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TNTM: DC Comics Doomsday Clock to answer questions

DC Comics Doomsday Clock on shelves November 2017

Ever since Geoff Johns started DC Comics on their path to the Rebirth event, a lot of questions have been presented with very few answers.  Johns promises answers in Doomsday Clock.

First we had Wally West returning from the Speed Force with the knowledge that Barry Allen (Flash) was not responsible for the Flashpoint changes. Wally claims to have seen something that didn’t belong in the Speed Force. What did he see?

You have also seen Johnny Thunder and Saturn Girl from the JSA. Jay Garrick’s helmet is seen in a few panels too. In fact Johnny is seen rambling about how it is his fault the JSA is gone, but he can bring them back. How does the JSA factor into everything?

Ray Palmer (Atom) sends a message to Ryan Choi, his assistant, saying he needs to be rescued. He also told him he discovered a disruption deep within the temporal nanostructure of the time line. Ray claims there is evidence of something much bigger than a few historical robberies within the very essence of time. Has Ray discovered who or what is responsible for the 5 years taken out of the New 52 timeline?

Mr. Mxyzptlk shows up and explains Superman had been split into the New 52 Superman/Lois Lane and the post-crisis Superman/Lois Lane. Somehow Jonathan Kent is able to merge them back into one entity. How did Jonathan get this power? Why was Superman split into 2 entities in New 52?

The mysterious Mr. Oz has a few characters imprisoned. He had Mr. Mxyzptlk, but he manged to escape. He still has Tim Drake, Doomsday, and Prophecy that we know about. There are some prisoners that have not been shown. Is Mr. Oz Ozymandias from the Watchment? Why is he toying with the DCU timeline? What do these prisoners have to do with his plans?

In the four part “The Button” storyline we saw the Comedian’s smiley face button get activated when it came into contact with Psycho Pirate’s mask. Psycho Pirate was able to remember the original continuity of the timeline. How does he factor into story?

These are just a few of the questions that still linger in Rebirth. DC Comics has been promoting the “Doomsday Clock” by Geoff Johns. Johns has been orchestrating the whole Rebirth story, but this is the first thing he has written since the initial Rebirth one shot to kick off the whole event.

Geoff Johns has promised this won’t be a Watchmen sequel. The imagery of the Watchmen countdown clock with the Superman shield at the midnight hour lets you know there is gonna be a big clash between the two. Johns has said Doctor Manhattan and Superman will weigh heavily into his story.

So far the whole DC Comics Rebirth event has been a great read. A lot of questions still need to be answered. Here’s to hoping we get those answers in November when “Doomsday Clock” hits the shelves.

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TNTM: DC Comics Wonder Woman movie review

DC Comics has been getting a lot of criticism lately about their major motion pictures.  People were saying Marvel had the secret formula for successful superhero movies and DC just couldn’t quite get it completely right.  The Wonder Woman movie will put all that chatter to rest.

The Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) movie gives us her origin story.  This works because her origin hasn’t been played out ad nauseam in previous movies.

We get to see where Diana gets her combat training, god-like powers, and her god-forged weapons.  We see the innocence and purity of the character as well.  Gal Gadot really knocked it out of the park portraying Wonder Woman.

The pacing for movie was so good it didn’t seem like over 2 hours passed from beginning to end.  There were enough action sequences to keep the adrenaline junkies happy, enough humor to keep the laughers happy, and enough story to tie them both together.

Wonder Woman is the DC Comics movie we’ve been waiting for.  We’re hoping DC can build on the success of this movie and make Justice League a huge hit.

We want to thank Alamo Drafthouse El Paso for allowing us to do our review in their lobby.  We also want to thank Raywork Productions for filming & editing the video.

Please tell us what you thought about the movie.  Did Gal Gadot make a convincing Wonder Woman? Did Chris Pine do good as Steve Trevor?  Did DC Comics finally make a movie to rival the Marvel films?  Let us know!

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Alamo Drafthouse El Paso

RayWork Productions

TNTM: DC Comics Wonder Woman movie

Wonder Woman is one of DC Comics Trinity, but she has taken a backseat to Batman and Superman until now. For those who watched Batman vs Superman, it’s hard to deny Wonder Woman stole the show.

