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Wednesday , August 15 2018
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Video+Story – TNTM: Luke Cage Season 2 on Netflix

The Marvel comic book series on Netflix have been a huge hit. Marvel used a bunch of street level heroes that all reside in the same vicinity. There is bound to be some cross-over of characters when they are all super-powered and living in the same neighborhood.

Marvel used their tried-and-true method of introducing individual characters and then putting them together in a group. We got Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist before they pushed out the group series of Defenders.

A lot of those series were good enough to get second (and third) seasons. Luke Cage is one of those characters. In the comics Luke Cage is a very likable guy that is always trying to do what is right regardless of the cost. Mike Colter does an excellent job bringing Luke to life on the screen.

There has been some leaks that Theo Rossi’s Shades Alvarez character will be making a return. I am more excited for the second piece of info that was leaked. Bushmaster is supposed to be Luke Cage’s main villain in season 2. Bushmaster is a formidable opponent and should wreak much more havoc than Diamondback.

They have also alluded to the fact we may see the beginnings of Heroes for Hire with Luke and Danny Rand teaming up. I can’t wait to see the Defenders get their backstory fleshed out a little more in individual series before Defenders season 2 comes out.

Who do you want to see get their own Netflix series? What villain should show up in NYC? Let us know in the comments.

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TNTM: The Defenders on Netflix

The Marvel method of introducing the audience to individual characters before launching them into a group movie has proven to be very successful. They are following the same plan for their Netflix series, The Defenders.

We have seen seasons of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. We have had two seasons of Daredevil. The even used the second season of Daredevil to launch their Punisher series. That is for another podcast though. They will be throwing these characters together (minus Punisher) to form the street level heroes team of the Defenders.

The Defenders will be pitted against the Hand, who played an integral part in the individual series. Any good Marvel fan knows when the Hand is involved you are likely to see Stick and Elektra as well. They are both in the Defenders series.

Continuing the tradition on being in every Netflix Marvel series to date, Rosario Dawson will be reprising her role as Claire Temple (Night Nurse).

We will see Sigourney Weaver in the Defenders as Alexandra. Not much is known about this character except she holds weight within the Hand organization.

I am hoping they can capture the same Marvel team dynamic from the movies to the TV screen. I can’t wait to see the buddy banter between Iron Fist and Luke Cage. Hopefully they will pull Misty Knight away from the police force and onto the team in season one. Her and Colleen Wing play off each other very well. Jessica Jones should keep the whole team grounded and focused on their task.

Gotta admit… I’m getting a little hyped.

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