• January 25, 2022

Tags : climate change

Climate change stresses El Paso area power grid

As El Paso experiences a long-term heat wave with temperatures climbing above 100 degrees during an extreme drought, concerns increase about whether West Texas and parts of New Mexico could be without power at times. El Paso and Hudspeth counties were spared from deadly blackouts following the near-gridwide failure during the 2021 winter freeze, in […]Read More

NMSU Climate Change Education Seminar Series Set for November 7

New Mexico State University will host its third presentation of the NMSU Climate Change Education Seminar Series known as NMSUCCESS. The presentation titled ‘The Three S’s of Climate Change: Simple, Serious and Solvable,’ will outline the dynamics of climate change, the ramifications of climate change across the social, economic, political and environmental landscape, and steps […]Read More

Op-Ed: The Ethics of Climate Change

The National Wildlife Foundation estimates that the United States is the second largest global contributor of carbon emissions, though only comprising a mere 4.4% of the global population. It seems that the apparent dangers of rising sea levels, devastating coastal floods, damaging wildfires, destructive hurricanes, and increasingly threatening heat waves somehow all seem to fall short in providing the necessary motivation […]Read More

Study: Fast-Growing Texas Cities Are Hot – and Getting Hotter

SAN ANTONIO – The effects of climate change on temperatures don’t appear to be deterring people from moving to some of Texas’ largest cities, according to a new report. The website Sparefoot, which helps people locate storage space, rates the fastest-growing cities in the country by how rapidly their average temperatures are rising. Earning places two […]Read More

Bill Would Allow Climate-Change Denial in Texas Classrooms

AUSTIN – A state legislative committee will consider a proposal that would allow climate-change denial to be taught in Texas public schools. Texas is among several states considering laws that would block state and local school officials from limiting teachers to lessons using evidence-based science. Jose Medina, deputy communications director for the Texas Freedom Network, says […]Read More