Wonder Woman has been gaining popularity over the past few years, and deservedly so. She is a strong, moral role model for everyone (not just women). Most people know Wonder Woman is an Amazon and she has a Lasso of Truth, Magic Gauntlets, and an Invisible Jet, but there is a lot more to her story.

Wonder Woman first appeared in All Star Comics #8 in October 1941. Originally her origin story Queen Hippolyta sculpted her from clay and she was given life by Aphrodite. In recent years her origin has been depicted as the daughter of Zeus and raised by her mother Hippolyta and her aunts Antiope and Menalippe.

In the comics Steve Trevor is a World War I pilot whose plane crashes on Themyscira (The movie changes this to World War II). Queen Hippolyta holds a contest amongst her Amazons to determine who will take Steve Trevor back to his world and help in stopping injustice. Hippolyta forbids Diana (Wonder Woman) from participating. Diana wears a mask, enters the competition, and is able to win. Hippolyta allows her to carry out the mission of returning Steve Trevor.

Wonder Woman assumes the civilian identity of Diana Prince. She becomes one of the founding members of the Justice League. She is one of the more powerful characters in the DC Universe. She is the only member of the Justice League that Batman doesn’t have a contingency plan for if she goes rogue.

Powers and Abilities

Wonder Woman is a world class athlete, acrobat, fighter, and strategist. She is trained and experienced in many ancient and modern forms of armed and unarmed combat. She also has an arsenal of god-forged weapons at her disposal.

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TNTM: DC Comics “The Button” part 1 & 2 review

DC Comics has been dropping numerous hints that the Watchmen will be crossing over into the mainline DC Universe.  One of the biggest hints is the fact Batman found the Comedian’s blood-stained smiley face button lodged into the wall of the Batcave.

The Button story-line is a four part series in Batman #21 & #22 and Flash #21 & #22.

Batman and Flash (Barry Allen) are arguably two of the best detectives in the DC Universe.  They team up to discover the meaning behind the button appearing in the Batcave.  We don’t actually see Dr. Manhattan or Ozxymandias, but there have been plenty of hints up to this point.

One thing that is perplexing is the fact the button is activated when it comes in close proximity of the Psycho Pirate’s mask.  It emits a blast that knocks Batman across the Batcave.

Reverse Flash (Eobard Thawne) appears and gives Batman a beat-down.  The only mistake Eobard made was touching the button.  It momentarily zapped him out of this reality.  When he popped back in his body was deteriorating and he said he had seen God.

Reverse Flash doesn’t use Speed Force for his powers.  His is a synthetic power.  Upon investigation, Barry finds Eobard is covered with Barry’s Speed Force.

It seems that “The Button” parts 1 & 2 introduce more questions than it answers.  DC Comics has 2 more issues to tie this all together.  I keep hoping to see any of the Watchmen characters, but so far I’ve only been teased.

Since Batman seems to be teaming up with everyone lately, I’d love to see a Batman/Rorshach limited series.  What do you think about the Watchmen characters being brought into the DC Universe? Who would you like to see in a crossover between DC and Watchmen characters?

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Wonder Woman Day is in June

Wonder Woman gets her own day from DC Comics.  All you Wonder Woman fans mark your calendars so you don’t miss out on this.

Official DC Comics Press Release

DC Entertainment is celebrating the upcoming Wonder Woman film with “Wonder Woman Day” on Saturday, June 3. Two new, special edition Wonder Woman comic covers were revealed today – comic retailers, participating bookstores, libraries and other partners will give fans free copies of the special editions on “Wonder Woman Day.”

DC SUPER HERO GIRLS WONDER WOMAN DAY SPECIAL EDITION #1 features a chapter from the upcoming DC SUPER HERO GIRLS VOL. 3: SUMMER OLYMPUS, written by Shea Fontana with art and a new cover by Yancey Labat. WONDER WOMAN DAY SPECIAL EDITION #1 reprints WONDER WOMAN #1 by writer Greg Rucka and artist Liam Sharp.

Wonder Woman Day Super Hero Girls


Warner Bros. Pictures’ highly anticipated action-adventure film Wonder Woman, from director Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot, comes to theaters on June 2, 2017. Keep an eye out for more “Wonder Woman Day” updates coming soon!

