• May 13, 2021

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New Shepard mission results in successful demonstration of Crew Capsule

Thursday morning, from their launch facility located 120 miles east of El Paso, Blue Origin successfully completed its 14th mission to space and back for the New Shepard program. Company officials shared that Mission NS-14 featured a crew capsule outfitted with astronaut experience upgrades for upcoming flights with passengers onboard. Also today during ascent, the booster rotated at 2-3 degrees per […]Read More

UTEP President Wilson named to Blue Origin’s Board of Advisors

Tuesday morning, officials with Blue Origin announced the formation of its Board of Advisors, which includes notable former government space leaders, industry executives, as well as UTEP’s President. “We are so proud to have attracted this amazingly talented group of experts. This Board will help us drive our mission forward, provide us guidance on our […]Read More

Blue Origin-led National Team delivers  Lunar Lander Engineering Mockup to NASA

Thursday, the Blue Origin-led Human Landing System (HLS) National Team – comprised of Blue Origin, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Draper – delivered an engineering mockup of a crew lander vehicle that could take American astronauts to the Moon. The lander is set up in the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility (SVMF), NASA Johnson Space Center’s (JSC) iconic Building 9. The full-scale engineering mockup showcases two elements […]Read More

Blue Origin announces National Team for NASA’s Human Landing System

On Tuesday, Blue Origin officials announced a national team to offer a Human Landing System for NASA’s Artemis program to return Americans to the lunar surface by 2024. Blue Origin has signed teaming agreements with Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Draper. These partners have decades of experience supporting NASA with human space flight systems, launch […]Read More

Blue Origin Set to Launch NASA-Sponsored Payloads Tuesday

Monday morning, officials with Blue Origin, the regional spaceflight company with launch facilities located just north Van Horn, announced a new launch scheduled for Tuesday morning. Blue Origin’s next New Shepard mission (NS-10) is currently targeting liftoff Tuesday, December 18 at 7:30 am.  This will be the 10th New Shepard mission and is dedicated to bringing nine NASA-sponsored research […]Read More