• June 24, 2022

Tags : Critical Race Theory

Texas teachers say GOP’s new social studies law will hinder

When Texas teachers return to their public or open-enrollment charter school classrooms later this year, a new state law will restrict how they can discuss current events, encourage civic engagement and teach about America’s history of racism. Texas educators who spoke to The Texas Tribune overwhelmingly denounced the new law, born from House Bill 3979 […]Read More

Texas Senate bill seeks to strip required lessons on people

Texas lawmakers have filed at least three bills targeting how racism, current events and the country’s founding principles are taught in K-12 schools — including a senate bill that would strip out upcoming requirements that students learn white supremacy is “morally wrong” and study particular writings by women and people of color. Senate Bill 3 […]Read More

Op-Ed: Dear History Teachers – Welcome to the Club

Dear History Teachers, Sorry for the recent dust-up over Critical Race Theory. Seems that you are the new target of the red hats for the next few news cycles until they find a new fake crisis to get all irked up about. Truly I am sorry. You know and I know that they don’t even […]Read More

Op-Ed: Sunday Quiz – What do these 100 things all

What do these 100 things all have in common? Critical Race Theory Black Lives Matters ANTIFA Rock Music Sharia Law Violent Video Games Transgender People Gay Marriage 1619 Project Benghazi Covid Vaccines Nationalism Culturalism AIDS Welfare babies Pizza Gate United Nations Area 51 Barack Obama Ukraine Jews Death Panels Health Care for All Food Stamps […]Read More

How Barbara Streisand helps with Critical Race Theory

In 2003, famous rich person Barbara Streisand went to court to try to stop an obscure photographer from completing an obscure project documenting the obscure topic of beach erosion in California. Because her house butted up to and overlooked one of the public beaches the photographer was photographing, the famously private Streisand thought that by […]Read More

Op-Ed: Texas Education and Critical Race Theory

The same folks that don’t want your kids to know that Texas was founded by a bunch of socially ostracized white guys that felt that they were above the laws of a sovereign country and just squatted their way to forming this here state, now don’t want your kids to be taught that just maybe, we […]Read More