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Thursday , February 27 2020
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Allstate Agency Owners Help CAFSV with Supply Drive, Earn $17,000 Grant

El Paso-area Allstate agency owners recently joined Allstate volunteers across the state to secure Allstate Foundation Helping Hands grants to benefit 15 Texas nonprofit organizations who serve domestic violence survivors.

This includes a $17,000 grant for the Center Against Sexual & Family Violence Inc., that the nonprofit will use the funding to support survivors and advance the work of the organization.

“With one in four women experiencing domestic violence in her lifetime, this is an issue affecting every community, including El Paso,” said Rudy Ledesma, Allstate agency owner in El Paso. “We’re proud to dedicate our time and collect much-needed resources to support these vital local organizations and the survivors they serve. We care about helping survivors and their families break the cycle of violence in their lives.”

Allstate volunteers empowered local community members to donate critical supplies, such as clothing, housewares and personal care items – a powerful way to support domestic violence nonprofits providing life-changing services to survivors of domestic violence and financial abuse.

Organizations like the Center Against Sexual & Family Violence Inc. often operate with limited resources and collecting supplies helps nonprofits focus on serving more survivors.

The Center Against Sexual & Family Violence Inc. is one of thousands of organizations this year to receive Allstate Foundation Helping Hands grants secured by Allstate agency owners and financial specialists for their volunteer efforts. The grants support organizations addressing domestic violence, youth empowerment, disaster preparedness, hunger and other causes.

Participating El Paso-area Allstate agency owner volunteers include (in alphabetical order by last name):

  • Bianca Alderette
  • Daniel Andrus
  • Daniel Corona
  • Ricardo Estrada
  • Myrna Faz
  • Arturo Gonzalez
  • Julio Segura Guerra
  • Eric Kent
  • Rodolfo Ledesma
  • Ericka Leon
  • Guadalupe Maldonado-Thrasher
  • Eva Martinez
  • Gilbert Martinez
  • John McGee
  • Rogelio Portillo
  • Elizabeth Torres
  • Zulema Valles

The supply drive was part of a multi-state effort of The Allstate Foundation benefitting 35 participating domestic violence nonprofits in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia.

The volunteer efforts raised $340,000 in grants for the nonprofits, including $153,000 for organizations in Texas.

Area Allstate Agency Owners Hosting Donation Supply Drive for CASFV Through November 16

El Paso-area Allstate agency owners will collect critical supplies through November 16 to benefit the Center Against Sexual and Family Violence and the domestic violence survivors they serve.

The most-needed items include shampoo, body wash, bar soap, baby wipes, and diapers, and a full list can be found at online.

Domestic violence programs across the country frequently lack sufficient funding and often operate with limited resources. Through their volunteer efforts of hosting supply drives, the agency owners will secure an Allstate Foundation Helping Hands grant which will enable the Center Against Sexual & Family Violence to further its work in the community.

Community members can drop off items for donation at the following Allstate locations:

  • Bianca Alderette: 12798 Egemere Blvd., Unit G, El Paso
  • Daniel Andrus: 1605 George Dieter Drive, Suite 308, El Paso
  • Daniel Corona: 158 Joe Battle Blvd., Suite 106, El Paso
  • Ricardo Estrada: 3660 George Dieter, Suite A, El Paso
  • Myrna Faz: 3800 N. Mesa St., Suite A1, El Paso
  • Arturo Gonzalez: 5255 Transmountain, Suite 3, El Paso
  • Eric Kent: 5909 N. Mesa St., El Paso
  • Rudy Ledesma: 6801 N. Mesa St., Suite B206, El Paso
  • Rudy Ledesma: 6822 Gateway Blvd. E, Suite D-6, El Paso
  • Ericka Leon: 3010 Saulkeinfield, Suite C, El Paso
  • Lupe Maldonado-Thrasher: 10420 Montwood Drive, Suite F, El Paso
  • Eva Martinez: 1810 Trawood, Suite C, El Paso
  • Gilbert Martinez: 12302 Montana Ave., Suite 702, El Paso
  • Mark McGee: 657 Horizon Blvd., Suite K, Socorro
  • Roy Portillo: 1320 N. Yarbrough, El Paso
  • Julio Segura: 1237 Lomaland Drive, Suite D, El Paso
  • Elizabeth Torres: 1801 N. Zaragosa, Suite E, El Paso
  • Zulema Valles: 4301 Montana Ave., Suite B, El Paso

One in four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime regardless of socio-economic background or ethnicity. Financial abuse occurs in 99 percent of all domestic violence cases.

Since 2005, The Allstate Foundation, through its Purple Purse initiative, has invested over $60 million to raise public awareness of domestic violence and financial abuse and has empowered more than 1.3 million survivors on the road to safety and security through financial education resources.

The supply drives are part of a multi-city Allstate Foundation Purple Purse effort to raise awareness and help domestic violence nonprofits in 15 cities across Texas.

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