for Bowie,” he said. “We will be providing great programs that will ensure students learn at a high level and achieve at the highest level possible.”

Dr. Carla Gonzales, assistant superintendent of high schools, congratulated Ordaz and told the crowd he was an ideal fit for the campus.

“You deserve to have the very best and someone who understand what it is to be a Bowie Bear and the traditions that are here,” Gonzales told students. “Bowie High School is going nowhere and either is Mr. Ordaz. We’re here to stay and show the city what we can do. His heart is here and his belief in what you can do as students and staff is true and real. The next few years are going to be phenomenal in the history making for the bears.”

The welcome ceremony was held Friday, December 8th.

Bowie High Calling All Alumni to Help Break Guinness World Record in November

The Bowie High School alumni associations are looking for a few Proud Bears. Actually, they’re looking for about 3,800 of them.

A group of Bowie former students is organizing what they hope will be the largest class reunion ever certified by the Guinness World Records, and to do so they need to officially register more than 3,638 former students or employees of the South Side school.

The Guinness World Record attempt is scheduled from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, November 11, at the Sun Bowl Stadium of the University of Texas at El Paso. The festivities will occur during the annual homecoming game between the Bowie Bears and their rivals the Jefferson/Silva Foxes; a game that H-P Radio will cover live.

“We know our alumni have pride,” said organizer Mary Romero. “We just need them to register, come out to the Sun Bowl, and show everyone else what Bowie Bear Pride is all about.”

Registration fee is $15 in person during one of many registration centers that will be set up between now and the event.

To view a list of registration places, visit the Bowie Guinness World Record Attempt Facebook page.

People may register online at The cost there also is $15 plus a processing fee. The fees will go toward paying the Guinness organization. Any outstanding balance will be donated back to Bowie.

All registered people will receive a T-shirt and a registration bib that will help Guinness officials certify the number of attendees on the day of the event.

To register as an alumnus or a former employee, people must produce the following documents:

  • A Bowie High School diploma or a yearbook showing a picture of the person being registered.
  • If your name has changed since high school, the legal document showing the name change.
  • A copy of a current identification card.

Organizers said registrations are going well, and that already people from throughout the country and even Europe have reached out to them to ask about the reunion.

“We want every decade of graduates to be represented,” said organizer Linda Murray. “We have someone from the 1930s already signed up. If she can make it, so can everybody else.”

Bowie Interim Principal Frank Ordaz said the world record attempt will be one of the most exciting ways to celebrate a special milestone in the school’s history: the 90thgraduating class at the school.

“There’s a lot of history and a lot of community pride around this class,” Ordaz said. “I am confident that we will have more than enough people at the Sun Bowl to break the world record. That excitement will carry us over to graduation ceremonies in June.”

For more information, and to register online click this link.

To download the registration form, click here.

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