• May 7, 2021

Tags : DC Comics

VLog: TNTM’s Troy reviews DC Comics Batman #108

I haven’t been keeping up with Batman ever since the wedding that never happened. But then they put Tynion on the title and it has been picking up momentum. They have introduced some new interesting characters like Punchline, Clownhunter, Ghostmaker, and now Miracle Molly. Publisher Description (W) James Tynion IV (A) Jorge Jimenez, Ricardo Lopez […]Read More

VLog: TNTM’s Troy reviews DC Comics Green Lantern #2

I am a huge Green Lantern fan. I even liked the Ryan Reynolds movie (please don’t throw things at me). Lately I have been a little disappointed with the storylines for that title. It seems like Green Lantern comics haven’t been good since they got rid of the Red Lanterns title. After reading the first […]Read More

VLog: TNTM’s Troy reviews DC Comics Robin #1

Of all the people that have worn the Robin suit, Damian is my least favorite. He is the epitome of privileged, bratty, and irresponsible kid. If you agree with me about Damian, you’re gonna love the last panel of this book! Publishers Description (W) Joshua Williamson (A/CA) Gleb Melnikov After learning of the deadly League […]Read More

VLog: TNTM’s Troy reviews DC Comics Green Lantern #1

I have always been a huge Green Lantern fan. I didn’t even mind the movie (they should’ve used a better villain). The idea of all the different color Lantern Corps reflecting the spectrum of emotions is an idea I love. I even like the newer Green Lanterns, Simon Baz, Jessica Cruz, and Keli Quintela. There […]Read More

VLog: TNTM’s Troy unboxes & reviews Harley Quinn ‘Hell on

Ever since her debut in Batman Adventures, Harley Quinn has been a fan favorite. She has come a long way from her first appearance. She is no longer the Joker’s lackey/love interest. Harley has blossomed into a formidable character on her own. Sideshow Collectibles has captured her essence with this “Hell on Wheels” statue. This […]Read More

VLog: TNTM – Iron Studios Batman vs The Joker Sixth

Watch Troy unbox and assemble the Batman vs The Joker Sixth Scale Diorama by Iron Studios. Official Description Sideshow and Iron Studios present the Batman vs The Joker Sixth Scale Diorama based on the concept design by Ivan Reis. Unlike many heroes, Batman has no superhuman power. Using only his intellect, investigative skills, and technology, […]Read More

TNTM: Meet Clownhunter – Gotham’s newest and weirdest vigilante

Clownhunter is the latest Batman creation from James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez. DC Comics is starting to increase the membership of Batman’s Rogues Gallery as of late.  Batman #92 introduces us to Joker’s new sidekick, Punchline and now Batman #96 will give us Clownhunter. Tynion explains his new character: Now, when I first thought […]Read More

TNTM: Gold Lanterns added to the Lantern Corps color spectrum

The Lantern Corps are organizations that harness the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum. Originally there was only the Green Lantern Corps, but it has since expanded with the Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Black, White, and Ultraviolet. DC Comics will be adding another color to the spectrum later this year. The Gold Lanterns are set to debut in DC Comics Legion of Super-Heroes  Issue 6.  The […]Read More