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TNTM: DC Comics Superman Rebirth

Superman in the New 52.  Superman is one of the characters that has undergone a lot of changes in the DC Comics Rebirth initiative.  His story-line has seen quite a bit of upheaval.

Let’s try to get you up to speed without too much unneeded detail.

In the New 52 we saw a younger Superman.  The pre-Flashpoint Superman had vanished from the timeline.  This younger Superman had only recently become a superhero. He was not the squeaky clean boy scout type.  He would not only fight against criminals, but against any injustice, even if it meant breaking the law, battling a corrupt government, or losing his temper with the police.

He had also lost both of his Earth parents before taking a job at the Daily Planet.  He did not have the Kents guiding him.  This New 52 version actually started a relationship with Wonder Woman.

As a result of DC Comic’s Convergence story-line all previous existing universes were brought back and merged into one timeline.  That means the pre-Flashpoint version of Superman existed alongside the New 52 version.

Superman in Rebirth

The pre-Flashpoint version of Superman was married to Lois Lane and they had a son (Jonathan Kent).  Jonathan inherited many of his fathers powers and abilities.  They decided to remain under the radar in this new merged universe.  Pre-Flashpoint Kent kept tabs on his former villains to ensure they did not do as they did in his universe.

The New 52 Superman dies in the Rebirth story-line after expending all his energy in a fight to save innocents.  His body is turned to ash.  Pre-Flashpoint Superman does some soul-searching and decides to step in to replace the fallen hero.

In the meantime Mr. Mxyzptlk has kidnapped Jonathan Kent.  Mxy is upset that Superman did not come to save him while he was imprisoned by who we assume to be Ozymandias/Dr. Manhattan.  While rescuing Jonathan, Superman comes to the realization that he was split in two between the New 52 (red energy) and pre-“Flashpoint” (blue energy).

Jonathan is able to sense the red energy of New 52 Lois and Clark.  He is able to merge the two (red & blue energies).  The result is Lois and Clark being in existence with  a unified history overwriting their individual lives.

We see the mysterious Mr.Oz watching the whole event.  He seems surprised by what has happened saying “Love does conquer all”. Mr. Oz did hint at the beginning of Rebirth that Superman is at the center of the whole Rebirth story-line.

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TNTM: Abra Kadabra on Flash TV series

Abra Kadabra is the new Flash Villain It’s not hard to see that the CW rolled the dice on super-hero TV shows… and it has paid off big time for them.

First they had Arrow based on the Oliver Queen character from Green Arrow. Then they brought in the Barry Allen version of the Flash.  They even developed their own show with an ensemble cast, Legends of Tomorrow.

Heck, they even picked up a discarded super-hero show from a rival network and incorporated it into their DC Comics TV Universe.

The Flash in the DC Comics world has quite an extensive rogues gallery.  The TV show has been doing a pretty good job of introducing a lot of the classic Flash villains.  One of those bad guys will be making his premiere on the show very soon.  Later this season we will see David Dastmalchian portraying iconic Flash villain, Abra Kadabra.

Who is Abra Kadabra?

Abra Kadabra made his first comic book appearance in THE FLASH #128 (1962).  Citizen Abra is a magician from the 64th Century.  In Abra’s time science has made stage magic obsolete.  This conflicts with his desire to be a famous performing magician.  To get around this issue he steals a time machine and travels back in time to our present day.

The “magic” he uses to impress today’s audiences and fight the Flash is actually 64th Century tech. He has no actual magical powers, though in one notable story-line, he was temporarily given the gift of sorcery thanks to a deal he made with the Green Lantern villain Neron.  Abra begins to feel his magic is being overlooked and decides to use it to commit crimes to become famous.  Every time he finds himself beaten by the Flash.

Abra Kadabra recently played a key role in the DC Comics Rebirth story-line. It was revealed he was the villain responsible for Wally West’s disappearance from the DC Universe. Wally is able to defeat Abra by forcing him into the time stream, but not before Omen (one of the Titans) was able to read his mind.  She said “I only really got one word: Manhattan.”

This along with many other subtle and not so subtle hints points to the Watchmen crossing over into the main DC Comics Universe.

