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Saturday , August 17 2019
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Video+Story: Groundbreaking Ceremony Marks Starts of Major Construction at Crockett

While the school year may be coming to a close, work at most EPISD Bond 2016 campuses is not taking a summer break.

District officials, campus staff and students participated in a groundbreaking ceremony at Crockett Elementary School for the first of the major construction projects that are funded by the voter-approved Bond 2016 program.

Students in yellow construction hats helped turned the dirt over for the start of a $6.9-million renovation and upgrade to the historic Central El Paso school.

Some of the work includes renovations and repairs to the historic façade of the building, new playgrounds and perimeter fencing, new drop-off zone and parking areas, roof replacement, construction of 21st century technology classrooms, and ADA and electrical upgrades throughout the school.

“We have been looking forward to this for quite some time,” principal Elco Ramos said. “We were able to include all the things we had identified from the bond advisory committee, so we are very excited to finally have this in the works.”

Trustee Susie Byrd, who represents the neighborhoods that surround Crockett, talked to the students about her years as a student at the Central school.

“I remember playing kickball on this playground and skinning my knee all the time, but now you guys will be able to play on some grass,” Byrd said. “We want to provide a place where all you’re focused on is learning and staying engaged with your teacher. That’s really what the goal of this project was. We want you to go to a school that you’re proud of – where you go to feel safe and comfortable.”

Fourth-grader Carlos Albidrez is looking forward to the improvements, especially being able to get to school on time.

“I feel really good. I feel like it’s going to help us because it’s going to be easier getting into school,” he said, noting that the current drop-off zone creates long lines of cars. “It’s really going to clear up traffic when you get to where you drop off your kids.”

Fellow classmate Julian Priego can’t wait to run through the new grass once its planted.

“I think it’s going to be a lot more safe because with rocks around people can throw them,” Julian said. “It’s going to be more fun and safe with grass.”

But perhaps some of the most important work will be in the preservation of the historic building, which turns 100 in 2020, as well as the upgrades in classrooms the school will receive.

As part of Bond 2016, new 21st century classrooms will be built in the school.

“This is a beautiful, old school that deserves to be preserved and admired,” said Board President Trent Hatch. “But that doesn’t mean the kids who attend this campus don’t deserve the latest in technology and instruction. Bond 2016 will help us get that here.”

This is the first in a series of groundbreaking for major construction projects funded by Bond 2016.

The Board of Trustees will soon begin approving contracts for major school construction and renovations that include significant upgrades to 17 campuses.

Story by Alicia Chumley  |  Photos by Leonel Monroy  |  Video by Angel Dominguez – EPISD

Video+Story: El Paso’s Own Khalid Surprises Crockett Students, Delivers Presents

Singer and El Paso-favorite artist Khalid had a special “Location” this Monday Morning: Crockett Elementary School.

The Grammy-nominated artist took time from his busy schedule to stop by the school and hand-deliver more than 500 gifts — one for every student at Crockett.

“It means the world to me to come back to El Paso and give out gifts to the kids because with everything that I’ve done, with every award, I’ve always thanked El Paso,” he said. “I feel like this is definitely a home for me so to see the smiles on all the kids’ faces when I gave them all the gifts is something I will carry with me wherever I go.”

The visit was a surprise to the students, who were told to gather in the historic auditorium of the school for a special guest. When Principal Elco Ramos asked them to guess who it was, the excited students chanted: Santa!

The chants turned to shrieks of excitement as the crowd recognized the “American Teen” artist when the curtains of the stage were drawn to reveal him.

“You can see the humility in him and the love and wanting to give back to the community, Ramos said. “Our kids were very excited to see him, and we are truly appreciative what he’s done for our school.”

Linda Wolfe, Khalid’s mother, organized the event after calling around looking for the perfect school. She said Crockett’s student body is what her son liked the best.

“Ms. Wolfe reached out to me after Thanksgiving break. I wasn’t expecting that call,” counselor Beatrice Garza said. “It was really hard to keep it a surprise. There was just five of us that knew. We tried to honor his mother’s wishes because they really wanted it to be more about the kids, not about him.”

The students certainly were surprised and excited.

Fifth-grader America Martinez was overcome with tears when she saw him on stage.

“I was so surprised. It was really exciting to meet him,” she said between sobs. “I think it’s really nice that he came out to see us.”

Khalid’s fame and pop-culture impact was not lost among the students – especially the older ones. A group of fourth-graders sang his hit “Location” while they waited in line to receive a gift from him.

“It says a lot that the kids know who I am because it means the parents are the ones playing the music for the kids, which is super awesome,” Khalid said.

Fifth-grade student Anissa Nevarez couldn’t believe her eyes.

“I was thinking like ‘oh my gosh.’ I can’t believe I am in the same room as him. I never really thought I would meet someone famous,” she said. “I was really excited because he is an inspiration to me because someone from such a small town can have such a big impact on the world.”

Meeting him reaffirmed her admiration for him, not only as a singer but as a person.

“He’s very down to Earth. He’s very nice,” Anissa said. “I can’t believe he came and bought us all the presents and gave them to us by hand. I never thought anyone would go that far to make an entire school happy.”

Khalid was all smiles, greeting every single student and even stopping to pose for a couple photos.

“I love the fact that everybody was super thankful,” he said. “This is definitely the first of many. I am so glad I am able to help out El Paso.”

Story/ photos by Alicia Chumley – Video by Raymond Jackson/EPISD

Two El Paso ISD Schools among 26 Texas Blue Ribbon Nominees

Two El Paso ISD campuses are among the selective group of 26 Texas schools that have been nominated for the 2017 National Blue Ribbon Award recognizing the top schools in the country.

Dr. Green Elementary School and Maxine Silva Health Magnet High Schools were among the group of exemplary, high performing schools that are vying to compete for the privilege of being named a Blue Ribbon School. Winners will be announced in September.

“It’s an honor to be among the handful of Texas school districts that have schools on the list of nominees,” said Superintendent Juan Cabrera. “The fact that we have two schools on that list is proof positive that the focus on future readiness and innovation in our classrooms is paying off.”

If Green is selected, it would join nine other schools – including Silva – in EPISD that have received a Blue Ribbon since the program’s inception in 1982.

Silva’s nomination gives it the opportunity to win its third Blue Ribbon Award. The school earned the distinction in 2003 and 2011 — the most awards of any school in El Paso County.

Besides Silva, the other EPISD schools with Blue Ribbons are: Crockett Elementary, Schuster Elementary, Hillside Elementary, Coldwell Elementary, Douglass Elementary, Transmountain Early College High, Cielo Vista Elementary and Lamar Elementary.

Nominated schools must now complete a rigorous application process that will be monitored by the U.S. Department of Education. Winners will be recognized during a Blue Ribbon awards ceremony in Washington, D.C.

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