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Friday , October 19 2018
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Art Show Review: All Are Invited Inside (AAII) Show in Las Cruces

Dominique Isiah Tafoya is the creative force behind All Are Invited Inside (AAII). He celebrated his first art show in Las Cruces, on Tuesday, June 13th.

The show itself brought out a plethora of colorful characters from diverse backgrounds. This show was comprised of a series of paintings that resonate a type of Warhol-Esque feeling amongst its viewers, AAII is a revolution in the era of Trump.

Unapologetically queer, Dominique throws his audience into the world of LGBTQ culture with his paintings of drag queens, intimate moments between men, and transexual women. Local queer icons such as Puto Kahlo and Carnitas Wilson served as models for some of his paintings.

19183973_1353733681342590_1888634672_nBesides his obvious queer influence, AAII also brings paintings celebrating people of color such as his painting “Forever Mine, Never Yours” which depicts a black women with the note “don’t bleach” on her black skin, “don’t touch” on her curly hair, “don’t minimize” on her nose, and “don’t steal” on her lips.

In the current world of bad politics and an administration that has completely ignored the existence of the LGBTQ community and been accused of being insensitive to the needs of people of color, AAII brings a breath of fresh air, resistance and self assurance that we all need to take.

Like many greats before him, Tafoya throws the things that many choose to ignore into the face of the audience. In times of political turmoil and unsettling social problems that many choose to ignore in our system, art is a weapon that brings these things to light, Tafoya not only does this but does it effortlessly with a stroke of his brush on the canvas.

Dominique’s art is both provocative and assuring, and we can bet that we have a lot to look forward to from the young artist. You can check out AAII on Instagram at @allareinvitedinside




Guest Contributor: Chandelier Kahlo

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