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TNTM: Justice League of America (JLA) Rebirth

In the six issue series Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, Maxwell Lord uses the “Heart of Darkness” to take over key members of the Justice League. Batman had to rally the Suicide Squad along with Lobo to get things back in control.

Seeing how difficult it would be to contain the god-like members of the Justice League, Batman decides to develop his own team of mostly mortal members. He recruits Killer Frost, Black Canary, Lobo, The Ray, The Atom’s assistant (Ray Choi), and Vixen to be part of his Justice League of America.

The use of some of DC Comics lesser characters is a good move. They have a full stable of characters that could use some good “fleshing out”. Another good move on DC’s part is bringing back the original Lobo. The New 52 Lobo was lackluster and really turned off a lot of long time Lobo fans.

This first issue was more of a team building one. Batman had to convince all the characters to become part of a team rather than continue to fight crime individually. As we all know, Batman can be very persuasive.

Hopefully there will be a few issues devoted to acquainting us to the characters. It would be a mistake in the long run to just toss them into action packed battles without getting the reader to fully invest in the characters. Whether you like the characters or hate them, the story is better when you at least have some feeling towards them.

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TNTM: Justice League versus The Power Rangers

DC Comics and Boom Studios crossover

If you are in any comic book store for longer than a few minutes you will undoubtedly hear the “who would win in a fight between…” arguments. These conversations have been the staple of comic book conversations for as long as I can remember.

If the two parties were from the same publisher you could always cite historical references from earlier years with that publisher. The problem arises when the two parties in the theoretical fight are from different publishers. Since the publishers are competing for a bigger market share, they don’t like to share their characters with other publishers. If you saw crossover events it was usually between different titles under the same publisher…. until recently.

There seem to be a lot of crossover titles between publishers lately. Batman had the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles appear in Gotham. After that the favor was repaid and Batman had a crossover with the Turtles under the IDW imprint. Now the Justice League is crossing over with The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It seems like DC Comics has learned to play nice and share their characters with the other publishers… and us readers are reaping the benefits.

“Something very, very massive has happened in Angel Grove, in the Power Rangers’ world, and then another massive event sends one of our main characters, Zack, into the Justice League’s world”, said writer, Tom Taylor.

“I can’t tell you too much more, but there’s a bit of conflict, there’s struggle, there’s misunderstanding. Those are classic tropes that you want to see when hero teams that don’t know the other ones are heroes come together. A little bit of miscommunication leads to badness. But eventually, good too! And really it’s just a great opportunity to take these two heroes from two different worlds and bring them together in a way I don’t think anyone could see coming”, Taylor added.

When asked about the villains in the series Taylor responded “Well, we’re definitely going to see Lord Zedd. I can happily tell you that. Lord Zedd will appear in this book. And he is one of the biggest problems. The other big problem is a DC villain who we can’t actually announce yet, but make sure you get issue #2.”

Both publishers, DC Comics and Boom Studios are very excited about this epic crossover. Each company is placing their marquee characters into the other’s universe. We finally get to see what would happen when these two pop culture Goliaths band together to do what they do best, beat bad guys.

“DC and BOOM! Studios teaming up on this crossover is a dream come true for fans of Saban’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the Justice League,” said Hank Kanalz, Senior Vice President, Editorial Strategy and Administration, DC Entertainment. “Stories like this are a great way to have that ‘what if’ itch scratched, combining favorite characters from different publishers in epic adventures.”

“Everyone at BOOM! is thrilled to be part of an event of this magnitude,” said BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon. “We have iconic characters meeting for the first time that are beloved the world over! Our imaginations have been racing since the moment this kicked off with our friends at DC and Saban Brands. Get ready…this is one event that’s not to be missed.”

Press Release

Two of comics greatest teams team up for the very first time! Something terrible has happened in Angel Grove! When the Command Center is breached and the teleporters are damaged, Zack is flung into another universe, where he’s mistaken for a villain by a mysterious masked vigilante. Can the other Power Rangers get to their friend in time to save him from Batman? Co-published with BOOM! Studios.

Art: Stephen Byrne
Cover:: Karl Kerschl
Written: Tom Taylor

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TNTM: Mxyzptlk comes to Supergirl on the CW

Who is Mxyzptlk?

