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Friday , August 17 2018
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Sun Pavilion Beautifies Blackie Chesher Park

Thursday, the City of El Paso Public Art Program of the Museums and Cultural Affairs Department (MCAD) and Representative Claudia Ordaz, District 6, dedicated the newest public art project, Sun Pavillion, at Blackie Chesher Park.

Sun Pavilion, by David Dahlquist, turns a functional item into a work of art. This park shelter provides visitors a break from the El Paso sun while adding beauty to the park. It is inspired by the unique geographical character of El Paso.

The sun represents the connection between the people living in this region and their natural environment.

Sun Pavilion features a circular oculus that glows in a dynamic ring and moves shapes of light and shadow across the ground. The pavilion incorporates sun symbols found in Mesoamerican, Native American, American and Latino cultures.

The City of El Paso Public Art Program of the Museums and Cultural Affairs Department worked closely with the members of the community to design, fabricate and install the site-specific artwork at Blackie Chesher Park, 1100 North Zaragoza.

Sun Pavilion was created using funding from the City of El Paso’s Public Art Program.

Since 2006, the City has dedicated two percent of every capital project to site-specific public art. More than 50 public art projects have been completed since the program was started.

Community Development Block Grants Fund Four El Paso Projects

During the month of June 2017, the City of El Paso’s Capital Improvement Department will begin improvements to E.L. Williams Park, Blackie Chesher Park, La Playa Drain and the Edgemere Boulevard Parkway.

These projects are all Community Development Block Grant “CDBG” funded projects, which will help enhance the visual image of El Paso by providing new amenities and services which include:

E.L. Williams Park (752 Lafayette Drive) – A new parking area, the installation of a new canopy covered playground, the construction of a rock-wall enclosure which will surround the existing playground equipment, the installation of a swing set with an engineered wood fiber surface for to protect children during slips and falls, picnic units, park benches, a bicycle rack, trash receptacles, an ADA accessible walking path with LED lighting, landscaping and trees with their own irrigation system. The total approximate budget is $723,000.

Blackie Chesher Park (9144 Escobar Drive) – Construction of an ADA accessible pathway to connect Geranium Drive to Escobar Drive. The path will include ramps and handrails, as well as lighting, landscaping and trash receptacles. The project’s total approximate budget is $580,000.

La Playa Drain – Supports the development of a pedestrian and bicycle corridor along La Playa Drain between Liberty Street and Padilla Drive.  The project consists of a 10 ft. pedestrian and bicycle path with trees, vegetation, new lighting, benches, bike racks, trash receptacles, ADA compliant ramps and pet waste stations.  The corridor will provide connectivity to several existing neighborhoods, J.P. Shawver Park, and the existing Yarbrough Drive bike lane. The total approximate budget is $1,160,000.

Edgemere Parkway Improvements – Development of a multimodal pathway along Edgemere Boulevard just to the east of Geronimo Drive and to the west of Robert E. Lee Road.  The project will include trees, vegetation, new lighting, a park bench, a trash receptacle, and ADA compliant ramps. The total approximate budget is $988,000.

All projects are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017, and the construction schedules can be modified in order to accommodate any unforeseen conditions or events.

CDBG funds have a major impact in communities throughout El Paso, they not only improve parks, but they also enhance housing and neighborhood facilities such as community centers, senior citizen centers, libraries, and streets, building a sense of community pride.

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