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Wednesday , January 23 2019
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Hospitals of Providence Memorial Campus Adds Second Fourth-Gen Xi Robotic Surgical System

The Hospitals of Providence Memorial Campus has added a second fourth-generation Xi robotic surgical system, expanding its ability to offer robotic surgeries to patients.

“The Hospitals of Providence continues to expand technology and resources to better serve our patients,” said Dr. Salvador Saldivar, Gynecological Oncologist and Medical Director for Robotic Surgery for The Hospitals of Providence Memorial Campus.

“The da Vinci Xi provides a less invasive surgery equating to better outcomes for our patients by decreasing the length of stay in the hospital, faster recovery times and less risk of infection,” Dr. Saldivar added

The Xi advances minimally invasive surgery for patients and surgeons by offering revolutionary anatomical access, magnified 3D high-definition vision and special wristed instruments that bend and rotate far greater than the human wrist. The surgical system is optimized for highly complex surgeries.

Officials with the Hospitals of Providence say the primary advantage of robotic assisted procedures, are accuracy and precision.

“With the addition of this latest robotic surgical system, The Hospitals of Providence now offers seven robots, giving more surgeons the tools they need to better care for our patients.”

For more information on procedures performed at The Hospitals of Providence for robotic surgeries, please visit their  website.

El Paso Doctor Performs Milestone 2000th Robotic Surgery

Urogynecologist Dr. Richard Farnam this week achieves unique status in the medical world by performing his 2000th robotic surgery.

Farnam credits his early adoption of technology and minimally invasive surgical procedures, with reaching this individual milestone that entire hospitals and health care centers more commonly achieve as a group.

“It’s an honor and a privilege to be one of a handful of surgeons in the country –  and in the world – to have had the opportunity to work with robots for so long,” said Farnam who did his residency at the Cleveland Clinic, which did early testing on the Intuitive Systems robot called the Standard System in 2002.

“It was something from the future. No one had ever even been able to conceive of a surgery where you can see three dimensions and have little wrists on the end of your robot hands,” he said.

Now he performs approximately 8 to 12 robotic surgeries a week using the advanced da Vinci Xi system at Las Palmas Hospital for surgical procedures ranging from hysterectomies and prolapse issues to endometriosis surgery.

His 2000th surgery is scheduled for 7 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 20 at Las Palmas Hospital.

The da Vinci robot has enabled gynecologic surgeons to offer a minimally invasive option to women and provide better outcomes than traditional open surgery.

“That’s why I choose robotics,” Farnam said. “There are demonstrable benefits to getting patients out the same day, including a lower risk of infections and blood clots.”

As the director of one of only six gynecologic da Vinci Robotic Epicenters in the nation, Dr. Farnam trains other physicians who come to El Paso to learn how to achieve excellent outcomes with robotic surgery.

“If they learn one thing that changes the life of one patient, then that’s how you make a difference. That’s how you make a true difference,” Farnam said.

RHINOS 2018-2019 728
Bordertown Undergroun Show 728