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Sunday , October 21 2018
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‘Ask Laura’ Now Available on Planning and Inspections Website

The Planning and Inspections Department, in partnership with the Purchasing and Strategic Sourcing Department, launched virtual information officer Ask Laura, an interactive online avatar on the Planning and Inspections webpage.

According to news release, city official say, “Ask Laura will assist customers in navigating the Planning and Inspection’s website, provide instant responses to questions, and offer links for additional information.”

Government Technology has called Ask Laura “a real game changer” 

Customer Service – Ask Laura provides users with a unique customer service experience by providing immediate information on topics that include where to find City Code requirements for zoning, platting, and permitting and information on submitting applications and the required fees to rezone or subdivide a property.

Efficiency – Ask Laura will significantly reduce the amount of time that the Planning and Inspections Department spends in responding to frequently asked questions. This allows staff to be reassigned to other strategic initiatives.

“Ask Laura” is available by visiting