• May 13, 2021

Tags : Borderland Rainbow Center (BRC)

Op-Ed: The Healing Power of Virtual Support Groups

April Fools’ Day 2020 did not have the laughter, pranks and jokes that we’ve come to expect or anticipate. As a culture, we’ve been cut off from social gatherings to protect the larger public health and safety concerns brought on by COVID-19. But as humans, we still need laughter, the chance to share, the space […]Read More

Op-Ed: Anti-Racism Work is for Everyone

On Monday evening, August 26th, we had our last session of our free Anti-Racism Training at Borderland Rainbow Center (BRC.) When Brenda first presented the idea to me of creating an anti-racist training, we had a vision that this training would be attended by white people in the community who were at a place in […]Read More

Op-Ed: Why I Love the BRC

I am a kid that goes to the Borderland Rainbow Center (BRC). The BRC is a place people can come when they are learning about who they are. First, I love the BRC because I get to talk to Dr. Brenda. She is the founder of the BRC, she always has great stories. My favorite […]Read More