• September 25, 2020

Tags : border wall

Video+Info: Trump declares national emergency to build border wall

President Donald Trump made the national emergency announcement from the Rose Garden of the White House on Friday. Watch the president’s remarks in the player above, video stream courtesy PBS News Hour. To read about the announcement, click here; to read about the lawsuit opposing the declaration, click here. To read the actual “Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2019” […]Read More

Trump announces national emergency at U.S.-Mexico border

President Trump on Friday declared a national emergency as a means to circumvent Congress and build additional border barriers. He is seeking to secure about $6.5 billion more in funding than Congress has approved. Trump also plans to sign spending legislation to avert a government shutdown, his acting chief of staff said. Many of Trump’s […]Read More

Lawsuits To Be Filed in D.C. Against President Trump Over

Officials with Protect Democracy and the Niskanen Center announced Friday morning that they have prepared a lawsuit and will file it if President Trump issues a declaration of national emergency. In early January, the President threatened to declare a national emergency if Congress did not allocate border wall funding. On Friday, the White House announced that it […]Read More

Audio+Gallery+Story: Redrawing the Border, Dividing History and Nature

As stories and coverage of  border security have dominated the media landscape lately; pundits, politicians and the public alike are all seemingly divided over the proposals. Regardless of the media outlet, debate over the the proposed wall or – more specifically – the of financing and placement for the border wall, is inescapable. Although the government […]Read More

Op-Ed: A Card Game and the Border Wall

With the issue of border security and border wall funding flooding just about every media outlet, the topic of the wall, and just how and where it will be built has been popular fodder for many. And while the government could use eminent domain to just take land from private owners who are otherwise unwilling […]Read More