Mister Mxyzptlk is an impish character who appears in Superman comic books. He is a sorcerer from the fifth dimensions who has a penchant for playing pranks on Superman.

His first appearance was in Superman #30 (Sept. 1944) in the story “The Mysterious Mr. Mxyztplk”. He is portrayed as a small bald man typically wearing a bowler hat.

His powers in our dimension are nearly limitless. He can only be stopped by tricking him into saying or spelling his own name backwards. Doing this will return him to his home in the fifth dimension. Once he is returned he must stay for a minimum of 90 days. He also cannot stand being ridiculed.

Mxyzptlk on Supergirl

It has been announced that the Supergirl TV series on the CW will be bringing the character into the show. Peter Gadiot has been cast as the mischievous imp. It seems that Mxysptlk has a fondness for Kryptonians other than Superman. It has not been said whether the character will resemble the comic book version or is they will re-imagine him more normal in appearance to help alleviate special effects costs.

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TNTM: The many different types of Kryptonite

Superman’s weakness

Even non-comic book fans know that Kryptonite is Superman’s Achilles’s heel. What a lot of folks aren’t aware of is just how many different types of Kryptonite exist in the DC Comics Universe. We give you a run-down of all the types of Kryptonite that we could find. This is in no way an exhaustive list. I’m sure there are some obscure Kryptonites that we missed. If you know of one that we didn’t cover please let us know in the comments.

What is Kryptonite?

Kryptonite has it’s origins in an unpublished 1940 story by Superman creator, Jerry Spiegel titled “The K-Metal from Krypton”. It was actually a mineral from the planet Krypton that drained Superman of his powers, but gave superhuman powers to humans. K-Metal is the prototype of Kryptonite.

The mineral was first introduced using the name Kryptonite in the story arc “The Meteor from Krypton” in June 1943 on The Adventures of Superman radio series. It didn’t make it into the comic books until 1949 in issue #61 of Superman.

Kryptonite was originally introduced as being red. It wasn’t until Action Comics #161 in 1951 that it was changed to it’s now familiar color of green.


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TNTM: Top 10 comics list for December 2016

It’s a tie! The Top 10 comics for December are an even 50/50 split between Marvel and DC. None of the smaller publishers were able to crack the top 10 this month.

DC Comics again relied heavily on Batman related titles. All 5 of their top 10 comics have Batman in them. Batman #12 & 13, Dark Knight Master Race Book 7, All-Star Batman #5, and Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #1. Not sure if this is a statement about the popularity of Batman or if DC is just having trouble elevating another character to Bruce Wayne’s level.

2 of Marvel’s top 10 titles are in the Star Wars Universe. Star Wars #26 kicks off the Yoda story. We get to learn a little about the diminutive Jedi’s early exploits. Doctor Aphra #1 gives one of the newer Star Wars characters her own book. She is like Indiana Jones of outer space. She is accompanied by 2 re-purposed Imperial droids, 0-0-0 specializing in torture) and BT-1 (assassin droid). You’ll also see more of Black Krrsantan, a Wookie bounty hunter.

There are also 2 Marvel titles dealing with big fights in Inhumans vs X-men #1 and Civil War II #8. The last Marvel title in the top 10 is Hulk #1 which sees She-Hulk take over the mantle of “Hulk” as she wrestles with her growing inner rage.

Let us know what titles you are reading and why you believe they should be in the top 10. Just leave a note in the comments section.

top 10

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TNTM: Santa Claus in the comics

First I want to set the record straight.  YES, there is a Santa Claus.  He does deliver toys to all the good girls and boys every year on Christmas Eve.

I can prove this because my presents are always under the tree on Christmas morning.  My second piece of evidence is the cookies and milk I leave out for him are always eaten when I wake up.  The last and strongest piece of evidence I submit to you is every letter I send to Santa NEVER comes back “Return to Sender” or “Undeliverable”.

He must be getting those letters and having the elves make what I ask for so my Christmas is extra special. Now that we have established Santa Claus as a fact, let me delve into the article.

Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Sinterklaas, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, or simply Santa is known by people world wide.  Santa Claus is usually depicted as a portly, joyous, white-bearded man.  He is seen wearing a red coat with white fur collar and cuffs, white fur-cuffed red trousers, and black leather belt and boots.

