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Saturday , April 20 2019
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Spurs Star Danny Green Meets With Fans Ahead Of Weekend Basketball Clinic

Approximately 1,000 fans lined up for a meet and greet with San Antonio Spurs forward Danny Green, who returns to El Paso to host his basketball skills clinic for a second consecutive year.

Green signed autographs for fans of all ages from toddlers to military veterans at the National Furniture Liquidators Thursday night.

“I thought it was a good opportunity to interact with the fans that are non campers, not a lot of people get the chance to attend camp and interact with me,” Green said. “I think it’s a good opportunity for the older group to say hello, take some pictures and sign some autographs. Wanted everyone from the city to come meet and greet and have some fun.”

Green held the same skills clinic last year at the Don Haskins Recreational Center and said the return to El Paso was due to, “how much fun” they had last summer and it’s just another opportunity for fans who don’t always get an opportunity to see the Spurs play to interact with players like him.

“It was a no brainer, you see all the fans and how much love they show us, who would say no to this?,” Green said as fans cheered him on.

The camp will be held July 8 and 9 at Parkland High School from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and is open for boys and girls ages 8-17. There is a camp cost of $199 which includes an exclusive camp shirt and autographed photo with Green.

“We’re going to have a lot of fun, it’s all ages basically, grades two through ten, boys and girls, at Parkland High School,” Green said. “You can sign up when you get there or you can register at We’ll have us play against the campers a bit, we’ll teach them a lot about the game, a lot of fundamentals and about life.”







Spurs Danny Green Returns to El Paso in July for Two Day Camp

The San Antonio Spurs own Danny Green will be returning to the Sun City in July for a kids basketball camp.

Green first visited El Paso last year, where campers lined up around the block to get into the NBA star’s clinic and camp. At last year’s event Green shared his philosophy on life and basketball.

“Our intentions with these camps is to teach these kids the fundamentals of basketball, not just about basketball, but about life,” Green said. “Leadership skills and how to do things the right way…we’re going to teach them that work ethic is everything and how hard your work is going to depend on how successful you’ll be. There’s no secret to it.”

According to the camp’s website, “throughout our two-day clinics, Danny Green and the coaching staff will place campers in small groups to give instruction. Campers will be put through a plethora of drills focused on improving their basketball skills level.”

The drills are focused on improving campers ball-handling, shooting, passing, and defense.

Group rates are available for your team, school, or group of friends! For more information, please contact Darren Duncan at DUNCAND@GOLDLEVELSE.COM

**Please note: There will be a $25 Service fee added to payments made at the door

Dates:  JULY 8TH & 9TH, 2017

LOCATION: Parkland High School |5932 Quail Avenue


Open to Boys & Girls AGES: 8-17

COST:  $199

Each camper will receive:

  • An exclusive Nike Danny Green Camp Shirt

  • Camp Photo With Danny Green

  • An autograph from Danny Green (item provided – outside items not permitted)

In El Paso for Camp, Spurs’ Danny Green Relishes Being Role Model

Sports are often used as a tool to not only teach athletic skills, but life skills as well; that is what San Antonio Spurs guard Danny Green set out to do with his statewide basketball clinic tour, which makes its final stop in El Paso this weekend.

Green, who’s been coached by North Carolina’s Roy Williams and the Spurs’ Gregg Popovich, is using the knowledge he’s gained over the years and sharing it in his youth clinics.

“They taught me so much about life besides basketball, being on time, being early, being organized and how to become a man,” Green said. “Just the little things that I learned from coach Williams and Pop I instill and try to teach these kids because it’s not always about basketball, it’s about life and doing the right things. I believe in karma strongly and if you do the right things, good things will come your way.”

His influence comes from beyond that of his coaches, but also his teammates – especially one Tim Duncan –  who announced his retirement after 19 seasons with the Spurs on July 11.

Duncan and Green were teammates from 2010 to 2016, winning an NBA championship in the 2013-14 season.

“I’ll remember his as a winner, as a great, he was very fundamental. He made the game look easy,” Green said. “He won every single year, he brought an organization to the top and kept it at the top for 19 plus years. Not many people in any other sport have done that, he’ll definitely be remembered as a legendary player and person, very humble.”

Green said the lasting impact Duncan left on him is how he learned to be a professional.

Those experiences have led Green to organize camps like these, giving back to communities is something he said he learned at a young age.

“Our intentions with these camps is to teach these kids the fundamentals of basketball, not just about basketball, but about life,” Green said. “Leadership skills and how to do things the right way…we’re going to teach them that work ethic is everything and how hard your work is going to depend on how successful you’ll be. There’s no secret to it.”

Parents were just as excited as the kids attending the clinic, as hundreds lined up to make their way into the Don Haskins Recreational Center, most in their best Spurs apparel.

“We heard about this through the news that he was coming, I think back in May,” El Paso resident, Crystal Rivera said. “We signed (oldest son) him up right away, we were so excited. We thought it was amazing, it’s a great opportunity, we don’t have a lot of these experiences here in El Paso, it’s amazing for the kids to come out and participate. They were so excited, even our little one who’s not old enough, wished he could join the camp.”

That excitement kids show is something Green relishes, as he said it’s part and parcel of being an NBA player.

“It’s part of the job, as role models we’re suppose to inspire them, give them hope and let them know you’ll guide them, help guide them,” Green said. “Obviously a lot of these kids grow up in different areas and sometimes they don’t listen to their parents, it’s our job to reiterate that and inspire them to do great things because they’re capable of doing. Try to give them ways to utilize the resource they do have to be successful.”

Green’s clinic has a cost of $199 per attendee and, even with the fee, parents were pleased to have their kids learn from a professional and become active.

“It’s for my kids, I thought it was a lot, but this is the first time I sign up my kids for a camp,” Elizabeth Grajeda, who had two children attending said. “I don’t think it was too bad considering the activity that they’re getting. They were excited because they like the Spurs…I think the autograph was cool too.”

This is the first time Green hosts his clinic in the Borderland; as the tour that started in Austin, made its way to Laredo and Corpus Christi before finishing in El Paso. It concludes tomorrow with two more sessions from 9 a.m. to noon and at 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

“I’ve never done it before, a lot of people requested it, it’s a big city they give a lot of exposure to us,” Green said. “They’re fanatical about the Spurs, they came out and it’s amazing, the turnout we had today was amazing. The best one yet.”

Green will also be throwing the first pitch at the El Paso Chihuahuas game tomorrow, something he’s never done.

“I’ve just seen a couple of pitches go wrong so I’m going to have to get a couple of warm-ups in before I get out there,” Green said. “I’ve thrown a baseball before, but not like that, it shouldn’t be too hard.”

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