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Sunday , October 21 2018
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Texas State Senator Rodriguez: Let the Syrian refugees in

Earlier this week, I was honored to welcome 351 new U.S. citizens, representing 32 countries, at a naturalization ceremony at the El Paso Civic Center.

They came from all over the world, including from countries that are experiencing devastating conflict, such as Iraq and Ukraine. I cannot imagine not welcoming them.

Yet today, our governor said that Texas will no longer accept refugees from Syria. Not accepting Syrian refugees will not make Texans any safer, and betrays the values of liberty we offer the world as an example.

Today, as I stood before hundreds of newcomers and their families eager to embrace our country, I had the thought: What if America does not embrace them back?

We all now have a greater stake than ever in helping this country on its path to becoming a more perfect union, with liberty and justice for all.

Author: Texas State Senator Jose Rodriguez