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Sunday , December 16 2018
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City Completes Review of Initiative Petitions on TIRZ, MACC and MPC

The City of El Paso has completed its review of signatures submitted for two separate initiative petitions filed with the City Clerk’s office on November 5, 2018.

Community members submitted two petitions, one related to Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones, and the other petition related to Mexican American Cultural Center (MACC) and the Multipurpose Performing Arts and Entertainment Center (MPC).

One of the initiative petitions filed is seeking to enact an ordinance calling for the immediate termination of Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) 12 as well as Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones 10 and 10a, which are all located in West El Paso.

The City Clerk’s office authenticated 1,755 signatures of the registered voters submitted for this petition within the 30 working days mandated by City Charter. The introduction of a public hearing related to this proposed ordinance will be held during the City Council meeting scheduled for December 18, 2018.

Council earlier this year adopted a resolution enacting a two-year moratorium to halt development within TIRZ 12 and preserve Lost Dog Trail and Trailhead. The moratorium does not impact the proposed initiative petitions.

Voters in May 2019 will have the opportunity to consider another initiative petition calling for the TIRZ 12 land to be preserved in perpetuity.

The required signatures related to this initiative petition were authenticated by the City Clerk’s office back in September 2018.

The other initiative petition reviewed by the City Clerk’s office sought changes to the 2012 Quality of Life Bond Proposition language that authorizes the City to issue bonds for the Mexican American Cultural Center and the Multipurpose Performing Arts and Entertainment Center. The petition proposed changes to the location and funding for the projects.

The City Clerk’s review determined that the petition did not contain the requisite number of signatures.  A total of 1,541 signatures were verified on this petition.

This review was also conducted within the 30 working days mandated by City Charter.

A total of 1,666 signatures were required to allow either of the proposed ordinances to continue through the Initiative Process.

City Approves Final Scope of Work, Budget for Paseo De Las Luces Project

Construction will soon being on improvements to Paseo De Las Luces, an iconic corridor in the heart of El Paso’s Downtown Shopping District that has long served as a gateway welcoming international travelers.

On Tuesday, City Council approved a resolution increasing the project’s budget to $6.4 million to cover an expanded scope of work. The project will be funded through a tax increment reinvestment zone and revenues from both Saturday parking meters and international bridges toll fees.

“This is more than just a street improvement project,” Capital Improvement Department Director Sam Rodriguez said. “This iconic corridor connecting San Jacinto Plaza to our international bridges will be reenergized. The project honors our cultural heritage while creating a great space for our residents and visitors, and serving as a catalyst for economic development for our binational and tristate region.”

Construction will begin this month and the work completed by the end of the year. The street improvements will enhance street and pedestrian safety while creating new economic development opportunities by bringing together public art, urban design, and neighborhood revitalization strategies.

Signature archways will adorn the entrances to the heritage corridor, adding to the great streetscape that will be both walkable and welcoming. In addition, string lights will span the width of the street and wrap around new trees.  The decorative archways are part of the Sun City Lights initiative.

This project is part of the City’s efforts to promote the visual image of El Paso and enhance quality of life through recreational, cultural and educational environments.

City Warns About New Phishing Scam Attempt Targeting Vendors

The City of El Paso is warning vendors about what appears to be new phishing scam targeting vendors and involving suspicious email and a fake website.

A vendor recently contacted City staff and indicated the company received a suspicious email that looked like it came from the City of El Paso. The email requested that the vendor update their vendor information online using a link within the email. The link directed them to a website that looked like the City’s website.

In response to this notification, the City has reached out to law enforcement to report the incident.

As a precaution, the Purchasing Department is contacting vendors registered with the City to inform them of this incident and to encourage them to reach out to the department should they have any concerns about requests for their vendor information.

City officials encourage vendors who may have received a similar suspicious email to contact the Purchasing Department via telephone at (915) 212-1189.

Video: Your City in 5: December 9th

Rick Isaias has the scoop on the new Alameda Brio that recently broke ground. Plus, there’s an exciting video that showcases all the events from the Downtown Holiday Fiesta including WinterFest and San Jacinto lighting ceremony.

In addition, there’s information on all the festive events sponsored by the City of El Paso including Parks and Recreation and library programs.

Bordertown Undergroun Show 728