Most times he is carrying a bag full of gifts for children. Santa Claus is said to make lists of children throughout the world.  He categorizes them according to their behavior (“good” and “bad”, or “naughty” and “nice”) and delivers presents to all of the well-behaved children in the world on Christmas Eve.

If you were on the naughty list you are more likely to receive a chunk of coal. He has elves making the toys for him in his workshop located at the North Pole.  He delivers the toys in his sleigh pulled by eight reindeer (9 if you count Rudolph).

Saint Nick as a comic book character

Of course a character of this great importance has made his way onto the pages of comic books.  Even with his busy schedule of naughty list checking, toy making, and general jolliness, Santa has crossed over with some of the bigger characters/teams in comics.  Sometimes he is depicted as a jovial old man spreading peace and goodwill.

Other times he is shown as a tyrant forcing his elves and reindeer into working extremely hard for next to nothing.  There are far too many instances of Santa’s appearance in comic books to list here, but I will tell you some of the more popular times he has been in comics.

Santa in Marvel Comics

Nick St. ChristopherSanta has been through a lot in the Marvel Comics Universe. During WWII he was kidnapped by Adolf Hitler to destroy America’s morale.  He was saved by Nick Fury, Captain America, and Bucky Barnes.  Santa saved New York City from a Hitler Clone called the Hate Monger by causing one of the Hate Monger’s pilots to crash into a nuclear bomb. He has used the “naughty or nice” list to become the world’s greatest detective calling himself “Nick St. Christopher”. In this role he aided the She-Hulk in locating evidence for a murder investigation. Nick St. Christopher took a liking to She-Hulk and made a pass at her. Mrs. Claus arrived to stop him.  She also punished She-Hulk by filling her office with reindeer droppings. Before departing, St. Christopher gave She-Hulk a present. He told her to use it on Christmas for something special. She opened the present later when she was stuck in She-Hulk form.  The present allowed her to return to her human form to celebrate a normal Christmas evening with her father, Morris Walters.

Not all of Santa’s Marvel Comics appearances were good.  One year Santa was injured while visiting Latveria.  Victor von Doom (Dr. Doom) decided to replace Santa in delivering toys that year. Doctor Otto Octavius (Doc Ock) once took over Santa’s workshop, imprisoned Claus, and forced his elves to create deadly toys that would be sent out to injure children.  One Christmas, Santa aided the young mutant team Generation X against the youth-abducting Nanny and Orphan Maker.

Santa Infinity GauntletOne Christmas Santa discovered his reindeer were actually shape shifting Skrulls.  This left him with no one to pull his sleigh so he decided to use the Infinity Gauntlet to enable him to deliver all the presents.  The Marvel super-heroes never like anyone to have all six Infinity Gems together.  They were able to get the Infinity Gauntlet away from Santa.  Iron Man ended up saving the day by creating Iron Reindeer to power Santa’s sleigh

The worst Marvel Comics appearance of Santa shows him demoralized by mankind’s lack of faith and belief. Santa sold his entire franchise to Hydra. One of Santa’s elves recruited some of Santa’s helpers to prevent Hydra from ruining Christmas.  These helpers included Howard the Duck, Vito Claus, Bubba Clause, Santa Clara, Claus Tse-Tung, Sanity Claus, and Willy Lumpkin Claus. Howard convinced Santa to renege on his deal with Hydra.  The recruited Santa’s helpers joined forces with Santa and the elves to drive off the Commando Corps of Hydra Accountants.

More recently, Santa has been classified as an Omega Level Mutant.  Omega is the most powerful classification of mutants in the Marvel Universe.  That alone doesn’t mean as much as it seems about half the mutants fall into that classification.  What does hold a lot of weight is Cerebro, the mutant-detecting computer of the X-Men, detected “the most powerful mutant ever registered” in New York’s Rockefeller Center one holiday season. This of course was Santa Claus.  He was also detected by the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants who wanted to recruit him.  When the X-men and the Brotherhood both showed up a fight broke out. Santa ended the fight when he briefly transformed the Brotherhood into inanimate toys, teleported the X-Men away, erased both groups’ memories of his involvement, and then gifted the city with snowfall, the first white Christmas in years.

