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Sunday , October 21 2018
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‘El Pawso’s Pageant’ for Dogs Set for Saturday Morning

El Pawso’s Pageant – the only pageant for dogs – will be held on November 4th at Cleveland Square Park on 510 North Santa Fe Street in Downtown El Paso.

Via a news release organizers say, “The pageant is a fun way to celebrate the bond we share with the dogs that hold a special place in our lives.”

They add, “We believe active, mental and physical stimulation leads to a happy, healthy life for dogs. Dogs bring an immense sense of happiness to our lives, so why not celebrate them–and their wagging tails.””

Dogs will compete in several different categories including Personality Wear, Talent, and Glamour. Ribbon Winner categories include Photogenic, Best Tail Wagging, Most Original Costume, Best Mirror Image and Ugly Duckling. 

During the free event, Well-behaved and leashed dogs are welcome.  Owners are encouraged to register contestants ahead of the show.

Contestant Pageant Entry Fee: $25 (Includes enrollment in the glamour wear, costume and photogenic categories.)

Online Registration Form: