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Wednesday , December 12 2018
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Good Grades, Attendance Earns CCTA Student a Car

CCTA student Saraih Ruan has kept up her grades and made it to class nearly every day this school year in preparation for graduation. She never imagined her hard work would also yield a free car and a new lease on life.

Thanks to a partnership with the College Career and Technology Academy and the Viva Auto Group, Saraih is now the proud owner of a Nissan Rogue — a car that she says will benefit her eight-month-old son Yahel.

“I feel excited and blessed,” Ruan said. “I just want what is best for my son, and this is going to make it easier for me to get him to places.”

To be eligible for the car, students had to earn A’s and B’s all semester, participate in extracurricular activities, have fewer than five absences and submit a personal essay for review. A committee of judges used a rubric system to determine the score of each essay submitted.

The winner of the contest was announced at the school’s awards presentation.

Before the official announcement teacher Debra Brooks read the winner’s essay. It was not difficult to see who wrote the essay after the first few lines were read aloud.

CCTA student Saraih Ruan won a car for getting good grades and having good attendance.  Ruan was grateful to the Viva Auto Group for their donation. She and her son will benefit greatly, she said.
CCTA student Saraih Ruan won a car for getting good grades and having good attendance. Ruan was grateful to the Viva Auto Group for their donation. She and her son will benefit greatly, she said.

“It was a very emotional experience. I couldn’t believe it,” Ruan said. “The first thing that happened was the happy tears.”

In the essay, Ruan talks about her struggles not only as a teenage mother but also the financial struggles her family has faced. Despite the many obstacles, she was determined to finish school a year early and hopes to pursue a career as a pediatric nurse after she graduates.

“I had to give time to two really important things in my life — school and my son. I knew I had to focus on graduating and going to college,” Ruan wrote. “Having a vehicle will make a huge impact on my life.”

Ruan had the choice between four different pre-owned vehicles. Ultimately she picked the Nissan because she felt it was the best choice for she and her son.

“I just want him to be safe,” Ruan said. “Everything I do is for him. I want to be his hero.”

Viva Auto Group owner Jimmy Dick was on hand to witness Ruan’s tears of joy as she and her son stood in front of their new car.

“I’m really enjoying the day and watching her emotions. It’s great to see,” Dick said. “It will have an impact on her life. She will be able to drive to school and work.”

Principal Adan Lopez was more than happy to see one of his students enjoy the fruits of their labor.

“What this is really about is celebrating student success and impacting lives in a positive way and making dreams come true,” Lopez said. “There has been a lot of changes in her life, a lot of barriers, and we just want to recognize the level of commitment these students have to their education.”

El Paso ISD’s CCTA students could win car with good grades

Students at the College, Career and Technology Academy (CCTA) will have more than a high-school diploma driving their efforts to make good grades and attend classes regularly.

Thanks to a partnership with Viva Auto Group, CCTA students who earn high marks and have stellar attendance will qualify to win a certified used car.

“It’s going to encourage a lot of students here,” CCTA sophomore Ryan Brown said. “If I can get a car just by coming to school and getting good grades, I’m going to definitely strive for that.”

Viva and CCTA announced their partnership earlier this week during a ceremony at the campus.

CCCTA is a countywide school of choice for young adults ages 17 to 26 who want an opportunity to complete their graduation requirements while earning professional certifications and college credit. The school is located in the former Houston Elementary School.

Officials at the school said the partnership with Viva will give students an additional impetus to become successful in the classroom.

To qualify to win the car, students must be ranked in the top 10 percent of their class and have a good attendance record.

news_2314_m“I think it’s important that we help students who are making an effort to complete their education,” Viva Marketing Director Raul Rodriguez said. “This will help out not only during high school but also in college when they are pursuing a career.”

CCTA teacher Debbie Brooks reached out to Viva owner Jimmy Dick to help with student incentives, like a gift card, but never expected a donation of a vehicle.

Alternative campuses like CCTA provide an opportunity for students to complete their graduation requirements, but these campuses often struggle with attendance issues, said principal Adan Lopez.

“It’s great to develop partnerships like this that generating greater incentives for the students,” Lopez said. “Any encouragement to get the kids to class is great.”

Author: El Paso ISD

Bordertown Undergroun Show 728
RHINOS 2018-2019 728