Marvel Comics has given Santa Claus has a number of magical abilities, including longevity, the ability to fit himself and others through any chimney, levitate up a chimney, alter the appearance of himself or other objects or beings (including physically transforming a person into an inanimate object), change the size of other objects, teleport himself and others across the world, generate snow and determine who has been naughty or nice. His normal strength is augmented on Christmas Eve to lift (press) 2 tons. Santa’s full powers are not revealed, though he prefers not to use them in combat or other struggles. While he appears to be a senior, Santa has not physically aged in centuries. Santa Claus has access to a wide range of supernatural artifacts which he uses to accomplish various feats of magic. They also gave Santa some magical equipment.  The reindeer magically enable him to travel across the planet, stopping at most houses along the way, in a single night. His magical sack is actually a Tesseract serving as a portal to a sort of storage dimension.  The sack holds enough presents to supply the entire world in one trip.

In the Marvel Comics Universe, Santa is served by a number of magical elves who construct the toys he gives out. The elves are descended from the Light Elves of Asgard’s Alfheim.  They are resistant to aging and conventional disease. The elf named Sunquist is solar-powered and can animate toys and rearrange matter. In addition, Sunquist is a member of E.L.F., the Elf Labor Federation, which protects elves (an exploited minority).  They offer their services only to the extent that they do not cause humanity to become unduly reliant on elf-kind.

Santa in DC Comics

DC Comics hasn’t used Santa as extensively as Marvel, but he still makes appearances nonetheless.  In the DC Comics Universe Santa lives in The Dreaming.  This is a realm inhabited by the Endless (Dream, Destiny, Death, Desire, Despair, Delirium, and Destruction). You might recognize these characters from Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman.  It is reasonable to assume Santa is familiar with all these powerful beings.

DarkseidSanta Claus is no slouch in the powers and abilities area either in DC Comics.  He has extremely high charisma allowing him to engender trust and inspire hope in others.  Two notable exceptions to this power are the Easter Bunny and Lobo ( I’ll explain more on that in a later paragraph).  Santa appears to be virtually immortal.  He has not aged for several centuries.  DC Comics acknowledges Santa has magical abilities, but they haven’t defined the nature of his magic.  His powers are strong enough that he is able to get through the formidable defenses of Apokolips every year to give Darkseid a lump of coal.  These lumps of coal have an emotional effect of damaging confidence, pride, and motivation.He uses his toy bag to hold all the gifts he delivers on Christmas Eve.  It is speculated this toy bag is a trans-dimensional bag of holding. He travels around the world in his gravity defying sleigh pulled by magical flying reindeer.

LoboIn the Lobo: Paramilitary Christmas Special Santa is depicted as a merciless slave owner known as Kris “Crusher” Kringle.  In this story Santa Claus is a brutal dictator who ran an empire out of his stronghold at the North Pole. He maintained an army of elves.  Through a practice of planned malnutrition he was able to keep them short in stature and “fierce as ferrets”. Several years ago one of Crusher Kringle’s primary rivals, the Easter Bunny, hired the intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo to assassinate him. Accepting the Bunny’s payment, Lobo was only too happy to see the job through. He traveled to the North Pole and blazed a bloody trail of destruction as he massacred dozens of elves just to reach Kringle’s throne room. Santa proved to be more than just a fat old man though. The two faced each other in mortal combat. Santa came at Lobo with two sharpened shivs. Lobo defeated Kringle by decapitating him. He then went outside and shot Rudolph. While this account seems incredible at best, Lobo has maintained that it did in fact take place.

This also calls into question if the Easter Bunny has any mutant or magical powers?  I’m sure we will cover that in an article around Easter time.  Most of the characters associated with holidays or fairy tales can be explained by classifying them as a mutant.

Santa in Boom Studios!

KlausBoom Studios went a different route with Santa Claus.  Klaus is set in a dark fantastic past of myth and magic.  Klaus tells the story of how Santa Claus really came to be. Where did he begin? What was he like when he was young? Why does he do what he does? How does he do what he does? And what happens when he faces his greatest challenge? Klaus draws on Santa Claus’ wilder roots in Viking lore and Siberian shamanism. It takes in the creepier side of Christmas with characters like the Krampus.

