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Thursday , August 16 2018
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Video+Story: Books Force Brown Middle School Students to Tackle ‘Fear Factors’

Brown Middle School students faced their fears Thursday, eating bugs and touching strange objects – all for the love of books.

Librarian Patricia Johnson drew inspiration from reality television show Fear Factor, transforming the library with caution tape and creepy crawlies.

“I like watching Fear Factor, so I thought this would be a fun way to get the students motivated to read, which is really the end goal,” Johnson said. “They are very excited about it.”

Students received tokens for every two dollars they spent at the book fair, giving them access to the three different fear stations. To participate, students also had to have a permission slip signed by their parents.

The library, usually a beacon of silence, quickly filled with squeals and resounding “ews” from each station.

“The kids get grossed out, which is always fun to watch,” Johnson said.

Student Breanne Aiken braved the Fear of the Dark station, crawling through an obstacle course in the darkened book room with her friend Aubrey Sosa.

“I came today because it sounded like a lot of fun,” Aiken said. “I wanted to face my fear of the dark and also see what kind of books they had at the book fair.”

Her friend and fellow seventh-grader Aubrey Sosa loves to read, picking up a few titles to add to her list.

“I am reading a few books right now” Sosa said. “I am reading ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ and ‘A Child Called It.’ I am having a great time checking out the activities and am ready to do some challenges.”

Eighth-grade student Ibrahim Aljanabi took his chances at the tasting station, rolling a die to decide his fate between eating crickets, sardines or the mystery substance on a diaper.

“I was a little bit nervous when I rolled, but it landed on the side that let me pick,” Aljanabi said. “I chose the diaper and was relieved when I realized it was just chocolate.”

Parent Guadalupe Salazar was pulled to the tasting table as well, but by his daughter, sixth-grader Kaitlin Salazar where she downed a cricket like a champ.

“It was okay,” she said. “It didn’t really taste bad.”

Salazar was happy to bring Kaitlin to book fair to pick up some books and try something new.

“She told me about it yesterday afternoon, and I was pretty excited about it myself,” he said. “It’s a great idea to get the kids to read. They are definitely onto something. I think they should make it an annual thing.”

EPISD Connecting Languages Students Proudly Display Year’s Worth of Work

Connecting Languages is kicked off its spring showcases with dual-language students presenting the work they’ve done throughout the year.

The first event was at Ross Middle School, where on last Tuesday afternoon students showed off their dual-language projects in all the core subjects — from math and science to social studies. Parents and community members were invited to attend the showcase at the school’s cafeteria on Tuesday.

“We want to build more global-minded students and citizens,” principal Jason Yturralde said. “The dual-language students are taking more pride in their own cultures and learning about others, as well. We are very proud of them.”

unnamed (49)The showcases will continue through the rest of the month at different campuses.

Teacher Reynaldo Orozco, the first dual-language teacher at Ross, has seen the program grow and blossom. He began with around 14 students and now has over 60 students in his social studies classes.

“It’s getting bigger and bigger, and more teachers are getting involved,” Orozco said. “It’s a lot of collaborative work, with students pairing up or working in groups and being more engaged with the content.”

Student Joshua Moreno was nervous to present his work, but he is happy to be part of the dual-language program at Ross.

“It’s a cool program. I learn more,” Moreno said. “I feel proud of what we have worked on in class.”

Teacher Charles Knight has seen a change in the way students learn, improving scores across the board, especially for students testing in social studies for the first time.

“This helps give them the academic vocabulary, which is such a big part of the curriculum,” Knight said.

Eighth-grader Hannah Juarez enjoys expanding her knowledge two languages.

“I like how both languages are so intricate and different. They each have their own story and cultural significance,” Juarez said.

Juarez presented her Holocaust project, delivering her research information in both English and Spanish.

“I like being able to say I can communicate in two languages,” Juarez said. “I really want to encourage other kids and families to learn another language. It’s something I am very proud of.”

The schedule of Connecting Languages Spring Showcases is as follows:

  • May 23, 6 to 7 p.m. at Brown Middle School.
  • May 24, 5:30 to 7 p.m. at MacArthur School.

New Principals for Brown Middle, Lea Elementary Announced

The El Paso Independent School District today announced the appointment of two experienced educators to lead Brown Middle School and Tom Lea Elementary School as new principals.

Michelle Casillas will begin her tenure as principal at Tom Lea starting on Monday, Feb. 6., Laurie Enloe will take over at Brown starting on Thursday, Feb. 9.

“Ms. Casillas and Ms. Enloe are joining the ranks of wonderful principals here at EPISD and we couldn’t be happier,” said Superintendent Juan Cabrera. “They both bring a wealth of experience as teachers and administrators, and I know they will be part of the efforts to make EPISD a premier school district in the state and the country.”

Casillas currently serves as the assistant principal of Ascarate Elementary School in the Ysleta Independent School District. She was a classroom teacher at Scotsdale and Capistrano elementary schools. Casillas earned education degrees from the University of Texas at El Paso.

Enloe is currently the assistant principal for guidance and instruction at Burges High School.

She’s previously taught special education and was a diagnostician in both Ysleta and EPISD. Enloe has a bachelor’s in business administration from New Mexico State University and a master’s from UTEP.