• September 19, 2020

Tags : canutillo high school

Alumni Foundation Sends Canutillo Kids to College

Canutillo alumni have worked together to provide scholarships for graduates since 2004 and are proud to announce a new partnership with the Paso del Norte Foundation to further their mission. The Canutillo Independent School District and the alumni group established an agency-advised fund to help meet the needs of the Canutillo Alumni Foundation for Education (CAFÉ). Earlier this year, […]Read More

Story in Many Pics: Del Valle Downs Canutillo 37-14

The much anticipated cross-town match up between the Canutillo Eagles and the Del Valle Conquistadores took to the field Friday night in the Mission Valley. While the visiting Eagles kept pace with the Conquistadores, Del Valle’s power soon overwhelmed Canutillo, en route to a 37-14 win. Our very own Andres ‘Ace’ Acosta was there and […]Read More