Klaus is set in Grimsvig, a small town under the thumb of a petty dictator where toys have been outlawed.  Santa is re-envisioned as a crusader against injustice.  He is portrayed as a rough-and-tumble Conan the Barbarian type of superhero. The series draws upon early Viking and Siberian Santa Claus mythology. The comic details Santa’s origin story. It tells how he got his sleigh and other Yuletide accouterments.

Honorable Mentions

santa barbarian

Santa the Barbarian was created by Rob Liefeld with story and art by Dan Fraga.  The name explains it all.  Santa Claus as a barbarian, that’s it. No really, that is literally all there is to it.  The comic displays Santa killing, maiming, and chopping off heads.  To make it even better the elves are cheering him on with chants of “You da man!” Santa depicted as a blood-crazed barbarian killing machine is something that should be in everyone’s stocking on Christmas morning.

An Ultimate Warrior Christmas comic was written by former WWE wrestler Ultimate Warrior.  This comic will leave you with a lot of questions.  The main one is What is wrong with the Ultimate Warrior.  The comic is mostly unsettling pictures of half (or in some instances completely) nude Santa and Ultimate Warrior.  Most of the text is all on a separate non-picture page.  The background of the text pages is so garish and poorly thought out that trying to read them will give you a migraine.

Warrior Unreadable Ultimate Warrior

In the old Hellblazer comics, John Constantine once recovered the bones  of St. Nicholas of Myra (believed to be Santa Claus).  He crushed those bones to dust and got high on the powder.  This bit of Yuletide debauchery is all part of a magic ritual to help Constantine focus his mystical powers.

Action Lab put out a mini-series of comics dealing with the Santa Claus lore. “Sleigher” is This is Spinal Tap meets a Rankin/Bass Christmas special. The ultimate holiday tale for metalheads! Sleigher is the most recent heir of the “Santa Claus” mantle, even if it’s not really his bag. He’d rather slam back bourbon than glasses of milk and blast metal instead of carols. But when a long forgotten member of Santa’s rogues gallery rears his ugly head to reap chaos and destruction, Sleigher may have found his true calling – dishing out a holiday ass whoopin!!!


And what Internet article is complete without a Third Reich reference?  AAM/Markovia published the masterpiece “Santa vs. The Nazis”.  In 1941 the Nazis discover Santa Claus’ factory. They enslave the elves, incapacitate Santa, and convert the factory into a factory of war. Two of Santa’s helpers escape to London to brief Winston Churchill.  A commando unit is created and sent to take the factory back.

From all of us at Zia Comics, we wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and just an overall enjoyable Holiday Season!



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TNTM: Top 10 Comics for November 2016

Marvel reverses their fortunes in November. The Top 10 for November makes it look even between Marvel and DC Comics.  If you expand your view out to the top 100 a different story is apparent.

Marvel has shook off their performance of the past few months and is the dominant publisher for the month of November.  They have a majority of the sales in November.  Even though Marvel is back on top, DC Comics has the top 2 spots overall with Batman #10 & #11.  In fact, all of DC Comics top 10 titles were Batman related.

DC Comics is leaning heavily on Bruce Wayne right now.  Marvel relied heavily on new titles for their top 10.  Invincible Iron Man #1, Amazing Spider-man:Renew Your Vows #1, Venom #1 and IVX (Inhumans vs X-men) #0 were all in the top 10 for Marvel.

Their only non-new title was Civil War II #7.  The only title not from the big 2 publishers was Walking Dead #160 from Image Comics.

November Top 10


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TNTM: Top 10 Comics for October 2016

Marvel Comics managed to gain some spots in the Top 10 for October.

The big surprise is Boom Studios! took the number one spot with “Big Trouble in Little China/Escape From New York #1”.

“The Walking Dead #159” snuck into the last spot on the Top 10.  The remaining 8 spots were split evenly between Marvel and DC.  DC Comics can thank Batman for all 4 of their Top 10 spots.

 Each DC Comic in the Top 10 was related to Bruce Wayne (Dark Knight, Batman, and All-Star Batman).  Marvel had 2 first issues show up on the list with “Champions #1” and “Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme #1”.  The other 2 Marvel titles were “Civil War II #6” and “Darth Vader #25”.  Maybe the newness of DC Comics Rebirth is starting to wear off?

Top10 Oct2016

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